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Example research essay topic: Sir Isaac Newton Physical Science - 666 words

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Sir Isaac Newton When deciding on the list of the greatest mathematicians in history, one name that is sure to come up is Isaac Newton. Newton made several important discoveries in the fields of mathematics and physical science, and in doing so changed the direction is which the sciences of dynamics, optics and mathematics were all going at the time. Newton was a master of science and mathematics, and he refused to think like everyone else, he was the only one that thought that the universe works like a clock. Despite his ground breaking discoveries he was not liked by many people. Isaac Newton was born on December 25, 1642 in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. He enrolled at Trinity College, at Cambridge University, in 1661, and received his bachelors degree in 1665.

He then returned for his masters degree, after taking a two-year leave because of the plague, and ignored the established curriculum in order to follow on his interests, specifically math and natural science. In 1704, Newton published an exposition of his own, detailing his own studies of calculus. Newton used many of his findings in mathematics to pursue his interest in physical science. Perhaps Newtons most popular discovery, though, was gravity. As the story goes, Sir Isaac Newton was resting under a tree one day in his garden, when an apple fell from it and hit him on the head. Thus, he discovered gravity.

The earths gravitational pull pulls objects toward it. However, many people believe that this is only a myth created to simply illustrate Newtons discovery. Along with Newtons many discoveries, the three laws of motion are famous. These include inertia, acceleration, and the idea that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

While working on his discoveries he was also a professor of math a Cambridge University. But he was well known for giving lectures to empty rooms because everyone believed his findings were not true and at that time science was treated as witchcraft. One of the things that he was mocked for was when he created a new branch of mathematics, known as calculus. Despite all the negativity he recieved he still managed to stay focused becuase science was his passion, he was a work-a-hollis, and made many sacrifices in his life, he never managed to get married. However, Sir Isaac Newtons social life was a mess.

He was anti-social, he hated being around people, he prefered being by himself working on his theories. Also while being a loaner if he did meet someone he liked he could not talk to them, he had no self confidence and could not talk to girls because of it. He was not even liked by his peers in the scientific community. He was known to be an arrogant man and that could be seen by him not sharing his findings with the world, he wanted to keep his discoveries to himself and take it to his grave. He felt the world didnt deserve to know what he found because he felt as if he was better then the rest of the world. He also designed other scientists, becuase he thought that they would steal his work.

His bitter entry was a scientist by the name of Robert Hook, because he accused Newton of stealing his ideas. Hook was also very jesus of Newton, and tried to steal his work, wich turned out to be quiet ironic, considering what he had accused Newton of. On top of the things mentioned he was extremely sloppy, and one would say he was disorganized, but everything was in order in his mind. Isaac Newton died in 1727, but without him modern mathematics and sciences would be very different from what we know. He is responsible for some of the most important ideas in history. Despite his downfalls everyone now considers him to be a great man that was blessed with an astonishing mind and as you can see his brilliance out weighed his incompetence.

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Research essay sample on Sir Isaac Newton Physical Science

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