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Chapter One In the first Chapter of Lord of the Flies, we are basically introduced to the characters and setting. Supposedly a plane crashed on the island and only a group of boys are left to survive, with Ralph, Piggy, and Jack being the main characters. The boys all meet up and establish the fact that Ralph will lead the group of boys and Jack will lead a smaller group. Jack and Ralph and Simon then explore the rest of the island.

I think that one of the themes here is that some of the boys seem to be more glory hunters and some of them are quiet and some just plain arent listened to, even though they seem smart. So it came as no surprise that he wanted to lead hunters like he did. Also he was very eager to have a leadership position. So far for characters Jack seems to be a very competitive boy who wants to be the man so to speak and Ralph seems to be the quiet lead by example kind of kid.

almost seem to be symbolizing a civilization in the fact that there are leaders and smaller groups of common people. Also I seemed to find it odd that the group of people Jack was leading seemed almost to emulate a small army of people at first, almost like he was a commander. I dont understand where the pilot went. Did he die? Chapter Two In chapter two, the three boys return from there rendezvous of the island.

Jack tells the assembly that anyone with the conch in his hands must be listened to and that more importantly they are on a deserted island with no adults. They then decide that a signal fire is needed for rescue and they need to light one. Jack and Piggy get into a scuffle but it is over quickly although obvious signs of tension still linger. After lighting the fire it spreads throughout the entire island and everyone is scared. In the end of the chapter a little boy comes and confesses the fact that he thinks he has seen a beastie, then the boys realize this boy is lost by the end of the chapter. The theme I talked about from chapter one still is holding true in this Chapter, it is just more justified.

Even though piggy seems to be smart, no one listens to him because hes the fat kid and Jack seems to me almost to be quietly planning something but I dont know if this is just me. In this chapter we learn a lot about Piggy and his impressive common-sense and logic for such a youngster. The conch to me seems to symbolize the civilization they are cut-off from and it seems to have a higher authority than even the living beings around it. I especially liked the quote from the book of how can you expect to get rescued if you dont put first things first and act proper? I think this shows Piggy's common logic and sense that almost seems to not be him talking but maybe something he has heard so much in his past lift that it has bent his thinking; I dont think a normal boy would act like that unless there was an extreme outside force acting upon him.

To me, this may be a reason why the boys dismiss him as a misfit. I still dont understand where the boy with the mark on his face went though. Are we just to assume so crudely he must have died? Chapter Three Chapter Three starts out with Jack hunting in the jungle. Meanwhile Ralph and Simon are busy making huts and the anger is building in Ralph as he sees that he is really the only boy who is working other than Simon.

He talks to Jack about this and tells him that he is no good because he only talks about pigs but never produces anything for the group of boys. The last part of the chapter gives the reader a sense of Simons strange behavior. Simon already seems to take a lot of stress and pain quietly, though in a very small way in this case. He reaches up to the higher branches to give the littles fruit from the jungle.

Later, he crawls beneath the undergrowth, leaving the others to be by himself. This seems a little strange to me but maybe he just missed home and is a little saddened and needs to be alone. I think it was cool that Ralph and Simon stood up for what was right and told everyone that they have to help out and pull their own weight around the place. I think this shows the thoughtful side of him and also the caring side as he gives fruit to the children and goes to sleep away from the rest of the group.

Almost like he would rather be a loner. He almost seems to know the fate of the boys and is waiting for what could happen. Chapter Four The beginning of chapter four details the events of life as a little. Percival, Johnny, and Henry, three littles who suffer from unknown terror during the night but play happily during the day, are on the beach, near the ocean water, engaged in their usual activities. Soon Roger and Maurice, two of Jacks hunters, begin to harass the boys, kicking over their sand-castles and throwing stones near them. Meanwhile Jack and his hunters abandon the fire to hunt, only this time they use face paint, which hides their self-consciousness.

When the fire goes out, Piggy and Ralph are enraged, seeing a ship which wasnt able to see them because there was no smoke signal. When confronted, Jack shrugs off the whole thing, starting a group chant and dance with his hunters concerning the pig hunt. When piggy is thinking of making a sun-dial is an example of his sensibility and his reasoning skills. But this is cast off because the boys dont understand that this could help them and Piggy is once again backed by no one.

This makes me wonder how many of his ideas he doesnt even bother saying because he assumes they will be cast off along with every other valid point he makes. There was the brilliant world of hunting, tactics, fierce exhilaration, skill, and there was the world of longing and baffled common sense. Shows the difference gap widening and how the boys are starting to see that the normal civilized world is not as appealing as they once thought. Chapter Five In chapter five of Lord of the flies, it seems that Ralph is losing his authority over many of the boys, especially Jack and the hunters.

Though Piggy is always at his side to remind him, another problem is emerging for Ralph because he is forgetting the purpose of the signal fire along with everyone else. Soon Ralph calls another meeting to discuss matters. Here, its made obvious that everyone is becoming more fearful of the beast. Even Jack hunters say that they dream of the beast at night. During a meeting, Simon confesses that he also believes there could be a beast on the island, and Ralph feels betrayed by this I think. Piggy also confides in Ralph his fear and later his hatred of Jack and Ralph also sees the difference between himself and Jack seems to be growing every day.

I think most of the boys with more integrity see that Jack is almost on the border of evilness and seems to be darker and darker by the minute. I am a little confused as to why Simon of all people would say he thought there was a beast on the island too, because I thought he was a sensible guy, although usually I am wrong with this stuff because I suck and this book is starting to really make me wanna cry / die every time I look at the ugly thing on the cover. Chapter Six In chapter six, the night-time arrival of a parachutist onto the mountain of the island, brings a little life into a dying storyline. Samneric, who are tending the fire, see this figure and run down to the shelters to tell the frightening news to Ralph. When morning comes. Jack and Ralph decide to seek out the beast at Castle Rock, and if they dont find him there, they will search the mountain.

He is not there and Jack has a little fun rolling rocks down a hill but the Ralph gets pissed cause hes not having fun so he spaces on them and says they need to stop wasting time. Jack meanwhile tells the boys that making a fort here would be cool and he starts to gain some followers. Still, they follow Ralph's lead to the mountain. I think the story is starting to get cool now because before it was really boring and now there is a dead guy and the boys are starting to get hot-headed and usually boys can be pretty mean so I think thats cool. Other than that I think that the parachute dude is maybe symbolizing civilization as they know it. dead and of no influence on them anymore, and I also think the boys are starting to realize this and just wanna give up hope and have fun like they used to.

I cant say that Jack is a nice guy, in fact he turns into a bigger jerk with every page, but there always has to be an enemy or evil in adventure storys and I think he will assume this role.

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Research essay sample on Jack And Ralph Group Of Boys

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