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... books that he had created within this time span he said... It was the most painful thing Ive ever written, that damn book... After that I had to learn to start loving again. (Anthony Burgess author of A Clockwork Orange) Source (Pages 103 / 104 Your Face Here / Ali Catterall & Simon Wells) So from that we see that the story was produced into a novel by a man who thought he was dying, angry and bitter at the world, he wanted to point out and graphically describe all of the planets wrong doings and faults. He did just that, producing A Clockwork Orange which director Stanley Kubrick would go on to make his own, once completed the film would go on to be banned from the UK for almost three decades.

Was it worth it? Yes, would be the conclusion. The film achieved cult status. The more you try and ban something, the more you try and suppress the viewing of it, the more people ultimately want to see it, it is human nature. That is how A Clockwork Orange has survived the test of time through sketchy pirate copies and imported foreign versions, now after years and years of isolation the ban is lifted and you can purchase it on DVD from your local Woolworths, how times have changed.

By todays standards and theories, the film is quite mild, but could still be highly relevant to todays society within its thinking, especially with the rise of theft and violent crimes in this country. Kubrick has also been recognised by the academy in his time. Period drama Barry Lyndon (1975) was nominated for seven academy awards (The most amount of nominations for any Kubrick film). This was a change in direction for Kubrick as his previous two films had been futuristic, only to throw himself straight into a period piece. Despite the nominations Barry Lyndon scored zero with regards to Oscars. The reason for this being One Flew Over The Cuckoos nest which had not only beaten Kubrick's film to best picture but also beaten films such as Jaws and Star Wars (Showing the Lucas and Spielberg train taking an early beating).

The versatility and intrigue continued when five years later he changed genre yet again, delving into a Stephen King novel The Shining (1980). This film was a success within the viewing figures, but critics were not so charming, and the film received no accredited praise. Some say that Kubrick was offered the chance to direct the Exorcist 2 just previous to the beginning of filming The Shining, though this has never been confirmed. This film was described as: - The first epic horror film by Jack Kroll of Newsweek. This film is also famous for another first in moving picture history, that of the Steadicam. The piece of filming equipment invented by Garrett Brown, for which he won a Science and Technical Academy Award in 1978.

This piece of equipment first being used on this horror film, allowing Kubrick more freedom, and his camera crew greater movement to film and create the flowing, eerie scenes down every orifice and corridor of the hotel. This film plays entirely around the theme of a man going mad. It is reported that so horrified with the re-written script and storyline Stephen King proclaimed the director knew nothing about horror controversy following Mr Kubrick yet again. There are visuals showcased throughout the movie that help to depict the haunting aspects of the piece. From the drive to the Overlook to the final chase in the hedge-maze the movie is a feast for the eyes as it is for the mind. The Shining is as psychological as it is horror, toying relentlessly, and expertly with your emotions and expectations throwing something in that's completely unorthodox, keeping the viewer upright and attentive within their seat for the entire film.

Kubrick is constantly described as old school style, which builds an eerie atmosphere by exercising total control over the cinematic environment, manipulating everything down to the tiniest detail to suit the needs of the film, yet filming with a detached, detailed eye, as though he were making a documentary about these events. The next film to discuss within the Kubrick list is Full Metal Jacket this cold, unhappy, harsh film depicts hell on Earth for a group of US Marines. This film portrays what was probably closer to the truth with regards to US / Vietnam War stories, and how the conflict actually went. Poster slogans helped promote this reality bites image: - In Vietnam the wind doesnt blow, it sucks! Vietnam can kill me, but it cant make me care! (Poster slogans from Full Metal Jacket (1987) ) Full Metal Jacket was filmed in England from August 1985 to September 1986. Shooting took just over 6 months but production was shut down for over 20 weeks due to injuries and accidents.

The film was made for $ 17 million. The film ends abruptly, and at first I thought badly. But the way in which the film ends is just how the Vietnam conflict went. It ended bitter and disapprovingly, with nothing really gained, negotiated or solved, a merely expensive (both in human and financial terms) state of affairs. The film is harsh and doesn't turn a blind eye to the atrocities of Vietnam. Commenting on the brutality and sheer horror he has just witnessed, one of the main characters comments that: - The dead only know one thing, its better to be alive (Private Joker played by Matthew Movie) This comment sums up almost the entire atmosphere of the film.

Kubrick films do not only seem to have characters, a storyline and in some cases special effects, but they all seem to have an atmosphere about them as well, they leave you feeling something, it may not be the same thing as the person sitting next to you watching the film, but something none the less. This film earned an academy award for Best Adapted Screenplay, but was unfortunately beaten by Christopher Laptops Dangerous Liaisons, starring Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer. The final film that Stanley Kubrick would ever come to direct would be Eyes Wide Shut (1999) starring (then together) acting couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Just as Full Metal Jacket was, almost this entire film was shot within England, with elaborate and costly sets being constructed and erected within Elstree Studios. The plot goes something like this; Dr. William Harford and his wife Alice have been in a loving marriage for years.

But after a party one night he taunts her by discussing the various times his beautiful female patients have flirted with him. She however reveals to him a steamy but unfulfilled encounter she had with a naval officer sometime ago, this proving to be quite a shock to the young doctor. He soon can't get the images of her and the officer in question making love out of his mind and discovers a variety of overwhelming and frightening temptations which present themselves during his night-time rounds around New York City. There is much within the film to admire, and although the blockbuster fan will not enrapture it, the art-house film reviewer in us all will appreciate Kubrick's final piece. Unfortunately the film flopped at the box office and did not even receive a single nomination at the following Oscars ceremony. However the film produced is a unique piece and will remain the true film that Kubrick would have wanted to make.

Within the context of this question to whether or not Stanley Kubrick could be deemed an auteur, I think the answer is unquestionably yes. Within his (just under) fifty years within the film industry he never once flinched from his standards, and from the way in which he wanted to produce the films in which he was working. During his varied and successful career he stretched himself across many different genres using many different crews, actors and locations, achieving his world of perfection within everything he did, he would not eat or sleep until he was happy with a particular take. He would be the first director to use / debut the now endlessly used Steadicam. He would amaze and intrigue through the use of psychedelic special effects and shockingly accurate images of a yet-to-be-explored (at the time) space around our Earth. He would produce reality TV within his films, endlessly researching his topics, and going on to produce documentary style films that were shockingly real and acknowledged by the people who were there, especially in the case of Full Metal Jacket.

He would also bring controversy and a cult to the youth of Great Britain with the production of a Clockwork Orange. There has been too much press, and too many dedications to this director for him not to be considered an auteur of filmmaking. He never forced his films upon us, and in most cases he never even forced us to accept a conclusion, allowing us merely to make our own minds up, aware that within moving pictures much is given to the images and not a lot to the human mind and thought processes, allowing imagination and intrigue to become a part of viewing again. I would not think of quarrelling with your interpretation nor offering any other, as I have always found it the best policy to allow the film to speak for itself (Stanley Kubrick 1928 1999)

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Research essay sample on Full Metal Jacket Stanley Kubrick

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