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... r basis, but Bart and Homer loath it. A typical Sunday School conversation is as follows: Child: 'Will my dog, Fluffy go to heaven?' Sunday School Teacher: 'No' Other Child: 'How about my cat?' Teacher: 'No, Heaven is only for people. ' Bart: 'What if my leg gets gangrene and has to be amputated? Will it be waiting for me in heaven? Teacher: 'Yes' Bart: 'What about a robot with a human brain?' Teacher: 'I don't know! Is a little blind faith too much to ask for?' (Person) The pastor, Reverend Lovejoy is a hypocrite.

In ' 22 Short Films About Springfield' he leads his dog to the Flanders' yard to go to the bathroom. He praises the dog until Ned Flanders comes outside. He then acts angry and threatens the dog with hell. When Ned leaves, he praises the dog again. (Swartzwelder) In one episode, Homer quits going to church and falls in love with life. He claims to have his own religion so he doesn't have to go to work on holidays, such as the Feast of Maximum Occupancy. In a conversation with Lisa: Lisa: 'Dad, I don't understand, why have you dedicated yourself to living a life of blasphemy?' Homer: 'Don't worry Lisa, if I'm wrong, I'll repent on my death bed. ' (Meyer) The Simpsons is not just an enemy of Christianity, though.

In one episode, where Krusty the Clown is reunited with his father, a rabbi, almost the entire episode is spent making fun of Judaism. Lisa asks Bart, 'Do you know what a rabbi's most valued possession is?' Bart replied, 'I dunno, those stupid little hats. ' Hinduism is constantly joked with by using East Indian, Kwik-E- Mart clerk, Apu Mahasapeemapitalon. Apu is once asked is he is Hindu. He replied, 'By the thousand arms of Bishop, I swear it is a lie. ' Once Homer was in the Kwik-E-Mart: Homer: 'Hey Apu. No offensive, but when they were handing out religions, you must have been on the can. ' Apu: 'Mr. Simpson, please take your jerky and get out and come again!' (Meyer) The average child can acquire a plethora of foul words from one episode.

In 'Flaming Moe's', Bart is 'jinxed', meaning he can't talk until somebody says his name. Homer: 'What is it boy?' Bart: [Grunts] Homer: 'Us anything the matter, my son? Talk to me young man. ' Bart: [Takes a pencil and writes 'Say my name. ] Homer: 'Say your name? Why should I do that, my lad?' Bart: 'Because I'm jinxed damnit!' Homer: [Punches Bart in the arm. ] Bart: 'Ow! What was that for!' Homer: You spoke while you were jinxed, so I get to punch you in the arm!

Sorry, it's the law!' (Cohen) Homer Simpson definitely has the worst influence on children. Once, Homer overheard Ralph Wiggum say the he would do anything for Lisa. In the next scene, Ralph is coating the Simpson's roof in tar. Ralph calls out, 'Mr. Simpson, the tar fumes are making me dizzy. ' Homer, relaxing in a hammock replies, nonchalantly, 'Yeah, they " ll do that. ' Homer fits the genera of the parent who pressures his kid to do well in sports.

In one episode, after Bart scored a winning goal, Homer congratulated him, 'Okay Bart, you won the hockey game. Now, just as I promised, here's your turtle, alive and unhurt. ' Homer got angry at Marge once for spending lots of money to vaccinate Maggie against diseases she doesn't have. His advice on how to get out of jury duty is 'to tell them that you " re prejudiced against all races. ' His self proclaimed, best advice is, 'Sometimes the only way you can feel good about yourself is to make other people look stupid. ' (Groening, 26) Personally, I believe that The Simpsons affects children, but not necessarily in a bad way. Children never hurt themselves mimicking The Three Stooges, nor do they with The Simpsons.

Almost every episode ends with a family that loves each other. Some episodes have answered the question of them affecting children on their own. Once, Marge began to protest Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. Itchy is a psychopathic mouse who's only purpose is to kill and torture Scratchy, a cat. Nearing the end of the episode, Marge realizes that Itchy and Scratchy is not hurting anyone.

They take a satirical view to the situation when a group of mothers try to stop Michaelangelo's David from visiting the Springfield Museum of Art by means that it is pornographic. (Homer and Wolodarsky) Unlike many sitcoms, The Simpsons is more like everyday life. Homer works in a power plant. In many other sitcoms, the father works a popular job, such as an accountant, or with a television studio. The Simpson family is not a wealthy family living in a $ 300, 000 house. Many children can relate to this. (Rebeck, 622) In some cases, The Simpsons is educational. Karen Breeze credits Homer Simpson with saving her 8 -year-old son, Alex's life.

Bence, of Auburn, Washington, says the boy was choking on an orange when his 10 -year-old brother, Chris, used the Heimlich maneuver, which he learned from 'Homer at the Bat', where Homer is choking on a doughnut. Unlike Alex, Homer doesn't receive help and coughs up the doughnut as his co-workers look at the Heimlich maneuver poster. (Dyer, D 3) The Simpsons affects kids, just as anything around them will. Perhaps people fear The Simpsons because they can see a little of The Simpsons in themselves. We all have inner child's trying to get out that behave just like Bart. We all do 'pull a Homer's onetime.

It just happens. The show doesn't make us do it. It just happens. If this world did not have The Simpsons children would behave in the same manner, they just might laugh quite as much.

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