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Example research essay topic: Birds Of Prey Life And Death - 893 words

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Marvell's Mistress Andrew Marvell is considered a cavalier poet. He writes seduction poems that represent characteristics of cavalier poets through use of clever, witty, and developed lyrics. Marvell's To His Coy Mistress is a seduction poem that contains these elements along with the use of rhyme, meter, imagery, and tone Marvell creates a seduction poem that argues the desire for sexual gratification with a distinct aggressive tone. To begin with the speaker in the poem is trying to convince his lover that there is a lack of time and that they should pick up the pace of their relationship before time runs out.

He presents an argument trying to convince her that if they had all the time in the world they could pursue a normal progressive relationship including courtship and lovemaking. But since they do not have all this time he wants her to surrender her chastity to him rather than take it to the grave. Rhyme and meter go hand in hand throughout this poem. They combine with each other to express the idea that time is running out.

Marvell uses iambic tetrameter along with rhyming couplets. The quick flow of the poem allows the reader read rapidly, always keep their eye moving across the page through the poem. He uses the fewest amount of syllables yet completes his thoughts thoroughly and effectively. Another element to examine is the way the verse appears on the page. There is nothing abnormal about the paragraph indentations or the line breaks. The lines and paragraphs stay consistent, keeping in sync with the quick flow of the poem.

Initially when first reading this poem the reader does not read slowly. The speaker is illustrating there is a lack of time, therefore, the flow of the poem is quick and to the point, matching the idea. Using the rhyme scheme of AABBCCDDEE, and so forth, these rhyming couplets help accompany this idea. The basic flow of the poem is quick and to the point.

The speaker is also trying to sound convincing, so Marvell uses clever lyrics to aid in the seduction of the lover. In lines 11 through 20 the speaker is using his quickness of mind to convey how much he would dote on her if they had the time, describing to her how many years he would spend paying attention to all the parts of her body... For, Lady, you deserve this state; Nor would I love at lower rate. The distinct tone of this poem is aggressive. Corresponding to the fact that time is running out the speaker must be aggressive in his argument. The speaker wants so badly to convince her, the reader can picture him holding her in his arms or standing close to her speaking quickly or using rapid hand or body movements.

Marvell climaxes this aggressiveness in lines 41 through 44 and ending with the last two lines: Thus we cannot make our sun Stand still, yet we will make him run. The lovers cannot make time stand still so they must keep busy in order to preserve the little time they do have, these last two lines justify the aggressiveness. The speaker is explaining they should tear their pleasures roughly, or in other words lets keep busy by being sexual. In line 38 Marvell uses the metaphor.

like amorous birds of prey. When birds prey upon something, especially if they are in groups, they must be aggressive if they want the kill. The speaker wants the kill (her chastity), therefore he must be aggressive. Another element to examine is the reference of life and death. This may be the whole theme of the poem.

Live all you can before you die. During renaissance time men may have felt they had not lived until they had conquered their greatest conquest: the woman. The speaker may have felt that his lover is his last conquest. The speaker wants to break through her shy reserve hoping to convince her to seize the day as desires. Lines 33 through 37 could be interpreted this way. Morning dew is fresh, and so life can be such if you are living it to the fullest.

And while her living soul transpires her pores are on fire. She may actually be understanding what he is telling her. If she is on fire, so to speak, she is turned on, feeling erotic. Then at line 38: And now, like amorous birds of prey this may be far fetched, but birds is plural meaning two, i. e. the two of them.

At the beginning of this sentence, And now, appears to be an inner transition to the argument, possibly saying And now that you agree with me... : lets be together and seize the day as one. During this renaissance period the English civil war was beginning and ending, battles were being fought. Destruction due to war may soon cut their lives short, and the speaker could be saying that through all this conflict they still have each other and if death (time) is upon them then let us live all we can before it is over. Even without the element of war and battle in this analysis another theme is Carpe Diem. This theme certainly corresponds with the aggressive tone, the quickness in meter and rhyme, and the element of life and death. 32 b

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Research essay sample on Birds Of Prey Life And Death

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