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Example research essay topic: Kim Dae Jung Nobel Peace Prize - 964 words

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... ip to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. He embraced North Korean President Kim Jong-il. Reunions for families divided by the war's Demilitarized Zone have been allowed. And in Sydney, Australia, the two Koreas marched together in the Olympic Games' opening ceremonies (globalization. about.

com). Kim Dae-jung was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the wonderful work he achieved by mending the wound between the north and south (globalization. about. com). If any other countries were influenced more by the cold war then the United States and Russia it was North and South Korea.

Because of Russias occupancy and influence in North Korea, and the United States occupancy and influence in South Korea, the status, ideas, and views of the North and South differ greatly. Before the Korean War the communist North wanted the reunification of the North and South, which is what is trying to be accomplished today. But their idea was slightly different then the one commonly heard of in the west today. They wanted to take over the south and force them to rejoin the new communist Korea.

North Korea refers to their first leader, Kim Il Sung, as the Great Leader. His home, now a mausoleum for him, was fit for a king. It has fifty-foot-high ceilings, columns, and marble floors. A colossal, bronze statue of the Great Leader sits in the center of the countries capitol, Pyongyang (web). The fall of the Soviet Union brought North Korea with it. North Korea today is a communist dictatorship, isolated, destitute country cut off from modern technology and struggling with severe food shortages (web).

Its primary objective is to get help from South Korea. Whether it is economic, medical, or technological, North Korea needs it all. They see the reunification with South Korea as an opportunity to achieve all of these. They also want US soldiers out of South Korea. This is a relatively new demand. North Koreas acceptance of the idea of unification is evident in their acceptance of South Koreas help, agreeing to connect a railroad between the two countries, and allowing families separated in the conflict to reunite.

But although their life-line could very well be their neighbor to the south, North Korea has still recently been caught spying on South Korea. South Korea seems to almost be a big brother to the north. After being attacked again and again they still offer help. South Koreans say that they are glad to help, but although relations have improved greatly they still hold a lack of trust for the people who have attacked their country, time after time, without warning. The Souths prime directive is to mend the relationship between the north and south. Another huge step they wish to achieve is unification.

South Korea has aided the north many times and no recession of compliance has been foreseen. The steps for reunification have already been set. Progress has been moving along slowly but without major complications. At this point two different paths can be taken for the good of the countries. One: They may remain separate nations but positive relations would continue to improve.

This option would require South Korea to continue to aid North Korea until they could prosper on their own. Two: The countries could unite. But because of North Koreas poor conditions and the great political difference, this would not work anytime in the near future. The first thing you learn about pet fish is that you cannot put them straight from the bag of water you get them into your fish tank because of the different conditions in the water. So a hybrid idea is now put out on the table.

South Korea continues to very publicly aid the north until almost an equilibrium is reached in conditions. This improves relations between the people of both countries. All this time South Korea will inject its government into that of the Norths. When all is done, the two countries can once again be one. This can easily be achieved peacefully, though it may take a very long time. Another idea would be to use the reunification of Eastern and Western Germany as a template.

That scenario greatly resembles the one North and South Korea is in today. One side was semi-communistic, East, and the other was semi-democratic, West. East Germany was also economically depressed, like North Korea. Negotiations were made, benefits and downsides were weighted against each other, and a peaceful unification of Germany occurred. Applying this to North and South Korea, both countries would notice that the benefits would outweigh the downsides. North Korea would be brought out of its depression in turn for adopting a democratic government (already set up and working quite well in the South).

South Korea would gain the fifth most powerful army in the world in turn for helping North Korea get back on its feet. Many decades of Korean history have been dark, but now the people of North and South Korea are beginning to see light. The light is an improving relationship between the countries. This can be accomplished by a process of negotiations ending with unification. Many families were separated by war, but now some of these families have reunited. Many people of both North and South Korea wish to see the family of Korea to be united.

This is quite possible, and it can be done without blood. Work Cited Crossing the Great Divide. Cable News Network. 2001. 10 Nov. 2001. < ttp: // web History of N-S Relations. 10 Jan. 2002 < web Kim Dae-jung Wins Nobel Peace Prize. 10 Jan. 2002 < web Lloyd C. Gardner. "Korean War." Discovery Channel School. original content provided by World Book Online, 10 Jan. 2002 < web Russo-Japanese War Research Society. 1999. 10 Jan. 2002 < web

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Research essay sample on Kim Dae Jung Nobel Peace Prize

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