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Example research essay topic: Lord Of The Flies Piggy Ralph Jack - 615 words

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Lord Of The Flies is possibly one of the most complex novels of the twentieth century. This complexity and depth is evident when the characters are compared to the psychological teachings of Freud. The book shows examples of this psyche in the characters Jack, Piggy and Ralph and how they change during their time on the island. Towards the end of the eighth chapter it became very apparent that Piggy and Jack both had two very different ideas on how they would survive.

Jack thinks that hunting and having fun is key, Jack is more worried with instant gratification and doesnt worry about what will happen off the island he worries about having fun and living on the island. Piggy is only concerned with keeping the fire lit and getting off the island. Unlike Jack, Piggy believes more in thinking about the future, how they will be saved and how they can endure the time they are on the island. When the fire goes out Piggy cries out at Jack, who was in charge of the fire, You and your blood, Jack Merridew!

You and your hunting! We might have gone home. This shows the extent of Piggy's will to be rescued. As a result of these major differences Jack decides to head down the beach and build a new tribe. He tells the others on the island that with his new clan we hunt and feast and have fun (Chap. 8 p 140) by announcing this he appeals to the childish more uncivilized collection of the kids.

The boys recognized that Jack was a stronger and more self-sufficient chief so many change tribes to become savage and immoral. Several of the boys on the island were more worried with immediate satisfaction then in what was going to happen later. Piggy believes that without Jack that he can thrive. Piggy decides to build a new fire when Jack leaves this represents the return to civilization as well as signifying optimism for a rescue.

In this novel the Freudians concepts of the psyche can be applied to the characters of Piggy Ralph and Jack. The Id, Ego, and Super-Ego are the components of Freudian Psychology. Jack fits into the concept of the Id as it overpowers the Ego and Super Ego. The Id in Jack is seen in his aggressive behaviors, his main goal on the island is to Kill the pig! Cut her throat! Bash her in! (P 69) This quote is clearly violent, Jack kills things for his own pleasure, and he also kills the pig to show power and dominance.

Jack is worried about accomplishing things then and the penalty later. Piggy fits the Super Ego, in the sense that Piggy is logical and proper in his actions, he thinks before he does things. I consider that Piggy would have made the best chief due to his ability in problem solving. Which leaves Ralph to be the Ego, as he is caught between Piggy and Jack. Ralph knows what is right and what is wrong, but at times he became caught up in different things to think about others feelings. When Jack pushes Piggy away and steals his glasses Ralph is there to get them back.

He also has another side when he makes fun of and betrays Piggy by telling the tribe what he was called in school PIGGY. In conclusion the characters in this book undergo tremendous changes and let their true selves out from beneath their civilized manner. The boys on the island go back to the natural state of man. Is man born good and society makes him evil or is man born evil and society makes him good?

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Research essay sample on Lord Of The Flies Piggy Ralph Jack

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