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Example research essay topic: Abuse And Neglect Sexually Abused - 1,160 words

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What causes child abuse? There are all kinds of reasons for child abuse. As there are different kinds of child abuse. Such as, physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, and neglect. Abuse occurs in all cultures: High, middle, and low-income, racial, religious, and ethnic groups. However, you will find that it is more common in certain ethnic groups, such as, those below the poverty level.

If a child has unexplained bruises, broken bones, and even cigarette burns, that is physical abuse. Physical abuse can also cause death to the child. No adult has a right to beat a child, no matter what. There are many reasons why a parent or an adult uses physical abuse on a child.

The parent (s) or adult could have come from an abusive home himself or herself. If that is all that the adult was taught growing up, then that is all he or she is going to know. So it will be passed down to his / her children and their children will pass it down to their children. It is an endless chain of abuse. Alcohol and drugs play a big rule in child abuse. The parent (s) or caregiver is already stressed out by a variety of social conditions and when he / she get home from work she / he can start drinking or using drugs, if not both, This can trigger the violent behavior.

Children are even sexually abused. A parent, guardian, relative, or a family friend can sexually abuse them. The age doesn't even matter. There are babies that have been sexually abused as well as teenagers.

Some children cannot or will not tell another adult that they are being sexually abused. It is up to adults to look for signs of sexual abuse, such as physical complaints, fear of certain people or places, withdrawal from family and friends, discipline problems at home or school, self-destructive behavior, depression, and getting involved with alcohol or drugs just to mention a few. Children that are being sexually abused frequently will display certain behavior such as copying adult sexual behavior, having sexual contact with other children or themselves, and showing sexual knowledge through language or behavior. Other signs an adult can look for are unexplained swelling, bleeding or irritation of the mouth, genital, or anal area.

Children that have been sexually abused will have all kinds of emotions that they will be dealing with such as fear of the abuser, fear of causing problems, fear of being taken away from their home, and fear that people will look at them differently. They will also feel anger towards the abuser and feel angry with themselves for allowing it to happen. We as adults need to listen to our children. If they come to us and tell us that they are being sexually abused, you need to remain calm and listen to what the child is saying. Let him / her know that it is not her / his fault that this sexual assault has happen to him / her , he / she are the innocent victims of this tragedy.

We need to respect the child's privacy and not go telling everybody that doesn't need to know what has happened. It will only make it worse for the child, and the child will lose trust in you. Once a child tells you that he or she has been sexually abused, you need to report it to the right authorities and get the child some professional help. Don't pressure the child to talk about it if he or she is not ready. He or she will talk when he / she is ready. It will only make it worse for the child if you force him or her to talk.

Be patient with her / him . And NEVER blame the child for what has happened to him or her. Parent (s) or caregivers also mentally abuse their children, such as yelling, threatening the child, and degrading or humiliating him or her. It may not leave bruises or any physical evidence, but it does lower his / her self-esteem and will scar her / him mentally for the rest of his / her life. The parent (s) or caregiver may not realize he / she is mentally abusing the child; the parent or caregiver may think it is funny, but when it is humiliating and hurtful to the child, it is mental abuse. The old saying, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me" is so untrue.

They do hurt, and they do leave scars. Mental abuse is all about control. Mental abuse can and will carry over to adult life, and the child that is being mentally abused will pass it down to his / her children. Neglect of a child happens more often than we realize. The mother can neglect her unborn child by drinking or doing drugs and by not taking care of herself when she is caring for the child. When the child is born it can be addicted to the alcohol or drugs the mother was using when she was pregnant with the child.

The baby can have complications after he / she is born if the mother doesn't take care of herself while she is pregnant. The parent (s) or caregivers can neglect his / her children by not providing proper medical care, such as if the child gets sick and keeps getting worse and the parent doesn't seek proper medical help for the child. Not spending time with your child is neglect. Your child wants the parent or caregiver to spend time with him / her and play games. Spend time with your child to let him / her know that you love and care about him / her . Let him / her know that he / she is important to you.

Not feeding your child a well-balanced meal is neglecting the child's nutrition. A child needs a well-balanced meal to grow up strong and healthy. Locking a child up in a closet or in her / his room, with the lock on the outside where the child cannot let him / herself out is neglect. How is the child going to grow up with social skills? How will the child know how to act around people if she / he is not around people to learn? How will he / she know what a butterfly is or how a leaf feels if he / she is never let outside to discover all the wonders that life provides?

How will a child know what love is if she / he is not shown love? All of this physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, and neglect need to stop. We as adults need to learn how to control our emotions. When we lose control, it teaches our children to lose control and then they will grow up to neglect their children.

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Research essay sample on Abuse And Neglect Sexually Abused

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