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Example research essay topic: U S Department Minimum Wage - 997 words

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FTAA Abundant negative effects that will affect us if this deal is to go through are alarming and the massive outcome of demonstrators is not surprising. As outlined previously these are the evident advantages that the folks in favor of global free trade will accentuate: Better access to international markets for US companies Increased competition Cheaper goods and services Better mobility for workers More efficient markets More competitive industries Less government regulation Smaller bureaucracy Lower taxes. Prime minister of Canada, Jean Chretien stated that globalization is "neither heaven nor hell" but a reality to be tapped. (King 166) He claimed that "We must together come up with new instruments which will give all the members of our large family a fair and equal opportunity to benefit." (King 168) Apparently many nations of Latin America and the Caribbean are now almost uniformly devoted to free trade and regionalism as a strong method of development. FTAA certainly is a risky deal more for some than other but the facts is that poor countries have less money to begin with and are dependant upon the money from wealthier countries coming in. For poorer countries, the FTAA would mean more money coming in. For richer countries, the FTAA would mean more goods coming in, and less money staying.

Before these agreements are made, countries need to weigh their priorities carefully. (Danaher 15) The opposition claim global free trade will lead to these facts amongst others: Lower wages and fewer employee benefits Higher unemployment Lower health and safety standards Lower environmental protection standards Weaker, less effective government Fewer social programs such as health care and education Less protection for developing industries and countries. Besides these previously stated effects, possible effects of the FTAA agreement on services include: Removal of national licensing standards for medical, legal and other key professionals, allowing doctors licensed in one country to practice in any country, even if their level of training is different; Privatization of public schools and prisons, like in the U. S. which would open the door to greater corporate control, corruption and the cutting of critical corners (such as medical care for inmates or upkeep of safe school facilities) to increase profits; and Privatization of postal services by transferring U. S. Postal Service functions to a few delivery companies like FedEx, which could then send postal rates through the roof. (Danaher 16) This deal would create the world's largest free market zone, affecting 650 million people and $ 9 trillion in capital. (U.

S. Department of Commerce) This business deal is to endanger the lives of millions of people and inequality issue is incredibly enormous, as this plan would disproportionately affect women and people of color. The FTAA threatens to amend living conditions by turning over the control of schools, electricity, water, and food to corporations whose sole interest is further revenue. If this deal is to go through, we are presumably to see a massive move of industries from wealthier parts of America, such as Canada and the U. S. , to developing countries. How much more profit is a company to make if instead of paying their employees in US perhaps $ 12 an hour, they simply transfer their plants to Mexico or ever further south and pay the labor force at least ten times a smaller amount.

The unemployment rate is to atomically catapult in our regions, and all potential industries that would be build in our state will rather produce their items in third world countries and with free trade the profits are be maximized. Besides the model upon which the whole free trade concept is based has already proven to be unattainable and thus a growing number of individuals and institutions have been pushing for an alternative solution with an international system of cooperation that fosters social equality, with more cultural diversity, equal human rights and above all community well being. The reluctance for free trade is plentifully increasing after evidence of the failure of the NAFTA model of economic integration continues to mount. In the aftermath of the Mexican peso crisis, the International Monetary Fund and the U. S. Treasury insisted that Mexico maintain its commitments under NAFTA by continuing to liberalize trade and investment regimes and by maintaining high interest rates in order to shore up the peso. (Danaher 18) Higher interest rates, decreased purchasing power of consumers, and increased competition with imported goods have had a devastating impact on small and medium-scale producers and retail businesses.

Additionally, some two million Mexicans have lost their jobs, and though such macroeconomic indicators as GDP growth have turned positive in the last few years, the standard of living of most Mexicans has shown little or no improvement. The number of Mexicans pushed into the informal sector and working for less than minimum wage, without benefits, or less than full time has increased dramatically, while the purchasing power of the basic minimum wage has dropped by 24 % since Nafta's inception. (King 201) The unsustainable, export-driven development model is also destroying ecosystems across the Mexican territory. Perhaps the health issue is more of an alarming one as each day, over 44 tons of hazardous waste from the border region are reprehensibly discarded. The amount of birth defects has catapulted severely since NAFTA and has alarmed the international community as some unprecedented specimens have been observed in the regions. With all these facts contradicting the possible success of free trade it is obvious that the corporations and wealthy business owners from the participating countries are the principal benefactors and theyll be the ones to gain financially from a scheme that puts their welfare above everyone elses. Words Count: 951.

Bibliography: 1. Danaher, Kevin. Free Trade Area of the Americas favors only corporate interests. Global Exchange, April 11, 2001, p. 14 - 18. 2. King, O. The Future of FTAA.

New York: Harper Collins, 2003. 3. U. S. Department of Commerce, FTAA Negotiation on Services: Public Summary of U.

S. Position, 2001.

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Research essay sample on U S Department Minimum Wage

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