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Example research essay topic: Men And Women Sullivan George - 1,142 words

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... n, but simply out of his affection for him. The president was propped up in bed, enjoying an article his wife was reading, Thats good, read some more, Harding said. Those were his last words, then suddenly, the presidents body shook violently and then became still, almost instantly.

Sawyer then said, The Presidents dead! (Means, Gaston. The Strange Almost right after his death questions started coming up about the presidents death, those that served to deepen the mystery. For example, when the president first became ill, General Sawyer said that he suffering from acute indigestion caused by eating crab meat. But it was later discovered that the president hadnt consumed any crab meat because there was non on the presidential menu. (Means, Gaston. The Strange pg. 86) The course of action of the two months before his death seem to show that the presidents death was not a natural one.

Could he have been poisoned, or did he actually die Harding's death looks all the more suspicious because of his wives actions. An autopsy, an inspection of the presidents body, was suggested as means of determining the cause of death. Mrs. Harding would not permit an autopsy. Mrs. Harding also destroyed most of her husbands official papers. (Sullivan, George.

Unsolved! II pg. 98) There was another curious matter. It was the custom in those days to permit a sculptor to make a death mask of the deceased, so his features might be preserved. But his wife would not permit a death mask to be made of the president. (Means, Gaston.

The Strange pg. 103) One year after the presidents passing, General Sawyer died a death very similar to president Harding's death, almost identical. There were some rumors going around that maybe he died because he knew too much and he had to be shut up. (Means, Gaston. The Strange pg. 114) Several weeks later Mrs. Harding died, she fell victim to a kidney disease and heart failure. The New York Times had noted that of the nationally prominent men and women who had made the Voyage of Understanding to Alaska the year before, Mrs. Harding was the fifth to die. (Ferrell, Robert H.

The Strange pg. 152) Evidence that Mrs. Harding may have poisoned her husband out of fear of what the Congressional Investigation might reveal was offered by Gaston Means. He was a former investigator for the department of justice. He often carried out special investigations for President Harding. He also happened to be a member of the Ohio Gang. He had found no problem in pointing all of the blame at Mrs.

Harding. He recalled what she had said on the evening she was interrogated about the presidents death. I was alone with the president... only about ten minutes, Mrs.

Harding Began. It was time for his medication. I gave it to him; he drank it. He lay back on the pillow.

His eyes were closed. He was resting. Then suddenly he opened his eyes wide and looked straight into my face. Do you think he knew, means asked.

Yes, he knew, Mrs. Harding replied. Then he sighed and turned his head away-over-on the pillow. After a few minutes, I called for help. The papers told the rest. (Means, Gaston. The Strange Her reoccurrence of that night were very different from general Sawyers.

She had a good motive for wanting him to die the way he did. She helped to get him into office. She didnt want him to throw away everything, including his dignity. Means also recalled a conversation Warren, I can feel it coming, said Mrs. Harding.

Complete exposure. The president seemed to go to pieces, said Means. He said, Let it come! Let it come! God, Ill be glad to have it come and get it You will be impeached, said Mrs.

Harding. I will tell the truth, the exact truth. There can be no jury of twelve American men and women who would send me to jail. But even in a jail, a prison, would be peace compared to this.

I am not a criminal. Let them impeach me. God knows, Im sick and tired of it all. Ill be glad to have it over. Mrs. Harding stared at her husband and gasped, Are you crazy?

No, I am not crazy. But that, too, would be a relief, to go crazy. (Means, They knew that the secretes f the scandals were soon going to surface. It was only a matter of time before it happened. And to save his good name Mrs. Harding might have done something to be sure that it would happen that way. Mrs.

Harding was trying to hide something, but what? Maybe she was responsible for some part in his death. There were too many suspicious Happenings that were reported about President Harding's death. He had gotten a case of food poisoning. The cause was said to be crab meat that wasnt even on the presidential menu. So what was the real factor that had made Another suspicious event was that the President was in great shape for a man in his age up until the week of his death.

It is very odd for some person to start getting violently ill from be in great heath. He must have consumed something foreign to his body; either drug or even a The two days that he started felling better is the time that seemed the most suspicious to means. Someone could have tried it twice, and failed on the first try. The president could have survived the first poisoning, started showing signs of survival. So the murderer then doubled or tripled the amount that was given the first time to ensure that he wouldnt survive the next time. (Means, Gaston. The Strange pg. 196) Mrs.

Harding could have easily done it. She even said that she gave the president his medication just before his death. The presidents death is defiantly an example of a drug over dose. The sudden violent shaking is a typical reaction to an overdose of types of heart depressants. (Sullivan, George.

Unsolved! II pg. 122) When Mrs. Harding refused an autopsy, that brought up even more suspicious to Means. This just made him think even more that his poison theory was correct. (Means, Gaston. The Strange pg. 199) If president Harding was poisoned, how come they did not investigate on this matter even more then they did. Perhaps, maybe parts of the government also knew of this to help Bibliography: Work Cited Ferrell, Robert H.

The Strange Deaths of President Harding. Columbia: University of Missouri Pres, 1996 Sullivan, George. Unsolved! II More Famous Real-Life Mysteries. New York: Scholastic, 1995 Means, Gaston.

The Strange Death of President Harding. New York: American Heritage Company, 1930 Anthony, Carl. American Heritage - The Most Scandalous President. Groiler Online - American Presidency.

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Research essay sample on Men And Women Sullivan George

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