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Example research essay topic: Anglo Saxon Contract Theory - 1,050 words

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Imagine you are a small child, 5, maybe 6 years old. Your desperate mother has brought you from your war-ravaged home country to seek refuge in the more secure environment of a country such as Britain. The majority of your relatives have been killed, for your family, there is no? support network? . However, upon arrival in your host country, you find yourself the subject of intense hostility, and you find that you and others like you have been depersonalized into some sort of political football, seemingly only good for providing cannon fodder for newspaper headline- writers. Everybody derives from immigrants.

There is no such thing as a truly indigenous population. In Britain (particularly London and the surrounding area), the demographic profile comprises of numerous ethnic backgrounds. Of course, there are those for whom the? accusation? of being related to immigrants is highly objectionable. It is to these people I point out that: ?

Very few British citizens can claim that their genetic make-up derives purely from the stereotypical Anglo-Saxon race? those who can claim to be 100 % Anglo-Saxon derive partially from Saxony in France! Immigration and asylum has remained at the forefront of British political debate, since Enoch Powell made his infamous? rivers of blood? speech in the early 1960?

s. People from all sides of the political spectrum have views on the issues of both immigration and asylum. And as such, we feel it is important to hold an enlightened discussion on the matter. In recent years, there seems to have been an increasing amount of anti immigrant feeling. Obviously we live in a democracy and allow freedom of thought and expression, and everyone is of course entitled to their own view. However, we feel that this body of opinion has been ill-informed and mis-led, and the debate has been hijacked by headline seeking tabloid newspaper editors.

We would like to present a few facts, combined with our own opinions, which should hopefully encourage people to seek a balanced judgement on the issue. An interesting statistic is that during the complex process of migration, Britain actually loses more people through emigration than it gains through immigration. Therefore, the working population of Britain is reducing year by year, and this could be damaging to the British economy. In a way, Britain is a victim of it?

s own economic prosperity, and as a result of greater life expectancy, it faces the pleasant burden of providing for an increasingly older population. Also, a severe skills shortage in the key areas of teaching, medicine, engineering, and I. T has left a gap in the labour market that foreigners may be able to fill. America became the richest and the most prosperous nation in the world by allowing almost unregulated immigration.

Now, we are not suggesting that this be implemented in Britain, but unless Britain allows a healthy influx of foreigners into the UK to do certain crucial jobs, the economy could suffer. Imagine how different Britain would be, without the diversity of culture that have developed since World War II. For many people, Friday would not be Friday without? going for an Indian. ?

Highly successful programmes such as the Ali G show, Goodness Gracious me and Bollywood or Bust, would not have existed without the ingratiation of foreign culture into British society at large. Therefore we think it is patently clear that immigrants have made valid contributions to the lifestyle of this country and the benefits are clear to see in every facet of modern day life. A blend of different peoples and customs have redefined what it means to be British, and have added to the rich cultural tapestry of this nation Another more sociological element to the debate, is provided by the social contract theory. The social contract is a Gentleman?

s agreement between a Government and its citizens. In return for the Government treating its people well, they can be reasonably expected to respect the government and the power they hold. If the Government fails to provide basic necessities such as food or clothing to its citizens, then the contract is broken. As a result these citizens are no longer the responsibility of the country, but they become the responsibility of the international community. Although the social contract theory is a dated principle, we still believe that elements of it hold true today. A prime example of where the social contract theory could have been implemented, was the recent problems in the former Yugoslavia.

Britain and its allies took the rightful decision to take affirmative action, against a tyrannical regime. As an indirect result, thousands of innocent Kosovans were driven from their homes by Slobodan Milosevic? s soldiers. In our opinion, NATO took the correct decision to launch an attack against Milosevic, but however they should be expected to face the consequences. In this case the influx of refugees, searching for political asylum. This is not an isolated incident.

The spectre of ethnic cleansing has reared its ugly head in numerous countries around the world, such as Rwanda and the Afghanistan, and will unfortunately continue to do so. It can be argued that prosperous countries should be prepared to accept collective responsibility. As the eminent author J. B. Priestly once said: " we are all part of one body. " To an extent this is true, so we should be careful when we differentiate between races. Of course there are different cultures and ways of life, but the fact is all human beings should expect the same rights as another.

Is it right that we adopt a? not in my back yard? attitude towards our poverty-stricken fellow human beings? I would suggest that it isnt. We are not fundamentalist libertarians, and we do understand the need for regulation concerning immigration and asylum. We are simply advocating the requirement for a genuinely balanced, and mature debate.

The citizens of this country should not be dictated to by a small cluster of power? hungry media barons with their own politically motivated agendas. In our opinion, immigrants (given the correct conditions and support), can make a valuable contribution into the society they have joined. The native population can provide a valuable space for the surplus population of the donor country. Whether or not they wish for this is immaterial.

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Research essay sample on Anglo Saxon Contract Theory

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