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Example research essay topic: United States Of America September 11 2001 - 1,193 words

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We sometimes hear that 9 / 11 / 01 changed everything. What exactly did it change? We will not be able to forget September 11. In the most devastating terrorist attack ever perpetrated against the United States, hijackers crashed airliners into New York's World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, toppling its twin 110 -story towers. Another plane slammed into the Pentagon in Washington, and a fourth -- believed to have been headed for another Washington target -- crashed in a field outside Pittsburgh (Houston Chronicle Special, n. p. ) Explosions of WTC and Pentagon, the war against terrorism have shocked our unstable world.

Did the world change? Lets try to examine changes from position of The United States of America and other countries. We also will examine changes in economy with regard to September events. The United States of America Americans continued to live in constant fear of new acts of terrorism. President Bush became extremely popular when he said that he will fight with terrorists all over the world.

He announced a new doctrine of pre-emptive strikes against those states considered to be a threat. He deployed the power of the US military in combat and the pressure of US diplomacy in persuasion. At home, a thousand or more people, mainly foreigners, were rounded up on immigration charges or held as material witnesses as information was desperately sought (Reynolds P, n. p. ) FBI authorities had to make several reorganizations. They created Security Department that controls work of FBI and other departments. The United States of America, actually, started to prepare for possible war of new type.

Afghanistan After September 11, 2001 Afghanistan has become the target number one for the United States of America because it was controlled by Taliban movement. They also granted asylum for Usama bin Laden and Al-Khaida. American strategy was extremely effective they bombarded Taliban's and supported army of the Northern Alliance. The regime of Taliban's was over. Temporary government of Khamid Karzai was blessed by login jirga. Refugees started to come back to Afghanistan.

The girls were able to go to public schools after long term prohibition. People make celebrations and play football at stadiums, where Taliban's sentenced people to the death penalty. However, American and foreign armies still stay in Afghanistan. Iraq After September 11 Iraq said that America reaps the fruits of its crimes against the mankind.

The removal of Saddam Hussein has become a major objective of the United States, even though there is no clear evidence that Iraq has been linked to al-Qaeda (BBC News Website, Iraq, n. p. ). George Bush combined Iraq, Iran and the Northern Korea into global axis of evil because he considered they can grant access to the weapon of mass destruction. In the course of several years Bush administration asserts that the only way to solve this problem is to overthrow Saddam Hussein. However, not all Europeans support the idea of military action against Iraq.

September 11, 2001 and world economy Apocalyptical prophecies after September 11 were far from reality. A lot of economic branches (such as transport and aviation) suffered from September events. Aviation still cannot recover from such shock. Expenses in other economic sectors also changed due to increase of insurance costs. We also have to remember about constantly increasing price for oil and oil products.

The instability of prices is caused by plans of the United States of America towards Iraq. On the other hand, the events of September 11 almost dont have influence on modern globalization and world economy. Almost all developed countries overcame process of recession. The United States of America reached economic stability soon after September events. The fact that economy experiences slow growth in comparison with previous years can be explained by other reasons. A lot of political scientists considered that trade and financial activity in global scale will become so expensive and venturesome that will slow down globalization process for many years.

However, the level of foreign investments didnt decrease and global economy almost didnt suffer as well. One of the reasons is in extremely competent counter-cyclic American policy. Percentage rates were decreased and crediting became easier. In such a way economy got various stimuli for development. We can suppose that September events forced politicians to undertake extreme measures they wouldnt have undertaken under any other circumstances. The initiators of the attacks decided to implement their plan after America has provoked immense hatred throughout the world.

Not because of its might, but because of the way it uses its might. It is hated by the enemies of globalization, who blame it for the terrible gap between rich and poor in the world (Avnery U, n. p. ). In spite of this, the events of September 11 have become a catalyst for process of globalization. September 11, 2005 and American nation American people suddenly realized that they arent protected from terrorism.

On the one hand, if Bin Laden will want to explode several buildings he can do it anyway. On the other hand when I saw the explosion of WTC I was shocked. Many Americans were shocked by acts of terrorism as well. This event changed their world outlook in many things. They felt that they dont live in security.

They felts that their civilization is not irreproachable. Americans felts that in spite of their quantity (billions of people) they are unprotected against fanatic. The damage caused by Bin Laden is not huge in comparison to damage caused by other fanatic dictators. But the unexpectedness of terrorism changed world outlook of nations. The world didnt become different, but nations understood that they should change something in their way of life. The terrorism is a disease of civilization.

On the other hand, new preventive security measures cannot guarantee national security in the future. The experience of Israel shows that people can get used to terrorism and are able to discover more than 90 % of planned acts of terrorism due to modern technologies. However, tt sounds ironic that civilization creates weapon of self-destruction and the measure of perfection of civilization is measure of its own brittleness and defenselessness. The more perfect technical novelties are (for example, Americans re-examine the system of national security and implement new technologies such as electronic microchips, identification cards, etc), the more danger they can bring.

What exactly did it change? The world is still full of sun, autumn leaves and silence. However, something in the world that corresponds to definitions of peace changed drastically. The world became less peaceful. I live in the United States of America, in the country that was exposed to dreadful acts of terrorism and I feel that civilization is broken from inside.

We dont have enemy that threats us from outside. The enemy seems to be everywhere. There isnt any traditional front line: the front line surrounds us everywhere. Bibliography Houston Chronicle Special Website. Our Changed World.

Retrieved April 25, 2005. < web > Reynolds P. How the World Changed. Retrieved April 25, 2005. < web > Avnery U. Twin Towers.

Retrieved April 25, 2005. < web > BBC News Website. Iraq. Retrieved April 25, 2005. < web >

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Research essay sample on United States Of America September 11 2001

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