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Example research essay topic: 21 St Century Types Of People - 928 words

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The media is a positive influence on society in the twenty-first century. Why do people think that the media is not a positive influence on the society in the 21 st century? Does this question need to be asked! Off course not! The media is a positive influence on the society but the majority of positive influences on the society surpass the negative influences on the society.

The media has a great impact on peoples lives. Many people cannot simply live a normal life without the media. This is because people depend on the media to help run their lives smoothly. Models are a main source of fashion. They are used a role models. They help normal everyday working people by helping them change to the current type of fashion.

The 21 st century is also perfect for designers to market their products by using glamorous models to show-off their product. Usually normal people compare themselves to models, and although this is a negative issue, it can help some people understand that if you are overweight then you may have future health problems. Typical models are shown as being good looking, fit, slim line &# 038; somewhat have sex appeal. If there were no models in the society then there would be less medical problems such as Anorexia. They would do this to make themselves look good as fat people cannot fit into the society suitably therefore have fewer problems in the society. Although, the positive issues to models that are being mediated are that people that want to keep fit have a target to achieve himself or herself to.

The media in addition to positive influences, spreads the news through the various programmes that are shown on the television. The type of programme that shows this is the News. Additionally, the Radio and the Internet can be used to access this type of information. The News is essential to our lives because it informs people of any problems and achievements that occur from around the world. With this information, the general public can try to overcome these problems. Without the News, we would be aware less of the problems that are caused outside of our society.

The television is also a positive influence on the society, as it is a source of entertainment for all types of people. The types of people that might watch television would be young children, teenagers, and adults. Young people watch television to learn of new things, and teenagers watch television to learn about real life issues such as drugs, sex, and violence. These issues will send out the correct message at the end and will tell the viewer that it is wrong to do these things. Adults watch television because they have free time and use their free time watching programs. The types of programmes that adults watch are films, soap operas or serial dramas, &# 038; documentary programmes.

The Internet is a positive influence on the society as people can buy and sell products on the Internet. Products that can be bought would be DVD s (Digital Versatile Disc), Music Compact Discs, Video s, Mini Disc s, and Equipment. Other products that can be bought on the Internet but cannot be physically bought are Stocks &# 038; Shares, Mortgages, and Loans. These tasks can be carried out very easily and efficiently with the Internet. Some business people cannot live without using the Internet, as it is essential to help communication between people that are far apart.

It is very addictive as there is so much to do. In some aspects the Internet is a negative influence because young people can easily get pornography, but for some adults it is another source of entertainment. The Internet is also used to listen to new music and live events. These broadcasts enable people from around the world to watch or listen to music events around the world. From the source Dot music.

com, BBC s Party in the Park 2000 was broadcasted live around the world and attracted more then 100, 000 Internet viewers. This shows that the Internet is at a high demand. If the Internet had not been invented people would be living in the past, because it has help in the increase of economy of every country. The Music industry has been boosted due to the online sales that are being made on the Internet. According to the sales figures by BPI, the Compact Disc sales have increased by 23. 3 percent in the last year with a wholesale value of 83. 8 million pounds.

This is mainly achieved by the online buying of Compact Discs. So therefore it must be a positive influence on the society. For advertisers the media is essential. The advertisers now rely on the media to sell their products successfully. Without the media there wouldn t be many surviving companies.

Macdonald s is a restaurant that uses the media to advertise their products. This helps people in deciding what they would like to eat. Overall, people should think that the media has a positive influence on the society because the media has a crucial part to play in the operation of people s lives. Many people cannot imagine the humanity without television, radio, music, newspapers, and magazines.

The many things that compose the media would have to be the Television, Newspapers, &# 038; the Internet. On the whole the media must be a positive influence on the society. It would be a living catastrophe for the people if anything had happened to the media. 316

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Research essay sample on 21 St Century Types Of People

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