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Example research essay topic: Gun Control Laws Children And Adults - 1,008 words

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The Gun Control Gun Control The reason for gun control is to stop the violence by increasing laws on the ownership of firearms. There are many reasons for gun control, such as reducing the availability of guns for children, teaching children and adults to be safe wiht guns, and reducing the violence on the streets and in schools. One reason why gun control is important, because it reduces the availability of guns for children. One rule that has helped reduce the availability of guns for children is the 1968 law that the federal legislation prohibited the sale of rifles by mail. By making this law it does not let kids order guns. There was no way of known how old the person was that was ordering the gun.

SOme communities have laws that ban private ownership of handguns. Backers of such law argue taht handguns cause many accidental shooting an date little value in self-defense. There were about 15, 000 to 20, 000 handgun-related deaths that have occured in the United States annually. They include suicides, homicides and self-defense killings, and accidents. In a nationwide profile of juvenile gun possession and use, 53 percent of students who said they carried a gun, said they obtained the gun from a family member and 37 percent obtained the gun off the street (McCarthy). This is why the gun control laws need to be stiffer, to get the guns off the streets and protect the kids from the dangers of guns.

By increasing the gun control laws, this will decrease the availability of guns. Another thing gun helps is to teach children and adults to be safe with guns. They need to stress safety because about half of all the families in the United States own at lest one gun. This increases the chance of a little kid finding the gun in a driver that his or her dad had put there to protect the family, but the kid picks it up and pulls the trigger by accident and the family hopes that he doesn t die while he lies in a hospital bed. And in th either room the parents say they shouldn t have ever got that gun. This could have all been prevented if they had never gotten that gun in the first place, but that won t happen because people want to be safe and they don t feel safe we they know the gangs that hang out together near their house all have guns.

You might say that only happens in the big cities but gun accident can happen anywhere. Hunting accidents happen way too often and this can be prevented if everyone took the hunter safety class and learn to be smart with the gun. many law enforcement groups believe that stricter laws against owning and using guns would reduce the crime rate. The NRA feels that such laws would not help fight crime but would restrict the legal use of guns. (Zimring 60). So, who really knows what is the right thing to do. But, we know something has to be done before this gets too serious.

As stated by Franklin E. Zimring, an author for The World Book Encyclopedia, In the United States more people have been killed by privately owned guns since 1900 than have died in all the wars in the nation s history. (465) This is a pretty surprising statistic knowing how many have lost their lives for their country. People need to learn to be smart with guns and not to let your children be able to reach them. The government should are it a law that anyone taht wants to get a gun must receive a license that says that the have completed a gun safety class.

They also need to make it harder for people to sell guns to kids. Maybe they could fine people who sell to kids and tha tight stop this problem. By teaching children and adults to be safe wtih guns, the world may be a better place for children to live. Reducing the violence on the street and in schools can also help to are this a better place to live. Gun control laws aim to reduce the criminal use of guns as much as possible without interfering wiht legal gun use (Zimring 465). This is a tough choice for the people in government because they have people dying on the street by people with guns, but then they have pressure from groups like the NRA saying they have the right to bear arms and protect themselves.

But the one thing we really need to do is get the guns out of the schools. A survey by LH Reasearch states: , Fifty-nine percent of students, grades 6 - 12, reported that they could get a handgun if they water one, 36 percent of those who said they could get a hang reported taht they could obtain it within an hour. This is not good to hear, the government offical's need to do something about that. We don t want anymore Littleton, Colorado killings to happen. If we need security guards and mental doctors to keep our children safe, then so be it. But, i have had that metal detectors do not work, and if a kid really wants to bring a gun to school he will.

ANother survey was quoted of saying, Two in 25 high school schools reported having carried a gun in the last 30 days. What is ring with this world when a student nees to have a gun to protect themselves. By reducing hte violence on the streets and in schools it would make it possible for a person to walk do the street without being shot by a drive. Gun control was made to stop the violence by increasing law on the ownership of firearms. This is why reducing the availability of guns for children, teaching children and adults to be safe with guns, and reducing the violence on the streets and in schools is so important.

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Research essay sample on Gun Control Laws Children And Adults

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