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Lilies Last Forever? Diiiiiiing Dong! ? Lily? s eyes slowly fluttered open. She glanced at the alarm clock, which said 11: 39 a. m.

Getting out of bed, walking slowly down the carpeted stairs which tickled her tired feet a little, and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Lily went to the door. When she opened it, nobody was there. She could feel the morning breeze lightly dancing on her face and the bright sun stinging her eyes. She started back up the soft stairs now comfortable to her feet, thinking she could have just been hearing things, after all she was still hazy from waking up.

She reached the top when there was a loud knock at the back door. She definitely heard this one. She ran down the stairs and not even 30 seconds later flung open the door and no one was there. By now she was annoyed. Lily went up the stairs again and checked in her mom? s room but she wasn?

t there. She looked in her sister? s room but she wasn? t there either. Lily wondered what day it was and realized it was Saturday. That means that there is no work for her mother and no school for her sister, so she wondered where they were.

Lily wandered down the same flight of stairs and looked in the garage and saw that her mother? s car was there. She was a little confused now but she went into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. As it brewed, she dialed her best friend Mike?

s cell phone because it was always on. ? Hello? ? a male raspy voice answered. ? Hi Mike, it? s me. ? ? Hey.

How is everything since yesterday? ? This question triggered Lily? s remembrance of yesterday. It was early afternoon and Lily came home for lunch. She never does this but on this particular day she forgot something and decided to come home to retrieve it.

Her father was home and was in the kitchen. She said hello but he didn? t respond. She went up to her room and grabbed her cell phone.

She went to her parent? s room and reached for the doorknob and it wouldn? t turn, it was locked. She went downstairs to see her dad. When she got there, she looked and saw that he had blood all over his hands. Lily freaked out and asked what happened.

No words came from his lips, just a sudden thrust of his hand in the shape of a fist slammed into the wall. Fear flooded over her body and tears clouded her eyes. She was thinking he killed her mother because he had been thinking that she was having an affair, which was not true. But he has totally lost it right now.

Lily crouched in the corner by the front door. Waiting for some resolution. Thinking this was only a dream. Wondering when she would wake up. Fearing for her own life.

Realizing, lastly, that she needed to get out of there. She went to Mike? s house first because she really wasn? t that close to her family.

Plus she needed Mike? s advice. She walked to the front door looking at her reflection in the glass and saw her mascara streaked face. She wiped it quickly and knocked and knocked and knocked but he never answered. This just added to her pain and frustration but at least she had Bill and his girlfriend Alex. She went over to his house and he answered the door.

Lily just collapsed in his arms and Alex came running from the other room because she could hear the sobs. She embraced her too and they sat down and listened attentively to their distraught friend. Alex went to the kitchen and made her some tea so it would calm her down a little. When Lily was feeling a little better, she left. She still didn?

t want to go home yet so she went to Mike? s again. This time he was home. Again she told her story. He comforted her and told her to move out. He didn?

t want Lily at her home because he constantly told her that her dad was a psycho. He wanted her to just leave her family. He always told her this kind of stuff. After his little pep talk she thanked him and returned home. Although she was extremely afraid to go in the door, she reluctantly did. Upon her entrance, she saw that her mother was home and sitting at the kitchen table.

Across from her mother was her father holding her hands. Her father apologized for overreacting. The blood was from punching walls in the bedroom before she got home and that was why the bedroom door was locked. Her mother was out with her sister and now her father knows she isn? t having an affair. ? Lily are you there? ? ?

Yeah, sorry, just thinking about things. Yes, everything is all right now. My dad apologized. ? ? You are going to move out though, right? ? ?

I don? t know, things seem like they might be okay here now. I don? t think I need to get away. ? ? I just don?

t want your dad to go psycho again and hurt you! ? ? I know but really I think it? s okay now. Hey guess what happened to me this morning? ?

What? ? ? Someone rang my doorbell this morning, I think, and I woke up to answer it but no one was there. I went upstairs to go back to sleep for a while but as soon as I walked up there was someone at the backdoor and still nobody was there. It really freaked me out because of all the other things that happened. ? ? It?

s probably nothing to worry about. It sounds like the little kids down the street just playing Ding-Dong Ditch. You? ll catch?

em. ? ? Well Mike, I am going to get ready for work now but I? ll call you later. ? ? All right. Are you sure you are okay? ? ? Yes, thanks.

Bye hun. ? ? Bye! ? She cradled the phone and went to the cupboard to get a coffee mug. She poured the fresh coffee and poured her International Delight coffee cream in it and stirred. ?

Riiiiiiiiinnngg! ? Lily jumped a little and laughed at herself for being so jumpy. ? Hello? ? All she could hear was heavy breathing. ? Hello?

Who the hell is this? ? Click. Then a steady dial tone. Lily was really freaked out now. But was not going to let these little games get to her. She sipped her hot coffee and decided she?

d play a little game on whoever called her. She dialed 69. ? The last number that called you cannot be given out, ? the recording said. ? Damn? , she said aloud.

Lily hung up the phone and went to her room to get ready for work. Fully clothed and with her make-up on, she went out the front door and entered her car. She lit up a cigarette to help relieve the stress of the past two days. She took a long drag and the cigarette cracked a little and she exhaled deeply. She arrived at work and went in the back room where she could leave her purse and coat.

On her way back there, her manager Angela, who she was close to, asked her if she was all right now and Lily nodded with a smile. She got right to work on the display tables full of make-up, lotions, and body sprays when the phone rang. ? Thank you for calling Victoria? s Secret this is Lily. How can I help you? ? ? Hi, I was wondering how much your River Sun package is? ? ?

It is $ 19. 99. ? ? Okay, thank you. Bye! ? ? Bye! ? Back to the display tables she went. After a couple of hours passed, she decided to go on break.

She went to a nearby restaurant and decided to sit and eat there instead of taking it back to work. As she sat and ate, she was totally unaware of someone watching her. The person was pretending to be reading a newspaper, but the person? s eyes were really fixed on her.

As Lily ate, she reflected back on the events that happened to her. She decided that Bill and Alex were good friends to have around because they were so comforting. But Bill seemed weird at times like he was always suspicious of doing things. Alex always seemed a little jealous about her being friends with her boyfriend. She finished her last bites and cleared her mind of any thoughts. She went back to work and proceeded to work the rest of her shift. ?

Riiiiinnnngg! ? ? Hey Lily could you please get that I spilled lotion all over my hands? ? Angela asked. ? Sure. ?

She went over to the phone and answered it. ? Thank you for calling Victoria? s Secret this is Lily. How can I help you? ? You? re gonna die, bitch! ?

said a deep, monotone, quiet, and terrifying voice. The masculine voice was unfamiliar and yet eerily familiar at the same time. Lily started trembling, broke out in goose flesh, and slammed down the receiver. She backed up quickly as if it were going to reach out and grab her. The color drained from her face leaving a white ghostly color behind. ?

Lily, what? s wrong? Are you all right? ? Angela asked. Lily told her a brief summary of the morning events, so it was easier for her to explain what the phone call?

s effect had on her. Angela suggested that she go home because the psycho thinks that she is here at work and he would not know she left to go home. At least she? d be able to get some rest by taking a hot bubble bath and then going to sleep. Lily thought it was a great idea and thanked her. She actually felt a little better considering the circumstances.

She got in the car a lit up a cigarette. When she got to her house she finished the last hits of the cigarette and threw it out. She went upstairs to the bathroom and turned the hot and cold handles until they made a warm mix suitable to her touch. She started undressing and then put the bubbles in the tub. While she waited for the tub to fill, she brushed her teeth and put her hair up in a bun. She climbed in and relaxed a while.

About an hour passed and Lily opened her eyes realizing she dozed off. She looked at her prune like hands and fingers and decided it was time to get out. She drained the tub, dried off and grabbed her robe, which hung on the back of the bathroom door. Now fully relaxed and sleepy she made her way to the bedroom, where she put on her nightshirt.

She eased her way into her unmade bed and closed her eyes waiting for her needed sleep to come and take her. She suddenly felt something or someone next to her. She snapped open her eyes and saw that it was a person. The person next to her reached over to choke her and when he did this he revealed his face. It was Mike!

His firm hand made it around her neck tightly. Lily was thinking that this couldn? t be happening. This was her best friend, the one who was supposed to help her, protect her, and stick up for her and here he was trying to kill her. She started struggling and kicking but he would not loosen his grip. She made her hand into a small fist and punched three times at his head. ?

O wwww bitch! Stop it! ? Mike yelled out. He withdrew his hand from her throat and with all his force he shoved her off the bed and she slammed against the dresser where all her make-up, lotion, and perfumes fell all over the top. ? Mike, what the hell are you doing?

Why don? t you stop? ? Lily screamed out trying to fight back her tears. Mike yelled, ? And you thought your dad was psycho? ? ? Mike, why are you doing this?

What? s wrong? What did I do to you? I am your best friend, ?

Lily said through her hard sobs. ? Yeah, whatever, ? was his simple reply. He went after her again and she tried crawling away but he caught her. He picked her up and slammed her into the wall.

He pulled her shiny black hair and yanked it so hard a scream escaped from Lily? s sore throat. With her long nails she scratched his cheek and blood slowly ran down his face. ? Damn you! ?

he yelled. He reached up for his face and she ran into the hallway trying to get to the stairs or her parent? s bedroom so she could lock the door and call for help. But she didn? t even have time to make that move because Mike was already wrestling her to the floor again in the hallway and they were right by the stairs. Lily was very tough but to go up against a guy who was double her weight was so hard.

She tried to fight back as much as possible but the way he was on her it was almost impossible to move even an arm. She moved and wrestled as much as possible because she just had to get away from the stairs. Mike finally got off of her on his own and he kicked her in the stomach. Lily made a loud gasp as the wind left her body. She doubled over and asked Mike to stop. ? Mike everything will be okay.

I am right here to help you. Please stop and please help me, ? Lily cried. Mike seemed to snap out of it and broke down and cried and cried. ? I don?

t know what came over me the past few days there was no reason for this. I just felt alone and mad so I took it out on you. I was obsessed with you. ? Lily tried to sit up and then stand up.

Pain shot throughout her entire body. She limped over to where he was to sort of comfort him but when she did she tripped over his outstretched leg that she didn? t even notice because of her mixed up state of mind. She rolled down all 17 steps breaking her neck on the last one. ? LILY!

LILY! NOOO! OH MY GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE? ! ? Now he was crying so hard he was unable to breathe. Through his painful cry he said, ?

She was all I had! ? There she lay on her back with her neck cocked to the side like a wilted flower. Her eyes were wide open and as they started to gloss over, her best friend screamed and screamed. This scene is all he? ll ever remember.

Lilies last forever.

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