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Example research essay topic: Legalizing Marijuana President George - 1,122 words

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President George Marijuana Drug Policy President George W. Bush proposed a 2. 8 billion approach to confront the problem of illegal drug use. He feels that drugs are ruining peoples lives and the community we live in. His campaign launched a speech about teaching parents how to deal with drugs and their children. Parents should have the responsibility to warn children that drugs are bad and that they should stay away from it. Bush wanted to be more involved by spending millions of dollars on the programs of our community dealing with drug prevention, treatment programs and education in our school.

He also favored for tougher penalties for drug offenders. President Bush has even required for all his appointees to go on a full background checks on drugs. He wants to stop drugs from coming into the U. S. before it reaches our children. All of these approach Bush tries to make is to stop the national crises of the drug war.

There has been increase in teen drug use. Marijuana has been an increasing problem for high school students. Marijuana has become so popular that almost everyone we know, also know someone who ve tried marijuana or is using marijuana on a normal basis. In the United States, more than 70 million people have tried marijuana (mpp. org). There has been opposing ideas about marijuana, from total legalization to complete prohibition.

The Marijuana Policy Project is an organization who s purpose is to minimize the harm associated with the consumption of marijuana and the laws that prohibit the use of it. It has policies that judges if overall harm is reduced or increased. (mpp. org) But since last year, initiative 685 in California and Arizona was passed. (law about. com) It means that in certain circumstances a physician can prescribe marijuana and other drugs. Although a synthetic form of marijuana has been marketed as the prescription drug Marine, it was said that it was not as effective as smoking the herbal itself... California as well as other states have passed these laws.

The federal government, however, has refused to recognize any state authority over federal law involving marijuana, making the state laws virtually meaningless. Federal prosecutors have intervened to pursue federal charges. Led by Citizens For Drug Policy Reform are supporters of initiative 685. They feel that politicians should not be involved in treatment decisions and that they should leave it all up to the physicians.

They are in favor of making marijuana medically available for terminally ill people who can get the approval of their doctors, due to the fact that it has been useful in lowering the side effects like glaucoma and combating nausea related to drug treatments used in AIDS and cancer patients during chemotherapy. It also gives relief to a person who has anorexia, chronic pain, arthritis, migraine and other illness like no other drug has done. The right and medical needs of suffering patients has been sacrificed due to the government s war on drugs. Yet those who do use marijuana as medicine are subject to arrest. Many never even found out that with the use of marijuana they could have been use to ease the pain and suffer needlessly.

To make sure that patients and their primary caregivers who obtain and use marijuana for medical purposes with the recommendation from a physician are not subject to criminal prosecution. Also, to allow responsible adults to grow small amounts of marijuana in their homes for personal use, but with regulations and restrictions to control it and not to let it go out of hand. This measure is an alternative for the drug war that has failed because it is an unrealistic goal that America would ever be a marijuana-free country. (mpp. org). It can make offenders who have small drug possession to go into treatment while still maintaining strong penalties for obsessive drug users.

Arguments against legalizing marijuana states that all drugs are harmful and that marijuana is no exception. Even if marijuana has its benefits there are still problems that comes along with it, not just simple problems with simple answers. According to statistics, having drugs illegal states there has been a decrease of 39 % for drug users for people the age of 25 to 34. Also, teenager users dropped 21 %. (issues 2000. org) Legalizing marijuana could have serious effects. Marijuana could be distributed to minors more easily.

Other people are subject to more second hand smoke. More people would operate a vehicle while under the influence. There would be a higher potential for abuse. For many people marijuana is a gateway drug that leads people from using harder and stronger drugs. If legalizing marijuana pass, then criminal offenders will be released not knowing what they ll do, like abusing the drug even more. Physicians would have to be disciplined so that recommendations wouldn t go out of hand.

In my own opinion, legalizing marijuana and other drugs as part of a list of drugs to be recommended by a physician to a patient is not a good idea. I would be against the proposal for many reasons. There are many drawbacks to why they shouldn t legalize marijuana even though it comes with some benefits that seriously ill patient can use. People need to realize all the bad effects that comes along with legalizing certain drugs. It can harm yourself, children and the future of our society.

Legalization of marijuana is a bad idea. There s already more than 70 million people using marijuana, making it legal can double or even triple that number. I personally have seen people on marijuana and it s not a very good sight. Users act stupid, demeaning themselves and they also stink.

I don t want to imagine our society with people walking down the streets acting high and it s okay. After, if ever, marijuana became legal, people would easily be tempted to move onto other drugs and try to propose it to make it legal, thinking if marijuana became legal it would only be a matter of time that other drugs would become legal. Drugs on the street would become more out of hand until our society can no longer handle it. But my main reason why I think marijuana should not be legal is because it would lead people to try out harsher drugs.

And for people who smoke it without a physician s order would make excuses like: they forgot their card that proves that it was an order and police officers would be more reluctant in letting them go for small possessions. Even if there was good reasons why marijuana should be legal, there are still negative effects that outweigh the positives.

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Research essay sample on Legalizing Marijuana President George

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