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The Great Gatsby Patrick Sweeny 08 - 06 - 2000 Period 6 F. Scott Fitzgerald? Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, the only son of an unsuccessful, aristocratic father and an energetic, provincial mother. He was therefore the product of two divergent traditions: his father? s family, which included the author of the? The Star-Spangled Banner, ?

after whom he was named. His mother? s family was, in contrast, typically ambivalent American feelings about American life, which seemed to him at once vulgar and dazzlingly promising. Over the short life of Fitzgerald he wrote many books, such as: This Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and Damned, The Great Gatsby, Tender Is the Night, and what the critics say is his best even though it is only have finished, The Love of the Tycoon. Unfortunately he died before he could finish the novel, he was only 44 years old. Copyright 1925 by Charles Scribner?

s Sons As the story begins the spring flowers are in full bloom. The story takes place in around New York, but for the most part around the homes of Jay Gatsby and Mr. And Mrs. Buchanan.

Through the story the summer comes and goes, like the party? s that Jay has. Finally autumn comes, with it, it brings not on the destruction of the leaves from the trees, but the death of Jay. Nick Carraway? Nick is the narrator of the story. Part of a wealthy family and originally living in the Midwest, he moves to West Egg, which is outside of New York, to become a stock broker.

His house is next to the home of Jay Gatsby. After becoming friends, Nick is used by Gatsby to reunite him with Daisy who he had dated before the war. Jay Gatsby? Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of the novel, is a very rich man who fought in World War I. Before he went off to war, he had a very romantic relationship with Daisy. However, when he was off at war Daisy married Tom.

When he returns, he becomes very rich through illegal gambling and crime. He buys a large house where he throws parties every week hoping for Daisy to show up. Thanks to Nick, one night he meets with Daisy. Their love is immediately rekindled. Daisy Buchanan? Daisy is Tom?

s wife and Nick? s second cousin. Before World War I, she dated Jay Gatsby, but the broke up when he went off to war. She married Tom because he bought her love with a $ 300, 000 necklace. He had the money that Gatsby couldn? t provide.

When she meets with Gatsby after the war, and finds that he is very wealthy she falls for him. Tom Buchanan? Tom is definitely the antagonist in the story. While Gatsby is at war, he uses his money to win Daisy over and marry, knowing very well of her relationship with Gatsby. He then proceeds to have an affair with Myrtle, George?

s wife and makes no effort to hide it from Daisy. Even though he is having an affair, he stands in the way between Gatsby and Daisy. Through the eyes of Nick we see the story unfold right in front of us. With out Nick I think that I would be very difficult to get some of the points that are shown in the storyline. Nick is somewhat caught in the middle of three people. As the story comes to a close we see that Nick changes his entire point view on how he feels about Daisy and Tom.

There were a few different tones used along the way. In the beginning there is happiness. As the story comes to pass we see that there is some disappointment, sadness, and disbelief. For the most part those are the main tones of the story. In the beginning of the story, Nick is introduced. He has moved from the Midwest to New York to get rich by becoming a stockbroker.

Also living in New York is his second cousin, Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan. Nick, being liked by everyone, learns a lot. First of all, he learns of Gatsby who is he next-door neighbor. Secondly, he learns of Daisy and Gatsby? s past relationship. They used to be a couple but broke up due to the fact that Gatsby was away at war and had lost his money.

This didn? t make him worth loving in Daisy? s eyes. Finally, Nick learns of Tom? s relationship with Myrtle, which is going on behind Daisy? s back.

From the moment he hears about Gatsby and sees his house, he is envious and gets his opportunity to meet him t one of Gatsby? s parties. When Nick goes over to the party, he meets Gatsby and learns that he and Gatsby had fought in the same division in World War I. After this first conversation a friendship begins to build, and Nick begins to fit in. One day, he meets up with Jordan, and she tells him about Gatsby?

s previous relationship with Daisy. Jordan explains to Nick, that Gatsby is still very much in love with Daisy and wishes to get her back, but he needs Nick? s help. Nick invites Daisy and Gatsby over to his house, and they finally meet again. Daisy and Gatsby fall in love.

Daisy is won over oddly, by the amount of shirts that Gatsby owns. Daisy starts hanging around with Gatsby, making Tom suspicious. Tom starts going to Gatsby? s parties with her. After one of the parties, Gatsby begins to realize that his relationship with Daisy isn? t what it used to be.

Before they used to sit and talk for hours says Gatsby. Gatsby? s dream is for Daisy to go to Tom and say, ? I never loved you. ?

Then they could go live happily ever after. He wishes that he could bring back the love they had for each other before the war. One day, Tom and Daisy invite Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan Baker out to lunch at their house in New York. Daisy and Gatsby finally reveal their love making Tom extremely jealous.

When they are all out to dinner, he accuses Gatsby of trying to start trouble in his house, and they begin to fight. Daisy declares that she loves Gatsby and that she doesn? t love Tom anymore. Next, tom tells Daisy and Gatsby to leave.

George Wilson and his wife, Myrtle, whom Tom is having his affair with, are also having an argument. She runs out of the house, only to be hit by Gatsby? s car, driven by Daisy, and is killed instantly. Tom comes by after the other car has left and sees that his lover is dead. Later on, tom tells Wilson that Gatsby is responsible for his wife? s death.

Wilson then goes to Gatsby? s house, kills Gatsby and then shoots himself. Nick, being Gatsby? s friend, makes the funeral arrangements.

He tries to find some of Gatsby? s other friends quickly realizing that the few friends Gatsby does have don? t really care about him. Only three people go to the funeral.

Saddened by Gatsby? s death, Nick moves back to the Midwest to start a new life. Man vs. Man?

The conflict between Gatsby and Tom is show very clearly from the beginning. The man vs. man conflict in this story shows how two people who seem to be the same are very different. In this cause both love the same girl, both not knowing what the right thing to do is.

They do what they think is right cause the conflict to result in the death of not one person, but three. Jay Gatsby and his conflict represent Man vs. Himself This conflict is with himself over Daisy. He doesn? t know whether to tell her his feelings or just keep living how he was. As he begins to give in to the agony inside, it ends up getting him killed.

On one level the novel comments on the careless gaiety and moral decadence of the period. It contains innumerable references to the contemporary scene. The wild extravagance of Gatsby? s parties, the shallowness and aimlessness of the guests and the hint of Gatsby? s involvement in crime all identify the period and the American setting.

When it comes right down to it, the rich stand together against all outsiders. I believe that this is the basic theme that the story is trying to get across. Asunder- 1. Into parts or pieces. 2. In different directions; apart. Separated; not close; apart.

Benediction- 1. A blessing. 2. An invocation of divine blessing. 3. A giving of thanks; grace. 4. Blessedness 5. In the Roman Catholic Church, a special ritual of blessing.

Ceaselessly- unceasing; continual. Colossal- like a colossus in size; huge; gigantic: used loosely, as in the motion-picture industry, to denote approval. Complacency- 1. Quiet satisfaction; contentment. 2. Self-satisfaction; smugness.

Corpulent- fat; fleshy; stout; obese. Elude- 1. To avoid or escape from by quickness. Cunning, etc. 2. To escape detection by; evade; baffle: as, the point that youre trying to make eludes me. Ether- 1.

An imaginary substance regarded by the ancients as filling all space beyond the sphere of the moon, and making up the stars and planets. 2. The upper regions of spaces; clear sky. 3. [Rare] the air. Extemporizing-to speaks, perform, or compose extempore; improvise. Feigned- 1.

Fictitious; imagined. 2. pretended; simulated; sham.

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