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MAKEUP HISTORY AND ARTISTRY It is interesting how makeup evolved. Men and women already wore makeup for centuries. Styles change over the years dating back to the earliest recorded history during the 1 st Dynasty of Egypt. The tombs during that time had unguent jars that were scented. Unguent was a substance that was used to keep the skin hydrated and supple.

It was also used to keep the wrinkles away. Egyptian women decorated their eyes with a dark green color under the lid. They also put black on their lids by applying kohl which was made from soot ot antimony. Many say that the Jews adopted this form of makeup. (French). Even the Roman philosopher Plautus wrote that "A woman without paint is like food without salt. " The substances used then consisted of kohl for darkening the eyelashes and eyelids, chalk for whitening the complexion and rouge for the cheek. (French). Individual differences play a part in using cosmetics as well as food.

Some work better for one than for another. Also, we all have certain favorites, particularly makeup items, not necessarily put out by the same company. One needs to experiment until she finds what is best for her. When one has chosen them, couple them with the carefully selected diet and one can get safe and wonderful results.

There are actually several pointers that one needs to take into consideration in the area of makeup to achieve beauty: The skin is a two-way street. Substances fed the body can appear in the skin; substances fed the skin can appear in the body, so one has to choose the cosmetics judiciously. The cells of the body, including the face, are constantly trying to rebuild and regenerate themselves. A complete renewal occurs during every seven years.

These cells need proper building material to accomplish their regeneration. One can begin at any time. It is never too late for improvement. The skin breathes and is an eliminative organ.

The lungs help to cleanse the waste from the body, but the skin assumes a large part of the burden. As proof that the skin breathes, there are several reports of people who have covered themselves from head to toe with gold or silver paint for costume balls. They died because their skin was unable to breathe. Beware of using waterproof, cover-all cosmetics on the face. As proof that the skin is constantly eliminating waste matter, witness the ring around the bathtub or the dirt in the water after one launders the lingerie or nightwear even when one does it daily. Those who are too lazy to remove makeup at night eventually pay the price with large pores, blackheads, and blemishes.

Every season, one sees new colors, new makeup fads announced. One need not capitulate unless one wishes. Just as in the fashion world, where the length of the hemline and the waistline changes from season to season, so does makeup vary. If hemlines and waistlines remained the same from year to year, women would not have to buy so many new clothes. The clothes industry would suffer economically. The same principle applies to the cosmetics industry.

The worlds best-dressed women choose clothes which are becoming to their figures and coloring. They do the same with makeup. Once they have learned what makeup is most flattering to them, they stick to it, unless the skin or hair color changes, necessitating a new plan. The youngest-looking, most beautiful women use a minimum of makeup, if any at all. Marilyn Monroe wears very minimal makeup. Many other beauties do the same.

They are proud of the fact that they are bare-faced, wear no powder, and because they are healthy, have no need for rouge. For Marilyn Monroe, heavy makeup is definitely aging. Sometimes, eye makeup can do a lot for the face. One just needs less for daytime, emphasizing it only for evening or photographs. It is wise to remember that there are no homely women only lazy ones. Marilyn Monroe was a classic beauty.

Prominent in her face were her eyebrows, eyelashes, red lips and the movement of her lips. This is a makeup that is easy to use because the tools one needs are just a good kind of eyeliner, nude eye shadow, brown pencil, mascara, blush and black liquid liner. Monroe highlighted her eyes that exuded sensuousness and this makeup needs a detailed and unhurried pace. Monroe used red lipstick but for the ordinary girl, this may not be a good pick. It was great with Marilyn because it accented her unblemished white complexion and she knew how to show it off. In the 1950 s, cosmetics were made from colour films.

The cinema exposed the unblemished complexions of the stars. This caused the makeup artist Max Factor to invent the foundation called the pan cake. Such was the way people gloss over the skin imperfections. Then, titanium was added to tone down the brightness of products. Thus, lips began to have a shimmering colour. The idea extended to frosted nail varnishes of pink and silver (Fifties Glamour with Max Factor).

Spectacles also became an accessory with inlaid diamante or scattered glitter dust. Ponytail was also a popular hairstyle. The more sophisticated hairstyles were demonstrated by Elizabeth Taylor and Queen Elizabeth II. (Fifties Glamour with Max Factor). By the late 50 s, bouffants and outrageous hairstyles became known too. When pin-ups proliferated, women were portrayed no longer as factory workers all clothed up but as pin-ups with identical figures, leggy, well-proportioned and sexy bodies. Yet she symbolized not only sexiness but as icons to help in war time.

It was also a personal creativity that was in focus. One exciting aspect of this is that women have struggled for authenticity and they have simultaneously illuminated their personal creativity. In so doing, they elucidate the creativity that struggles on in a more hidden way in all people at all times. We see this personal creativity as a continuous process of bringing forth a changing vision of oneself, and of oneself in relation to her world. Out of this creation she determines her next step and is then motivated to take the next step. Gil Elvgren was also known for his pin-up paintings of advertising girls and glamour artists.

He was an American illustrator who, like his contemporaries portrayed the feminine calendar pin-up girls. His works for Coca-Cola and other big companies included people who did ordinary things in everyday life (8). Joyce Ballantyne was also a mural painter who painted pin-ups for Brown and Bigelow. She designed a novelty-fold which eventually succeeded in becoming a twelve-page calendar. (The Pin-up Files). She was such a success in most of her paintings. It was reported that Ballantyne then went on to paint one of the most famous advertising images ever.

Coppertone suntan lotion asked several illustrators to submit preliminary ideas for a special twenty-four-sheet billboard for their American and international markets. Ballantyne won the commission, and her final painting (based somewhat on an ideal of Art From) became a national icon. Its little pig-tailed girl whose playful dog pulls at her bathing suit charmed the entire nation. (The Pin-up Files). She was attractive herself and even posed as her own model, preferring to work in oil on canvas (7). In the 1960 s make up introduced a colour called the Strawberry Meringue which was of a pastel pearly pink color. Young girls preferred this because it has a soft color compared to the brazen red.

It was then acceptable to parents so that it became a trend. (Fifties Glamour with Max Factor). When the film of Elizabeth Taylor came out, girls began to use the eyeliner. Young girls began to mix colors for their lips and nail polish followed the same trend. The 1970 s brought out the natural look.

The eyeliner and the eyelashes became passe and the softer looks became more fashionable for the young crowd. Foundations became in and loose powder was no longer in. Girls followed the natural look of the Charlies angels which set the trend to hairstyles too. IN the 1980 s, makeup became in fashion again.

Makeup matched the power dressing of young female executives but the main feature was on skin care, anti-aging and beauty treatments. In most Asian countries like Taiwan, the local market for imported skin care and color cosmetics products, there are two of the highest selling categories in cosmetics and toiletries in Taiwan, the total value of these categories increased by 11 percent from 2003 figures to 413. 4 million US dollars. The highest growing segment is said to be color cosmetics for women, which includes products such as facial make-up, nail and lip colors, and mascara. Traces of age-hiding skin care products are also said to be popular imports (American Institute in Taiwan n.

d. , p. 1). Today, Taiwanese are said to prefer Japanese skin care products over their American and European counterparts, the reason being that local consumers perceive that Japanese products are more suited to their Asian skin type. Among the Japanese brands, the most popular are said to be Shieseido, SKII, and Shu Uemura. LOreal and Estee Lauder are said to have introduced skin whitening products tailor-made for Asian skin to combat the misconception and gain wider acceptance among the Taiwanese.

In Taiwan's drug store chains, on the other hand, there is a greater diversity of skin care brands and players. The major skin care brands in this channel are said to be Nivea by Beiersdorf, Dove Skin by Unilever, Olay by Procter and Gamble, Vichy by LOreal, and Neutrogena by Johnson and Johnson. The brands Para Do of Japan and Burt's Bee of the United States are said to have gained traction in the fast-growing over the counter or OTC channel, through the 7 -Eleven stores. The OTC market for cosmetics and toiletries is said to have grown by 15 percent in 2004 (American Institute in Taiwan n.

d. , p. 1). Asian consumers are said to closely follow international trends, with the recent one being the trend toward organic products in the Asian region. The current perception among consumers is that of natural cosmetics as pure, gentle and effective. Brands espousing environmentally friendly and natural ingredients-based products such as Aveda, Body Shop, Kiehls, Red Earth and Origins are said to have entered the market with strong marketing campaigns focused on the above-mentioned themes (American Institute in Taiwan n. d. , p. 2). With regard to the first of these two trends, it has been noted that the boundaries between skin care and sun care has been blurred with the addition of UV protection and high SPF to skin care and facie make-up products.

While the older generations basically are loyal to certain tested and trusted brands, the younger generation has changing tastes and can therefore be wooed. Makeup cosmetics are said to be categories that are the venues for sophisticated marketing campaigns aimed at luring the young into using such...

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Research essay sample on Skin Care Products Marilyn Monroe

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