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Example research essay topic: Xxi Century And The Triumph Of Western Ideas - 1,119 words

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During the XXI century, the Western Mind seemed to have proven its superiority in idea development and their applications throughout the world. Most of the current worlds wealth together with the knowledge centers is located in the west, as well as the pace of economic development of the west is much higher than that of other countries everywhere in the world. In the following essay I am going to speak about the 21 st century that will represent the final triumph of western ideas and culture around the world. All of the major trends and ideas that will affect life originated in the west and have improved life wherever they are implemented.

I am going to stress the main points of the western dominance of ideas, namely, heritage that set stage from the XX century (creation of computer), current capacity and the internet, competition and the monetary argument. Probably the most important invention of the XX century that immensely contributed to the economic development of western countries was a regular computer. The first two computers were invented in England, Ukraine (former Soviet Union), yet it was the USA that picked up on the idea and had managed to excel in it. With the ordinary computer, the West besides assuring more sophisticated weapon and defense system for its territories had also contributed to much faster information processing that freed time in humans for knowledge creation. Computer have been setting stage for the Western dominance of ideas and major trends throughout the world. The internet and the World Wide Web concept were developed in 1970 s, while it is today that the internet besides facilitating the information processing allows a common user a profound information sharing capability.

With the Internet that allows ideas and information to cross the borders freely unlike people or resources. With the wealth that the West possesses, more and more US companies try to outsource and make use of the online services that originate in India, Asia and Eastern Europe. Thus, the West constitutes the hub, to which the world knowledge flows, leaving Americans with the choice of picking and implementing the best ideas and concepts that can be so freely bought on the web. The west triumphs from being the center of all most up-to-date profound ideas that freely flow in that direction. It is a common knowledge that at present 8 out of 10 richest people in the world live in the USA or Western Europe and are involved in some sort of business activities with hopes to become even richer. The West is famous for high wages and windfall profits, while the USA has been the attracting immigrants from all over the world with its American Dream, Hollywood beauty, and star spangled banner.

Therefore it is no wonder that there exist at present the importation of brains from all over the world in to the United States of America that promises highest wages, most challenging environment, and almost unlimited resources to foreign scientists. No one already asks why after the break up of the Soviet Union, most of the soviet engineers, chemists, and nuclear physicists have moved to the USA, while after the Anthrax scare, the demand for the soviet biologists increased again. People, no matter how patriotic they are, like to have decent conditions of life for themselves and their posterity, thus, it is natural for people to move to another region that offers a more competitive salary, lucrative fringe benefits package, as well as domestic tranquility and freedom. It is in my opinion, the imported brains that no do most of the job in the USA, while a common, born in America person constitutes middle class and assumes positions low in labor-intensity (Mark Thorns, 2002). Another well-known fact is that the USA is the country that spends the most on the research and development that as a result keeps it on top of the world economically, politically, militarily and technologically, with a large pool of triumphant ideas.

Another argument that truly contributes to the XXI Century Western idea and knowledge dominance on the world scene is the harsh competitive environment the West is so famous for. Having democracy as its system, and free market as its regulating forces, the West (primarily the USA) has been faced with the cut-throat competition for the available resources, national recognition, affluence and ultimately even survival. It is the west that encourages not only superior quality (it is not longer a competitive advantage because almost all firms provide good quality) but also vivid image, famous brand, reliable service, and colorful package. It is the west that employs thousands of image-makers, brand-creators, and service people that work across the clock in order to benefit their companies and to create more wealth for themselves. That is why it is no wonder why Coca-Cola is loved around the globe its brand makers, and marketers create a customized image for each of the regions Coca-Cola works, while it is also the western brands that strive to implant the ideas of value in the minds of customers around the world, and I believe often succeed to the point of wiping out local brands and industries.

It is no wonder that the world knows only about the western newest technologies and ideas, because besides developing something, the harsh competitive market conditions and picky customers require extensive marketing campaigns to be launched to share the information and possibly attract someone to the given idea and service. That is why the companies in the USA spend billions of dollars on the global marketing campaigns to assure an adequate coverage, while at the same time giving the world idea that all good products and ideas wherever implemented or used do originate in the West. In conclusion I would like to say that, the west indeed, seems to be the creator of most knowledge, and profound ideas in the world. Perhaps it is the democracy that allows people compete so harshly that in order to survive a person has to come up with something new on almost daily basis or buy this information from abroad. Perhaps it is the tremendous investments in the research and development that the USA is constantly conducting or the marketing attempts to keep the customers aware of the benefits the US goods give to the customers and with the help of the internet entice them to buy from the USA and contribute knowledge to the USA.

Yet I believe that with the Western industrial, scientific, and political dominance most of the triumphant ideas created and used in the world will originate in the West; if they originate elsewhere, they will be immediately bought up by the west and represented as western triumph.

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Research essay sample on Xxi Century And The Triumph Of Western Ideas

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