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Example research essay topic: Avenge His Fathers Claudius Guilt - 1,054 words

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Shakespeare has created a character in Hamlet that has intrigued literary aficionados and critics for 400 years. A look into the depths of Hamlet shows a character so psychologically complex that no one has created a character to rival him yet any one of us could relate to his feelings, perception and dilemmas. The journey through the intellectual yet simple, courageous yet impotent and complex yet incredibly common character of Hamlet is fascinating to say the least. Intelligent and philosophical, Hamlet is first portrayed as the only person grounded in reality. Hamlet mourns the death of a father while everyone around him is in denial.

Of his own mother, who married his uncle Claudius within a month of his fathers death, he says: O God! A beast that wants discourse of reason, Would have mourned longer. And to his friend Horatio he sarcastically states: the funeral back meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables Grounded in many years of philosophical teaching, Hamlet was trained to take the throne of his father, King Hamlet. One can surmise that he spent many hours working on self-control and quick decision making in the face of chaos. Analyzing each situation so as not to make a rash mistaken decision, pondering the choices and acting only when absolutely sure, Hamlet was untrained and unprepared to contemplate the revenge for the murder of his father. His entire life spent preparing to deal through issues with fairness, taught a Christians unfavorable view of revenge.

He is now faced with a dilemma. It is really not a good versus evil dilemma, it is good versus good. The justification for revenge exists, while the justification for mercy exists. Hamlet as a deer caught in headlights is unable to move. Contemplating his situation so intensely, he is frozen in indecisiveness. Even when the opportunity presents itself as he catches Claudius praying, Hamlet ever the thinker does not want to take Claudius life then because his prayers may have redeemed him and allowed him ascent to heaven rather than a fate in hell.

It has been debated whether this was his true reasoning or rather, Hamlets convenient excuse for inaction. As the play unfolds, a picture of a deeply troubled young man appears. Confused to the point of inaction one moment and brashly prone to brutality the next. He is both what each one of us in our own lives is proud of and shameful of at the same time. Perhaps it is the parallel to our own human existence that endears us to Hamlet in the first place. His moods, thoughts, dilemmas and experiences mirror what we see when we look deep into our own psyche.

We can not help but wonder. Would we be able to carry out the revenge Hamlet so craves? Would we have the same reactions to the painful events he goes through? Could we be a stronger more courteous suitor to the love of our lives while caught in the middle of the whirlwind of deceit and treachery? The questions go on and on, some complex, some simple, but throughout we see the quandaries Hamlet struggles with. We identify with the pain and indecision as we look into ourselves in real life, confusing and blurring the line of reality as we watch Hamlet, the character in a play dealing with issues while we question our own ineptness or strength in the same situations.

In the second act, Horatio tells Hamlet of a Ghost that appears in the form of his dead father. Hamlet goes to meet the apparition not knowing what to expect. The apparition tells Hamlet about Claudius killing his father and that he should avenge his fathers death. Intelligent, intellectual and thoughtful, Hamlet strives to make conscious decisions of right and wrong at every step. How can a man seek revenge when he has been taught not to be vengeful? And on the other hand, how can a crime so heinous go unpunished?

Ever the statesman, Hamlet, not trusting his instincts, needs proof of Claudius guilt before feeling vindicated to pronounce sentence. Ever the intellect, he devises a plan to test the guilt of the accused. Claudius fails the test, proofing to Hamlet his guilt. Once he is sure of Claudius guilt, Hamlet assumes the role of philosopher. His conscience struggling with itself.

Strong of heart, sure of a Claudius guilt and dedicated to the revenge the ghostly image of his father asked of him he prepares himself. Certainly, Hamlet suffers with this internal problem. He sees the army led by Fortinbras, going to war, prepared to die for honor and loyalty. This forces him to ponder his lack of action: How all occasions do inform against me, And spur my dull revenge! What is a man, If his chief good and market of his time Be but of sleep and feed.

A beast no more... O, from this time forth, My thoughts be bloody or be worth nothing. Dedicated to revenge, schemes go through his mind, thoughts of how he will carry out the deed, but he is frozen in inaction. What is it that makes a man so sure of himself, so dedicated to avenge his own fathers murder unable to act?

Is it a character flaw or proof of his true character? I believe this question tore at his soul until his last breath which is prophetically The rest is silence. Characters of today are quick to act, heroes ready at a moments notice to deal with any situation. Is that reality, or does a person go through situations questioning, wondering if he can trust his own mind? One moment violent, the next sarcastic, then next in pensive thought about what to do next.

Hamlet displayed the real emotion of confusion and doubt missing in characters of today. Analyzing each nuance of the situation into exhaustion and inaction. Frustrated by his inability to act on the words he speaks so bravely announces: What an ass am I! This most brave, that I, the son of a dear murdered Prompted to my revenge by heaven and hell, Must like a whore unpack my heart with words, And fall-a-cursing like a very drab, A scallion! Anguishing over his inability to avenge his fathers murder, he is also in another situation. He is courting Ophelia b...

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Research essay sample on Avenge His Fathers Claudius Guilt

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