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Abortion: Every Woman? s Right to Choose We live in a nation built on the idea of freedom, freedom of choice and freedom of expression, yet we are not free. The oppositions of society create restraints for women seeking abortions. The pro-choice view of abortion believes that every woman has the right to an abortion.

In addition, women have full control to make decisions concerning their bodies. From this standpoint, it is believed that life does not begin until birth. Pro-choice activists do not encourage abortion in any way. Rather, they acknowledge the implications of an abortion and imply a certain flexibility depending on each case. Before 1973 abortion was illegal in this country forcing millions of women to obtain illegal abortions.

Between 1946 and 1972 it is estimated that there were? anywhere from 11 million to 32 million? (about. com) such abortions. That resulted in the deaths of over? 7, 000 women? (about. com) nation wide.

In addition, women were denied their constitutional rights to privacy and liberty. However, ever since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, abortion has changed its course in society. The case recognized abortion as a fundamental constitutional right and made it legal in all states. Due to the moral, social, and medical dilemmas the abortion issue poses, abortion has been the most debatable subject of controversy in the United States for the past two decades. One who is pro-choice believes that every woman is entitled to the right of privacy in dealing with her own body; if women are to be denied this right, history will repeat itself jeopardizing the lives of millions of women.

Contrary to the Pro-choice view on abortion, Pro-lifers believe that human life begins at contraception and that abortion is the intentional killing of a human life. These activists believe abortion is immoral and simply define it as murder. Pro-lifers base their arguments primarily on every human being? s right to life, which is stated in the Declaration of Independence. They believe abortion is a sin and should not be preformed. However, the pro-lifers that kill clinic workers and clients are also robbing human beings of the right to life and committing a sin.

Furthermore, there is no evidence in the bible to support abortion as a sin. Those in favor of Pro-life believe that the government should have a say in women? s reproductive rights. This contradicts the right to privacy of every American.

Pro-lifers see those in favor of the right to choose ignorant of science. It is proved that the human being is created with the fertilization of the egg. However, pro-choicer's feel that the rights of the parents override the rights of the unborn child. Pro-lifers act on moral issues pertaining abortion, however, the mother is the only one who can make decisions for her own body.

Ethics put aside, abortion is constitutional as stated in the 4 th amendment of United Stated Bill of Rights. It grants every American the right to privacy; when dealing with abortion, this provides the opportunity and choice for a woman to do what she wishes with her body. The National Abortion Right Act League argues that without legal abortion, women would be denied their constitutional right to privacy and liberty. After all, a woman?

s body is sacred and she should be the only person who can dictate what will happen to it. The practical assertion that since pregnancy involves a woman? s body, the choice of continuing that pregnancy is hers alone. Whether the woman is not mentally, physically, financially stable enough to raise the child, or simply does not want it, she makes the decisions.

Legislators have no right to interfere with a woman? s body and choices. Of the rights in society, it seems essential for women to have rights pertaining to their unique biology, including the option of taking the life within her life. Often in our society, women who? ve had or plan to have an abortion are frowned upon. A woman should not be embarrassed or ashamed about her choice.

If people would only realize that the decisions made by individuals could very possibly be? right, ? there would be a decrease in the negative actions and false assumptions towards the women choosing to have an abortion. A woman? s health is the most important issue in abortion. In instances where the mother?

s life is threatened, abortion is the only option to save her life. Currently, abortion is legal, however, if history were to repeat itself, and abortion deemed illegal once again, the results would be devastating. Not only would women turn to unsanitary secretive abortions and self induced abortions, the psychological pain and scars would be considerably more unbearable than those of a legal abortion. With abortions legal, the number of deaths caused from abortions in a 26 -year period dropped from 7, 000 (1946 - 1972) to 500 between 1973 and 1999 (about. com).

That number would rise again if abortions were made illegal. If a woman is not able to obtain an abortion and is forced to keep the baby, her dreams will be shattered. Second to the mother? s health is the baby?

s health. In cases, babies develop malformations or are missing vital organs. Can you imagine what it would be like for a baby like that to be brought into this world? In cases when the mother?

s life is threatened or the baby suffers from severe health problems, abortion is the only solution. Webster? s dictionary defines abortion as? the expulsion of a nonviable fetus? . ? An estimated one out of every three pregnancies in the US is aborted? (Denny 105). This is a possibility because women have the right to choose.

Whether the mother is unmarried or she is a teenager, she has the same rights as any woman seeking an abortion. No matter the circumstances, abortion is the mother? s choice. This is contrary to pro-life beliefs, but both sides argue the right to life. Pro-lifers fight for the child? s life whereas pro-choicer's care mainly for the mother?

s life. Coinciding with a woman? s life, is her body; she has full control over her body. The pro-choice point of view provides options for a pregnant woman.

If abortions were no longer an option, women? s health issues would arise. America would be faced with issues of the past. With the legalization of abortion in 1973, women were given the right to choose.

Every woman today has the option of an abortion. However, the ongoing oppositions by pro-lifers continue to question the option of a choice for women in the future. 1. Day, Nancy. Abortion: Debating the issue. Springfield, New Jersey: Enslow Publishers, 1995. 2. Denny, Myron.

A Thinking About Abortion. Garden City, New York: Dial Press 1984. 3. Lieberman, Jethro. ? Bill of Rights: 4 th Amendment? . Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia. 2000. web?

Roe v. Wade: 27 Years of Safe, Legal Abortion. ? About: The Human Internet 22 January 2000. web

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