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Example research essay topic: Send Their Children Prayer In Schools - 1,650 words

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Principles in Prayer There is a growing trend in America today that something drastically needs to be changed in our school system. The public is scared to send their children to a place where they could potentially be shot, stabbed, beaten, or be subjected to drugs on any given day. The morals of this country s youth are being shaped by every action, by every minute they live in this negative environment. Because of the corruption in today s society, the need for school prayer is greatly needed. Organizations against prayer in schools such as the American Baptist Resolution against Manifestation of Prejudice, feel that it is unconstitutional for the government to infringe on the religious beliefs of people and it also causes an unneeded sense of division between those that believe in God and those that do not. There is also the assumption that prayer in school will be only Christian based, leaving other students who do believe in God but are not Christian out.

One of the great things about being in America is freedom of choice. Anti-prayer activists feel that slavery in the United States, practiced for over 200 years was unconstitutional. They feel that just as slavery, prayer in schools was found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court when it was proven as such to members of the Supreme Court. The activists feel that just because a practice is followed for so many years does not deem it correct or valid. What they fail to realize is that during slavery, people recognized a need for change in order to better our country. This is one of the reasons why we can proudly look upon our country as the land of the free.

Just as slavery needed to be changed, prayer in our school system also needs to be changed in order to improve our country s morality. Ever since the Supreme Court s ruling to have prayer banished from public schools the morals of this country have been going downhill. Of all the Court rulings of this century none has sparked more action in Congress than Engel vs. Vitale. The court s ruling not only altered their present but also has greatly affected our county s future. The government has taken this issue to the highest court only to have its decision questioned time and time again.

A problem needs to be addressed to put prayer back into schools. There are so many different groups that want to have a compromise made over this issue that individual congressmen, trying to respond to this atomized latent group, ended up offering 144 different prayer resolutions and 150 different amendments to the eventual school prayer amendment! When there is this much of a public outcry for the resolution of an issue it is amazing that there has not been much change from the original ruling made in 1962 to the present. The exclusion of prayer from our public schools is not the only reason why people have lost the moral footing that this country was based on. There is no doubt that the people of this nation have a heritage rooted in religion. Studies show that a vast majority of Americans claim to have faith in God.

One recent study found that 82 % of Americans profess to believe in an afterlife that includes both heaven and hell. By taking daily prayer out of the school the school system and subjecting those who wish to do it to many guidelines and red tape not only infringes on their rights but also on there way of life. By ruling that the one person out of five that does not believe in God has rights over the rest of the majority are breaking the basic principles that make up the base of the Constitution. In our nation the majority rules mentality has been the basis since the final signature of our founding fathers. When prayer is taken away, that daily reminder of God is also removed. Anti-prayer activist feel that if parents want their children to be reminded of God throughout the day, they can always send their children to privately run religious schools.

This is unfair to the parents of students who believe in prayer in schools because parents pay taxes for public schooling so their children should have the alternative to pray if they want. Also, many parents can not afford to send their children to private schools and should not be forced to take their children out of public schools for the purpose of prayer. Another argument of anti-prayer activist is that prayer is a private matter that should be dealt with at home and has no business in the public school setting. They feel that religious parents should spend more time instituting their religion at home rather than relying on the public school system. What disturbed me the most is that they went to the extent of using a Bible verse in order to try to strengthen their argument against prayer in school. The verse they referred to was Matthew 6: 5 - 6: And when thou prayer, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men.

But though, when though prayer enter into thy closet, and when thou shut the door, pray to thy Father which is in secret. This Bible verse does not mean to actually go into a closet and close the door when you pray it means when you pray separate yourself from everything around. You can separate yourself while at school, work, or in your car. When you take the time out to pray whether it be 30 sec. or 30 min the Lord only looks for sincerity.

I feel using the Bible to refute prayer is an act that would be used to please Satan, not God. It is amazing how people are being used by Satan to do such things. The Bible verse Ephesians 6: 12 says, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. This verse means that Satan uses people like puppets to do the work of evil. The battle that believer s face is one that can only be fought with the help of God.

Prayer instills the feeling of a greater being, no matter what you believe in. That belief instills respect in our youth for not only themselves, but also their parents, teachers, and peers that is sorely missing from todays society. That lack of respect leads to the rampant teen pregnancy, drug use, gang shootings, and later problems in the lives of those youth that do not have that positive influence at home. The immorality that plagues this nation goes back to that decision made in 1962. When prayer was taken out of school in stopped creating the positive influence on the children of that generation.

The effects of that disconnection are appearing in the children and society of today. The atmosphere that was created by daily prayer for our grandparent s generation is not apparent in this and was stopped during our parent s formative years. The morals and ethics that go along with prayer and religion were not passed down to the evolving generation, cutting them loose without the compassion and respect needed to change a cold world created by the decision of those who did not wish to step on anyone s toes or infringe on the minority s rights. All this at the cost of the majority s favor and the welfare of our children future. The solution to restore the humanity and morality to our nation begins with the restoration of such a basic institution back into our schools. The one thing that makes our nation so great is the freedom to worship whatever god you desire be it Jesus Christ, Ala, or money.

The free choice to do what you want is a privilege most other countries do not give to its citizens. But that freedom is infringed upon when our children cannot pray openly in school without being chastised and told that they are not allowed to do it. Prayer should not be a mandatory obligation every student has to take part in, but also should not be completely banished from the premise. Students and teachers should be allowed to lead prayer of their own free choice, not being subjected to the rules and regulations that state when and where they are allowed to pray.

A solution needs to be found, and found quickly. If the issue were not important it would have died out years ago. Although everyone puts it on the back burner (it will never lead a platform), it is something that people want to see addressed. The next generation of leaders will come from this generation, one that has degraded morally over the last twenty years. When it is our turn to fill in the new pages of the history books, will it be with horrible statistics showing the increase of welfare dependency, divorce, abortion, and crime? Or will it show that society finally decided it wanted something better, it wanted to change the face of this world for the sake of the future.

When we finally decide to stand up for what we know is right, to truly show we have the strength of conviction to support our faith, when we can put Church and State back into the same institution; that is when the difference will come. That is when this country will finally start to climb the hill toward restoring this country s pride, it compassion, and it hope for the future. Until then we can only pray. But then that is where the whole problem starts, isn t it?

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Research essay sample on Send Their Children Prayer In Schools

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