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Colonists went from considering themselves British subjects to identifying themselves as Americans by the impact of social and cultural maturation of the American colonies. A unique American culture gradually took shape, especially within the dimensions of government, religion, and economics imposed by both the colonists and the mother country. These cultural spheres helped impel the American colonists in the direction of eventual independence and help point the colonists toward a greater sense of American uniqueness. Altogether, innovations in both politics and religion in the colonies encouraged the development of a distinctive American identity. Governmental wise, colonists executed the powers in their charter and exceeded them, as described in Document C.

Also, They have obstructed the execution of the acts of Trade and Navigation obstruct his officers in the discharge of their duty and set up their own naval office In addition, Penns Plan for Union (1697), as expressed in Document F, states, That the several colonies meet once a yearend appointed duties, to debate and resolve of such measures as are most advisable for their better understanding and the public tranquility and safety to consider the ways and means to support the union and safety of these provinces against the public enemies. And Document D, in which it shows the Massachusetts Body of Liberties (1641). It describes the liberties which Massachusetts colonists were under such as No mans life shall be taken away No mans Cancel or goods of what kind soever shall be pressed or taken for any publique use or service No mans person shall be restrained or imprisoned by any authority whatsoever Also, Document H and I, which argue the Rights of the British Colonies and Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress. The Rights of the British Colonies (Asserted and Proved) can be summed as, that civil government is of Gode very man in the dominions is a free many parts of His Majesty's dominions can be taxed without their consent every part has a right to be represented in the supreme or some subordinate legislature the colonies are subordinate dominions and are now in such a state as to make it best for the good of the whole that they should not only be continued in the enjoyment of subordinate legislation but be also represented in some proportion to their number and estates in the grand legislature of the national that this would firmly unite all pats of the British empire in the greater peace and prosperity and render it invulnerable and perpetual.

The Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress (1765) document, states similar ideals. That it is inseparably essential to the freedom of a people, and the undoubted right of Englishmen, that no taxes be imposed on them, but with their own consent, given personally, or by their representatives. On the other hand, The Declaratory Act, as expressed in Document G by British Parliament of 1766, states that, An act for the better securing the dependency of his majesty's dominions in Americans Majesty's colonies and plantations in America, have claimed to themselves the sole and exclusive right of imposing duties and taxes upon his majesty's subjects in the said colonies and plantations; and have in pursuance of such claim, passed certain votes, resolutions, and orders derogatory to the legislative authority of parliament That all resolutions, votes, orders, and proceedings, in any of the said colonies or plantations to make laws and statutes as aforesaid, is denied From this attack on Americans, one can infer that Americans were winning the battle on the governmental issues because of the serious demands of his Majesty. These issues were just one step in forging an American identity. Religiously, most New England colonies were established by Puritan/Calvinist Ministers who were dissenters of the Church of England. Colonists were religiously oppressed in the mother country and wanted to practice their religion without the fear of persecution.

With the freedom of religion, colonists had a common interest that united the American cause: become an independent people by sanctifying themselves from Great Britain. The Mayflower Compact has proof of this as expressed in Document A. Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith The advancement of the Christian faith was in reference to relieving themselves (Puritan dissenters) of religious oppression by a Voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern Parts of Virginia Similarly, Edward Randolphs Condemnation of the Massachusetts Bay Company (1683), as expressed in Document C, states that, They discountenance and discourage members of the Church of England, forcing them under penalties to attend their meetings and accounting all others unlawful assemblies. Having achieved religious freedom, Americans had motivation to work for a uniqueness, that at that time, was unheard of. Economically, the series of disputes with Britain that began in the 1760 s brought a gradual transfer of power from the kings government to the colonists.

This transfer of authority from England to America was led by Samuel Adams, who was a Massachusetts politician who as a radical fighter for colonial independence and economic issues such as the Acts passed by British Parliament. He helped organize the Sons of Liberty and Non-Importation Commission. The Sons of Liberty were comprised of leaders that were drawn from the middle and upper classes, but they tried to extend membership throughout the white adult male population in order to speak for the body of the people as understood at the time. In Albany, New York, the Sons of Liberty adopted careful rules forbidding acts that disturbed the public tranquility or the private peace of any person. Resolutions adopted by the Sons of Liberty always stressed their loyalty to the Crown and desire to maintain the British constitution, which, they said, demanded opposing the unconstitutional Stamp Act.

But the Sons of Liberty had, in effect, taken on responsibility for maintaining the peace, a primary function of government, which left royal officials feeling defenseless, devoid of power, prisoners wholly in the Power of the People. As Hutchinson complained, the authority of every colony is in the hands of the sons of liberty. The transfer of authority progressed further between 1767 and 1770 under the nonimportation associations that answered the Townshend Revenue Acts. Committees responsible for enforcing the associations investigated complaints against alleged violators of the agreements, and then, if the accused were found guilty, imposed sanctions, generally in the form of boycotts. Occasionally, the committees also attempted to regulate prices so that no merchant could make windfall profits on old inventories at the cost of the public. Even the committees language suggested that within the sphere of power defined by the nonimportation agreements, they, not the kings customs establishment, exercised authority: goods imported against the associations were sometimes called contraband, and tea smuggled from Holland could be lawfully sold, but it was a high crime to sell goods from England.

The First Continental Congress also contributed to the transfer of authority in that its purpose was to coordinate the colonies opposition to the Coercive Acts and, above all, to decide whether to inaugurate a new nonimportation movement and, if so, to set its terms so they would be the same everywhere. Before dissolving, the it adopted a colonial bill of rights. It reasserted that Americans had all the rights and privileges of the kings subjects born within Great Britain, denied that Parliament could bind the Americans in any way -- even through trade regulations without their consent, and listed several specific acts of Parliament that violated American rights. Social maturation of the American colonies was achieved through the refinement of domestic life, especially in family situations, as demonstrated in Document E. Concerning the duties of this relation we may assert a few things.

It is their duty to dwell together with one another. Surely they should dwell together; if one house cannot hold them, surely they are not affected to each other as they should be. They should have a very great and tender love and affection to one another Husband and wife should be patient one toward another The husbands government ought to be gentle and easy, and the wifes obedience ready and cheerful. The husband is called the head of the woman.

It belongs to the head to rule and govern. Wives are part of the house and family, and ought to be under the husbands government. Yet his government should not be with rigor, haughtiness, harshness, severity, but with the greatest love, gentleness, kindness, tenderness that may be. Though he governs her, he must not treat her as a servant Parents should act wisely and prudently in the matching of their children. They should endeavor that they may marry someone who is most proper for them, most likely to bring blessings to them. With this idea of a structured family life within the home, I drew conclusions that this is what set forth the sense of American identity; teachings of a strong government, headed by the man and its people, the wife.

Colonists turned the tide against England through government, religious, economic, and social innovations. These rebellions against England gradually gave way to calls for revolution and independence. Colonists went from considering themselves British subjects to identifying themselves as Americans by developing these innovations: working towards a greater sense of American uniqueness. No other country, especially the mother country, had such brotherhood among their land. No other country forged a strong central government in which was successful enough to be carried out through a raging war. No other country was founded primarily concerning the flee from religious oppression.

No other country faced as many trials as America, with the Acts. These tribulations created a strong social bond, which created future governors, ministers, and treasurers; it all starts in the home.

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