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Symbolism is a finicky thing. Symbolism is like looking at a painting and seeing how the direction of the brush strokes depicts the path of the wind. Often searching for symbolism or noticing its presence makes a story more complete. Without noticing it one can mistake a literary masterpiece as? dumb. ?

A reader can completely miss the actual point. Careless reading and careless living are both common events that have happened in literary history. In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald cleverly uses symbolism to magnify the points he made about the aristocracy and its own carelessness in the book. The symbolism used in the names of the characters, nature, and colors that exemplified by Fitzgerald adds a required and expected depth.

The names that Fitzgerald used in his novel have certain significance, and they add more meaning. The character that bears the title has a name that foreshadows his fate. Jay Gatsby, originally called Jay Get. Gat is a slang term for a pistol. Fitzgerald put this in to allow us to picture Gatsby as a pistol or with a pistol. In the conclusion of the novel, Jay Gatsby is shot for owning the car that killed Myrtle Wilson.

Another name is Jordan Baker which signifies two things in her behavior. Fitzgerald indicated that he gave her first name after a sporty car, Jordan. Baker, is the name of a conservative electric. This is like Jordan? s personality. She plays golf so that makes her sporty.

The conservative part is not necessarily obvious until we find out that she later chooses a man. She also has a conversation with Nick where she blames him and herself for not doing something about the Daisy/Gatsby situation. As well, Daisy? s name has extreme relevance. Daisies, as flowers are yellow in the middle and white on the edges. This uses color symbolism, but it also works with her name.

Daisy is yellow in the middle, she is cowardly and not real. Daisy pretends to be a good mother, but in truth she is not mindful of her child? s life. This is displayed how Daisy interacts with her daughter.

She tells her daughter that she is there because? your mother wanted to show you off? (123. ) Daisy does not inquire of her daughter? s well being, but rather asks her daughter, ? How do you like mother?

s friends? Do you think they? re pretty? ? (123. ) She is not truly staying in her marriage to Tom because she is in love or that she cares for her daughter. This scene demonstrates that she gives little concern for daughter, and she is fake in thinking she is a good mother. This further demonstrates Fitzgerald? s perception about the carelessness of the aristocracy.

Daisy? s? center? is not genuine like Gatsby, it is cowardly.

Gatsby has actual books, so it looks as if he reads. Daisy is not real on the edges. She pretends to be a nice mother, but in reality she is fake. The white symbolizes fake as well. She has no concern for others, and she is careless. She was careless when she was driving and she hit Myrtle.

She was careless after all the confusing events when she went away with Tom. She and Tom just forgot about their differences and ran away from the mess they created. This shows that Daisy is not dedicated to finding the truth and acting real. The symbolism in colors are used to better describe the scenes that occur in The Great Gatsby. The green light is all the way across the lake.

It is a single light. This light symbolizes hope and the woman. Green can also represent fertility. Gatsby buys a house across the bay, so he can see the Buchanan? s light.

This light symbolizes his only hope and dream. This dream is Daisy. Later when Gatsby has Daisy the importance of the light diminishes. His dream fades as the seasons do. As well the ashes symbolize dust.

This dust is accumulated from both the East and West Egg and the carelessness that corresponds in these areas. When Myrtle dies her blood is in the ashes which shows that blood which is represents passion is now in the dirt with everything else. ? Myrtle Wilson, her life violently extinguished, knelt in the road and mingled her thick, dark blood with the dust? (145. ) This is a result of chasing a yellow car. Yellow often represents death.

Myrtle mistakenly thought that the yellow was that of Tom, her lover. Another example of Fitzgerald? s use of yellow representing death is the scene just before Gatsby enters the pool. ? (H) e shook his head and in a moment disappeared among the yellowing trees? (169. ) This shows that he was about to die, just as the leaves on the tree were. The use of white is also apparent. Fitzgerald uses white to make certain things more apparent.

Like the phoniness of the people in his stories. Daisy and Jordan are both powdered white. White often represents innocence, but this time it represents phoniness, or a phony innocence. Daisy wants everyone to think that she is quiet and demure. In truth, she cheats on her brute of a husband, and she does not care for her child.

Daisy does not care for the feelings of Gatsby and Tom. She later reconciles with her husband, and they leave the dirt and the ashes. Fitzgerald adds this imagery to the story, because he is trying to make a point that the aristocracy is not how it appears. Fitzgerald uses other imagery such as nature and the nature of people to create more of a symbolist approach to The Great Gatsby. The owl eyed man sees that Gatsby is not a fake.

He notices that he has books with actual pages. Many members of the aristocracy in this era had large libraries of fake books. The owl eyed man exclaims, ? It?

s a bona fide piece of printed matter What thoroughness! What realism! Knew when to stop too didn? t cut the pages? (50. ) Besides Nick the owl eyed man is the only person to attend Gatsby? s funeral. This is because he saw something more than he usually sees in his peers.

As well the seasons show the climax of the book and the resolution. The climax takes place in the summer on a balmy day. This magnifies the passion and the confusion that occurs. One example of this, Nick narrates? The day was broiling, almost the last? (120. ) The center on the heat in the book, which almost makes the reader examine the tension further. Gatsby dies on autumn when other things begin to regress further.

Leaves die and birds will migrate. This was done intentionally by Fitzgerald to add a sort of cycle to the book for it begins in autumn and ends in autumn. It also makes it as simple as a year, because it sort of makes more of a statement about the aristocracy. Fitzgerald is making the point of Nick casually narrating this to make it seem like this could and did only happen to Gatsby.

In conclusion, Fitzgerald intentionally used these symbols in nature, names, and colors to better provide a vision of what can be accomplished in a complete novel. In American literature, symbolism began with The Scarlet Letter and is still haunting us today like a shadow. It affects how one looks at their literature of choice. Without symbolism an entire level of reading is abolished. Thus symbolism will be condemned to life in an intellectual prison where it will dwell with English majors and over worked English students. Luckily, one can still find it in contemporary literature.

The fate of symbolism and the occurrence of it on different levels are apparent and will live forever.

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Research essay sample on Fitzgerald Daisy

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