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Assignment # 2 France Home Student # 0171717 April 4, 2005 Dr. David Humbert RLST 2326 EL "Are we alone in the universe?" Scientists have been trying to answer this question for many years. As of now there has not been any rock solid evidence to prove that there is life outside this world, but there is an overwhelming amount of people that believe that there is life. People only believe that there is life outside earth, they don't know there is. It is hard to know that extra terrestrials exist unless a person has an encounter with one. A person named Claude Vorilhon (Rael) had an encounter with an alien and was told that we were all experiments to the aliens.

The alien insisted for him to spread the word of the encounter and build an embassy for the coming of Elohim (the extra terrestrials). This encounter was the start of a UFO cult called Raelian's. This cult has spread all over the world, predominately in Europe, Japan, and Quebec. In this UFO cult, Raelian's, one can wonder what's its beliefs are, what is it about the theology of this UFO cult that could draw so many followers and how some can not accept this religion. This religion started by one man went a long way and caused many controversies along the way. The theology of the Raelian's was given from Vorilhon's extra terrestrial mentor that he met with for six consecutive days for about an hour.

There are eight main beliefs of the Raelian's cult. The first one being that Elohim was the creator of humanity. The alien race was way more advanced than us and they mastered genetics and cell biology well enough to create DNA. They used earth to further studies because of its isolated environment.

First plants were created then animals, then humans. "These human creations of the Elohim were first housed comfortably, being fed and sheltered with no obligations, in the laboratory of the Elohim. However, humans soon proved to possess an aggressive nature, and thus, the Elohim forced the humans out of the laboratory, which was poetically referred to in the Bible as the 'Garden of Eden. " The second belief is the scientific translation of the bible. "Genesis 6: 1 - 2 'And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the Earth and daughters were born unto them, that the Sons of Elohim saw the daughters of men, that they were fair; and they took them as wives... ' Rael states this quote from the bible that it indicates an interbreeding of the Elohim and their human experiments. Many passages in the bible are interpreted more scientifically by Raelian's, such as that we were created with cell genetics rather than a God creating us from his powers. This third belief is that we are living in the age of apocalypse "humanity is now living in a time when it is scientifically advanced enough to understand its origins." Since the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945, Rael said it was at point where we entered the age of apocalypse. The fourth belief is an embassy must be built for the arrival of the Elohim. 'An unannounced and undesired landing would have enormous political, economic, and social repercussions with disastrous consequences worldwide. ' If this embassy isn't built for their arrival, then the welfare of humans may be in danger.

The Elohim will only come to earth when an embassy is built. The fifth belief is that there are infinite levels of life. Our earth is a small particle in the universe as we are a small part of our earth, the living organisms in our bodies are small particles of our body, this cycle continues indefinitely. "Rael's message explains that our Earth is only one atom that forms a miniscule part of a gigantic being. That gigantic being, in turn, is but one individual who lives on a planet that is only one atom of an even larger being, and this structure exists indefinitely. " The sixth belief is that the Raelian's believe in an immaterial God and DNA as the source of Eternal Life... "Rael explains that God is not a being 'with a white beard sitting on a cloud who created humans in his image. ' (Rael 1986: 41) This shows that the Raelian's don't believe in a god that has a material body or form. In the bible, the son of God, Jesus was sent to earth, so we are forced to believe that God has a human form. Many religions believe there is life after death where our soul leaves our body to live an afterlife.

The Raelian's believed that the soul is only in a person as long as the individual is alive, when the person dies, the soul dies as well. .".. it is not the soul, but the recreation of an individual from their DNA that enables eternal life. " They believe that recycling the genetic code after the person dies will enable an eternal life. With the Raelian's strong belief in DNA cloning, the formed and funded a company called Clonaid to try to clone DNA and receive eternal life. The seventh belief is that they believe that a political system should only be governed by the most intelligent people. They believe this because only the geniuses will allow humanity to progress. "'What kind of people allow humanity to progress? The geniuses.

Therefore your world must appreciate its geniuses and allow them to govern the Earth... " (Rael 1986: 85). This type government is called geniocracy by the Raelian's. In geniocracy, "only individuals with an intellect 10 percent above average should be allowed to vote, while an intellectual capacity of at least 50 percent above average would be required to be eligible to hold a governing position. " The eighth and final belief is that the world should be run by only one government based on humanitarianism. As previously mention before, this governing body would only consist of geniuses. "humanitarianism will allow 'individuals to make a fortune for themselves depending on their own merits, but not for their children. " On the Raelians website it says "The Raelians Revolution, the world's largest...

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