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... right on the spot. As Axe advertisement suggests: When you wear you favorite scent of Axe shower gel, body spray or deodorant on any of your male hot zones, your new and improved male musk is released in the air, quickly reaching nearby females. Despite the cheer stupidity of such suggestion, Axe advertising campaign appeals to many teenagers who lack self-confidence.

As a result, Axe is considered to be a highly demanded item. As practice shows, companies need to constantly work on improving their advertisements, because nothing turns customers away from product more than poorly designed advertisement, which is dull and repetitive. Companies are on the constant lookout for a new themes that can be used in their advertisements. Yet, this rule does not apply, when it comes to promoting a product to teenagers. All that it takes is to make a commercial add sexually explicit.

Once this is achieved, young people's attention is being won. Commercialization in Education The system of public education in America is affected by commercialization more than in any other country in the world. This is despite the fact that, in theory, children should be spared from any kind of advertisements at school. It is a lack of funds, provided by the government, that forces public school to look for alternative sources of financing. But nothing in this world comes free of charge. Children are being taught to prefer products and services of the company that supplies school with educational material.

For example, quite recently a few high schools in New England were being involved in the public controversy, resulting from the fact that Kraft Corporation supplied these schools with educational material on healthy eating. In the distributed brochures, the term healthy is being exclusively applied to the food produced by Kraft. Children's parents rightly suggested that such practice is intolerable. A few lawsuits came as a result. Companies like IBM and Apple offer to equip a whole classrooms with computers, in exchange of their logos being exposed on school buses and in cafeterias. I personally do not think that commercialization of education represents a really grave danger, as all other aspects of our lives are commercialized anyways.

But it is the fact that many companies strive to establish customer's loyalty, on the part of students, without giving much in return. There is a substantial difference between providing students with computers and distributing them with a cheap brochures about healthy eating. In both cases, companies want to win teenagers as future buyers of their products. Yet, IBM and Apple have the moral right to do it, since they really help children with allowing them an access to computers, while Kraft is only concerned about pushing its commercial agenda, while misinforming students deliberately. The vendor machines in schools also contribute their modest part into getting children attached to the particular logos and brand names. There can be no Pepsi, where there is a Coca-Cola and other way around.

It is not an uncommon situation when a grown man would refuse to drink Coca-Cola in restaurant that has a corporate agreement with this company, because he associates himself with Pepsi brand name, for no other reason than having a Pepsi vendor machine in the school, which he attended while being kid. Celebrities in Advertisement Young people like to have a role model, whose actions they try to imitate in all the details. Therefore, it is not a surprise that companies execively use celebrities to endorse their products. As practice shows, celebrity endorsement is one of the most effective kinds of advertisement, which can be universally appealing for not just a young people, but their parents as well. By endorsing to wear a certain brand of watches, jeans or underwear, celebrities allow us to have something in common with them.

In another words, those that lack well-defined sense of identity, are trying to find it in the facial expressions of their favorite movie stars. Despite the fact that those who have the greatest buying power, namely middle aged men, are the least susceptible to this kind of advertisement, they nevertheless can be pestered into purchasing by the loved ones - women and children. It is a fact that young Americans become increasingly fat, ugly and stupid. According to American Medical Association, 60 % of young people in today's America become overweight when they reach 15.

And the more they gain weight, the more attention they pay to the personal lives of slim and beautiful movie stars. Such teenagers want to copy celebrities in all the aspects of their lives. That's why company can well afford paying huge amounts of money to the famous celebrities for simply saying I prefer this brand name, in front of the cameras. The initial advertisement expences will be reimbursed by the money flow, coming as a result of young people seeing this advertisement on TV. In recent times, companies adopt more sophisticated approach to designing advertisements that involve celebrities. This is because it's becoming increasingly difficult to convince people that celebrities really do mean what they say, while speaking out on behalf of particular brand.

As a result, we see the casual celebrity endorsement becoming more and more popular. When this advertisement method is deployed, the commercial message is not conveyed to the potential customers directly. For example, throughout the James Bond movies we see the main character always wearing wristwatch Rolex. He never refers to it, yet one of the hidden commercial messages that can be found in this movie is: If you want to be like James Bond, you must wear Rolex watch. In a way, we can compare this advertisement to the principle 25, when every twenty fifth picture in movie tape contains an image of commercial nature, usually a logo. While watching such movie in the theatre, person also absorbs a commercial message on subconscious level.

This advertisement method is now being banned in most of the countries, nevertheless, companies now came up with casual celebrity endorsement, which is perfectly legal. Effects of Advertising on Young Americans a) Behaviour The most of today's young Americans are commonly thought to be alienated, overeducated, coffee-addicted, body-pierced Liberals, who often strive for nothing less than elimination of injustice in the whole world, while being barely able to pay their cable bills on time. Even though, such perception is one sided, it nevertheless properly represents the last generation, as a whole. The rise of political correctness caused many young people to associate themselves with wrong values. Yet, deep inside they know that many nowadays's realities have an artificial nature. It is not the community, the social system or the government that they want to be associated with, but with the strong individual, who often defies the principles of conventional morality, in order to achieve a higher goal.

It is the fact that at least 70 % of all youth oriented advertisement, designed for males, benefits on teenagers' desire to live up to their own image of themselves. Despite the efforts of the hawks of political correctness, such images are exclusively related to the masculine qualities strenght, independence, courage, intelligence. Yet, because of current socio-political trends in contemporary America, young people are simply too biologically deficient to be comfortable with the role of strong and independent individual, which they try to embrace, as result of watching TV commercials. Hence, their psychological incompatibility with the objective reality. I think that the alarming rate of violence in American high schools can be explained to the large degree by this fact.

Such violence is nothing but students's unlimited anger over their inability to be like their favorite idols. It occurs when one realises that the material attributes of association with something greater is nothing but a commercial trick. b) Communication It is being noted that representatives of younger generation intentionally shorten words and phrases, which undermines English language expressional ability. Apart from young people being increasingly unable to operate with abstract concepts, such tendency can be explained by the fact that the commercial camping of many digital providers emphasizes on one's ability to shorten words, as the first step towards financial success.

This causes today's young Americans to be much more mechanistic than the previous generations. Also, since they are surrounded with comercial logos and companys' motto's, teenagers adjust their logical apparatus to thinking along comercial catch phrases. When it happens, the original meaning of such phrases evaporates, living only the empty shell, which despite its distinctive form is not filled with any real meaning. Conclusion There is no doubt that the comercial advertising has influenced the worldview of majority of young Americans. But it wouldn't be right to suggest that this is only one way process. Many young people work in the field of comercial advertising and this is why many comercial adds represent their prospective on what makes product appealing to the people like themselves.

Many critics observe that the comercial adds, designed by people under 30, lack clarity. These commercials let the customer do the work find meaning behind the set of seemingly unrelated words, like Nike's: you either ran today or you didn't. To the an outside observer, the comercial campaign that target youth might appear as overly sophisticated, but the truth is neither add designers nor the customers fully understand the real meaning of such messages. Global economy tries to avoid clarity, because people might stop being products that were made in Chinese sweatshops to address the everyday needs of active and energetic young people. Bibliography: Been, Sharon Marketing to Children. New College Institute for Values Research. 1998.

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