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... e is a contradiction with this aspect of Holden's personality. He doesnt accept the rules set before him by phony adults. He believes that rules are only for the strong, yet he makes rules for himself although he never keeps them. Im always setting myself rules about sex and I immediately break them.

The final aspect of Holden Caulfields personality is his respect for others. He cant stand people who dont respect or listen to what others have to say. He also thinks it is important to listen to people and respect their privacy. This is shown when he is willing to stop in the middle of a sexual act at the request of the girl which is something that not a lot of teenagers would do. Holden's respect for others is also evident in the respect he shows towards the nuns.

They didnt seem to know what the hell to do with their suitcases, so I gave them a hand. Holden has very different attitudes towards groups of people. His attitude towards teachers is ambivalent because they are a representation of the laws that he chooses to break. Yet, he respects certain teachers, Mr. Antolini and Mr. Spencer for example.

Holden's attitude towards his friends is that they are unfit for him. His friends are negative and selfish people like Stradlater and Ackley. Although those two are opposites, at the core they are the same. They are both selfish, hurt others, and obey laws. His attitude towards his parents is a good one.

He wants to please them and doesnt want to disappoint them. Shes very nervous. Thats another reason why I hated like hell for her to know I got the ax again. Towards Phoebe, Holden has a special sentiment.

To him, she represents purity, childhood, and what he wants to stay as. He ignores that Phoebe like the movies, participates in school plays, and criticizes him. This is probably because to him Phoebe isnt phony so he is willing to accept criticism and rules from her. Holden has a poor attitude towards life resulting from his low self-esteem.

He tries to run away from reality and life. Life is as a game with rules, he breaks the rules and abandons the game. Holden is trying to hold on to his childhood, which represents the opposite of being phony. He is running away from reality.

Holden is respectful towards others, but he doesnt understand them. This causes him to want to separate himself from what he cant grasp. The two people who he trusts and respects completely happen to be children. Allie, his deceased brother is someone who he respects very much. A reason for this is probably because Holden knows that Allie wont change and wont be affected by society.

Through his death, he was able to maintain his purity and childhood. The second person who he trusts is Phoebe. To him, Phoebe probably symbolizes himself as a younger child, which is why he wants her to maintain her childhood. Holden Caulfield rejects the phonies who he doesnt understand. Stradlater doesnt appreciate the memories that are so special to Holden, like the baseball glove and that Jane kept her kings in the back row. For Chrissake, Holden.

This is about a goddam baseball glove. When Stradlater returns from the date with Jane, Holden asks him if he asked Jane if she still kept the kings in the back row. Stradlater's response was, No, I didnt ask her. What the hell ya think we did all night play checkers, for Chrissake? I didnt even answer him. God, how I hated him.

Holden associates skill with arrogance. This is shown when Holden considers Ernie the piano player phony because he plays too well. Towards the end, Holden is left with a cluster of memories. This happens mostly when Mr.

Antolini a person who he trusted, turns out to be a phony when he tries to fondle Holden. But this incident with Mr. Antolini also shows that Holden has grown. Instead of immediately condemning Mr. Antolini to being a phony, he tries to avoid making conclusions about what happened. I mean I wondered if just maybe I was wrong about thinking he was making a fifty pass at me.

I wondered if maybe he just like to pat guys on the head when theyre asleep. I mean how can you tell about that stuff for sure? You cant. Holden sees himself as being a catcher in the rye. Some time in the future he wants to be the only grown-up with all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Hell stand on the edge of a cliff and catch anybody who starts to fall off the edge of the cliff.

Which means he will catch any child who will be falling out of his / her childhood and falling into adulthood where he / she will become a phony. He got this image from his misinterpretation of a line from the Robert Burns poem, if a body catch a body comin through the rye. When Holden first heard the little boy singing the song, he no longer felt as depressed as he was. He was just singing for the hell of it, you could tell. The cars zoomed by, brakes screeched all over the place, his parents paid no attention to him, and he kept on walking next to the curb and singing... Seeing this probably made him feel better because he saw that the boy wasnt allowing things around him to influence him.

He was just happy singing his song and didnt care about his surroundings. He was just looking at where he was walking, looking at the straight line that he was walking in. This book by J. D. Salinger is a great display of sense. It shows true emotion, which is not recently expressed by everyone in certain senses.

Holden is different. Holden feels a certain way (very opinionated) and he will tell you in any fashion. This act is normally missed by common society. We seem to fold it all in until we explode. I am personally envious of Holden's ability to speak out and say what is on his mind.


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