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Current Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emission / Global Warming Global warming is the issue of the day. According to the foreign researchers, the emissions by industrialized countries of the greenhouse gas related to the global warming shows a dangerous upward trend despite the efforts to reduce emission and to control global warming. According to the report, despite the overall level of emissions reduced 3. 3 % during 1990 - 2004, this reduction mostly occurred due to the 36. 8 % decline in economies in transition of eastern and central Europe (Scheer, 2005). According to the Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC, there is a 11 % increase in greenhouse gas emission. Obviously, something should be done to find an effective solution.

World countries have intensified their efforts to develop and implement strong environmental policies in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, because doing nothing about global warming may present a significantly greater cost than addressing it. The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change advanced a hypothesis that in case the world countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions to approximately 50 - 85 % of 2000 levels by the year 2050, the world will have a good probability to limit the temperature increase to approximately 2 C above pre-industrial levels. It means that in case the efforts are successful, the world will likely prevent the occurrence of the negative influences of global warming. In such a way, the countries understand the importance of the subject at issue and undertake all possible efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, over twenty CEOs of the largest companies such as Duke Energy, General Electric, DuPont, Alcoa, and others together with the environmental organizations and groups, under the aegis of the United States Climate Action Partnership were brought together to develop a mandatory initiative aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 60 - 80 % below current levels by the year 2050. The U.

S. government also recognizes the importance of the problem, and undertakes all possible efforts to improve the situation and to reduce the emissions. Currently twenty nine states have developed and completed Climate Action Plans. 50 percent of the states have issued the requirement according to which the electric utilities have to generate specified amounts of electricity using the renewable energy sources. Seventeen states have the targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction. The U. S.

Congress has passed the energy legislation aimed to increase energy efficiency, to reduce current oil use, and to spur clean alternative energy technologies. The energy bill also mentions a 35 mile / gallon fuel economy standard by the year 2020 (Victor, 2001). This standard will be conductive to removal of about 206 million metric tons of carbon dioxide by 2020. In addition, the House energy bill includes a renewable electricity standard, according to which the utilities are required to provide 15 % of their overall electricity using the renewable energy sources by the year 2020. According to the estimated prognoses, this measure will be conductive to removal of about 180 million metric tons of carbon dioxide by 2030 (Stair, 2005).

Apart from that, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, or RGGI, a cooperative effort by the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions currently develop regional strategies to confront emissions. According to the RGGI, the states take part in the implementation of the multi-state cap-and-trade program with a market-based emissions trading system that will undertake all efforts to oblige electric power generators in participating states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the lowest possible level. In addition, the Investor Network on Climate Risk has positive impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the INCR call released in March 2007 made the U. S. government to undertake additional measures to address climate change (State Group Focusing on Climate Issues Panel Looking at Ways for Illinois to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 2007).

The U. S. government enacted a policy to reduce the emissions 60 - 90 percent below the 1990 levels by 2050, and reshaped transportation policies and national energy policies so to encourage development, research, and implementation of new clean technologies. European countries are also involved in the process of reduction of their collective emissions.

For example, the fifteen EU states plan to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in the 2008 - 2012 to 8 % below the levels of 1990. According to the annual progress report issued by the European Commission, the 8 % reduction can be achieved by the year 2010. Seven European countries (Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal) plan that their individual emission limits will be exceeded. Non-government organizations and individuals also recognize the necessity to combat global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Although their actions are not so effective as those of the governments and world countries, people still can make simple steps against global warming and do their part to help reduce the emissions. Local organizations encourage people to plant trees, as a well-placed landscaping may cut energy costs.

The tree also store carbon dioxide, thus reducing its emission into the atmosphere. Apart from that, people can buy energy efficient home appliances, replace incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones, invest in alternate energy devices for their homes, and reduce the use of air-conditioners and refrigerants. Apart from that, people are encouraged to join national or local environmental groups combating global warming, and to support alternative energy sources. Although these steps seem to be very simple, and, are unlikely to have immediate effect, while doing consistently and on a permanent basis, all these steps will help the world countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to combat global warming. Bibliography Scheer, R. (2005). Changing the Climate: Investors Have the Power to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

E. , 15. Stair, P. (2005). Washington State, Canada Set Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Vehicles. World Watch, 18. State Group Focusing on Climate Issues Panel Looking at Ways for Illinois to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions. (2007, July 7). Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL).

Victor, D. G. (2001). The Collapse of the Kyoto Protocol and the Struggle to Slow Global Warming. Princeton, NJ. : Princeton University Press.

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Research essay sample on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Million Metric Tons

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