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How has diversity shaped Western civilization? In recent times, the term diversity became a buzz word, which is being applied by the pushers of left wing agenda, mostly out of context. We are made to believe that Western civilization will gain immensely, because of our society becoming less and less racially homogeneous. The hawks of political correctness do not bother to come up with any real proofs, while making their argument. We are simply expected to agree with whatever we are being told, otherwise we will risk to be called racists, sexists or whatever other label the promoters of tolerance will choose to apply. Ever since the elementary school, we are being taught to say things that did not correspond to the objective reality: men and women are equal, homosexuals are just as normal as we are, racial inequality is based on prejudices etc.

After having repeated these slogans often enough, we began to believe in them, even though that they contradict to what we get to experience on daily basis. In this paper we will refer to the diversity as socio-political phenomenon that is defined by the racial dynamics, within the society. This is because it is possible to analyze the effects of racial mixing, which are always proved to be the same, regardless of circumstances, while such concepts as sexual diversity had never even existed in peoples vocabulary, prior to very recently. It is important for us to understand that the technological and cultural progress of Western civilization would only become possible, when it was the least affected by degenerative political and religious doctrines. But every time when society yielded to the temptation of racial mixing, it automatically meant the beginning of the end. Our modern interpretation of history is deprived of understanding of what was behind the downfall of the great ancient civilizations.

The beginning of society's degradation always coincides with the time when the concept of racial diversity becomes socially appropriate. In order to prove this statement we will need to recall what happened to ancient Romans, when they became too lazy to fight their own wars and started to entitle barbarians with Roman citizenship, in exchange for their military services. After this practice became socially accepted, it immediately resulted in the process of racial mixing, which negatively affected the quality of Romans, as whole. They simply started to loose their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of greatness, which was exactly the reason why Roman Empire became the most powerful in the world. This is because racial mixing affects peoples mental ability to operate with the abstract categories and also diminishes their idealism. The sculptures of last Roman emperors effectively prove that they were the products of diversity.

In the last centuries, before Rome was being sacked by barbarians, it became fashionable among its citizens to dye their hair. But it never helped them to restore their former purity. Just as with the gold, it is easy to mix it with other metals, while in the molten state, but it is practically impossible to get rid of the additives, afterwards. But it is because of them, gold ceases to have its value. The last century, before the downfall of Roman Empire, was signified with staging huge gladiators shows in Coliseum, by the emperors who sought public support. The only way to attract marginalized population to these shows, at the time, was making them more shocking and graphic.

Only a direct onslaught on peoples senses could vitalize them for a while. When people do not care about anything but to intensify their anomalistic feelings, it means that they slowly degrade. It does not take a genius to realize that exactly the same socio-political trends became dominant in American society; therefore it is not too hard to conclude that it will end up just like ancient Rome, unless it realizes that multiculturalism and diversity undermine society's unity. Multiculturalism is gradually turning into secularism, when every ethnic group pursues its own interests, instead of becoming part of a whole.

Racial minorities are taught to identify themselves with a place, where they or their ancestors came from. This encourages a social secularism, on their part. We rightfully associate diversity with bringing more color in Western societies. According to the promoters of multiculturalism - the more color, the better. But is it really so?

In Black version of English language, Ebonics, there are close to 150 thousands of linguistic idioms. For the word cocaine there can be found twenty different corresponding synonyms, while for the words like spirit or metaphysics - there are none. The abstract categories that enabled English language to be associated with the rapid rise of Western civilization are now being slowly removed from it by the mean of surrogate languages that are continuously becoming more popular. It appears like there is a certain force, behind people of different cultural backgrounds being alienated from each other in Western countries.

The most dangerous about it is the fact that this force disguises itself as something opposite to what it really is. On the surface, the diversity strives for more tolerance, yet the practical effects of this concept are far from what they are expected to be. Basically, every city in America and Europe has the area of Third World, where White people do not even risk of setting foot. Such areas are being traditionally referred to as ghettos. They are being populated exclusively by people that we strongly associated with diversity. Garbage on the streets, drug dealers openly selling cocaine, almost total unemployment this is the normal way of life for the people who were supposed to enrich Western civilization.

Yet, the hysterical promoters of diversity never get tired of repeating that we should embrace the peoples equality, even though that they cannot explain why. There are two questions that pushers of left-wing agenda have a hard time addressing: 1) If people are equal, why there is no even a slightest practical proof of it, throughout the history? 2) The assumption of people's equality contradicts the most basic laws of natural selection, upon which modern biology is based. Therefore, we can talk of equality, as rather highly abstract concept that has nothing to do with the realities of everyday life. White people constitute 6 % of worlds population.

By the year of 2050 itll shrink to 2 %. Yet, even Black people in Africa now recall the time of European colonization as the best period in history of their nations, because back then, trains used to arrive on schedule, Medicare was provided equally to all, there were no mass rapes taking place, like it happens in South Africa nowadays. The less there is diversity the more civilization. This has been known to people since thousands of years ago. Ancient Sparta practiced eugenics, which insured that only worthiest individuals were given the political rights.

Our ideals of justice, beauty and democracy derive from ancient Greeks, who tried to maintain their cities racially and culturally homogeneous. The only reason why Romans were able to destroy Carthage is because this country was being corrupted by the racial mixing, which in its turn, deprived Carthaginians of crucial psychological characteristics, such as willingness to sacrifice for the sake of greater good. They preferred to pay others to fight for them. But the mercenary army can never be quite as effective as the army that consists of people of the same racial affiliation, who share the same ideas. The ultimate tale about the effects of diversity can also be found in Bible.

When God wanted to prevent people from building the Tower of Babylon, he simply made them to talk in different languages, thus preventing them from being able to operate as a team. There are other historical examples that leave no doubt about the concept of diversity is socially dangerous. In my opinion, the concept of diversity needs to be discussed in terms of utopia. Its main principles are based on wishful thinking, which has nothing to do with the objective reality. But we know that all the attempts to build a utopia had ultimately failed. The multicultural society can never be effective, because the internal political tension, within such society, prevents it from focusing on achieving higher goals.

Such society spends most of its resources on maintaining social peace. For example, in Kiev, Ukraine, it is perfectly safe to leave a child playing in public parks, without supervision for hours. This is because Ukrainian society had not been affected by the spiritual poison of diversity. That is why Ukrainians feel subconsciously related to each other, which prevents them from engaging in gruesome criminal activity, such as child molestation.

Yet, in the most progressive and diverse American society, no one would think of leaving child in public place without supervision, even for a minute. This is because Americans are divided along racial lines. The same situation can be seen in France and Germany, where racial minorities strive for nothing less than a complete political domination. During the recent racial riots in Paris and in Los Angeles in 1992, the police officers were being given orders not to get involved, so that they would not incite racial hatred even more.

They would stand and do nothing, while watching White people being beaten to death by the crowds of Arabs and Blacks. The authorities choose the practice of appeasement, in order to restore civil peace. But, as history shows, such practice can never remain effective, in the long run. Like a cancerous metastasis, the diversity spreads over Western civilization, while threatening to reverse the cultural progress backwards. The very same chosen people that promote diversity in Western countries, do not allow it in Israel. This is why this country remains strong, while the government of Denmark had officially apologized for allowing the anti-Islamic caricatures to be published in one of this countrys newspapers.

The concept of diversity had spiritually corrupted White people in Western countries to such a degree, where they cannot act, while even facing a biological extinction. Therefore, we will conclude this paper by stating that the idea of diversity had always played a negative role, while being applied in Western societies. It is the most destructive concept, which threatens to ruin the very foundations of Western civilization, ever since the decline of Communism. Bibliography: Williams, Walter Racial Diversity at the Expense of Intellectual Diversity. November 4, 2006.

Capitalism Magazine. December 20, 2006. web

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Research essay sample on How Has Diversity Shaped Western Civilization

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