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Example research essay topic: Violence In Wuthering Heights - 714 words

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Violence seems to be a reoccurring encounter in Emily Bronts novel, Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronts reason for using so much violence is to express the emotion portrayed by the characters. Throughout the novel, Heathcliff is in search of revenge and through violence he had a way of getting it. Communication is a big reason for violence, due to the lack of the character ability to verbally communicate. Jealously also give rise to violence because the characters of Wuthering Heights are spoiled. Heathcliff' decides to seek revenge on Hindley by slowly draining away his wealth, land, and health.

Heathcliff fully displays his malice after Catherine dies, the only person who could have saved him. With nothing to lose, he expands his revenge not only to Edgar and to Isabel Linton, but onto the next generation as well, by saying "I have no pity! The more the worms writhe, the more I yearn to crush out their entrails! It's a moral teething; and I grind with greater energy, in proportion to the increase in pain, " (183) he exclaimed. Unlike typical antagonists, who usually have the hearts to realize that they have reached their immoral goals after the victim dies; Heathcliff takes it out on young Catherine and Linton.

He goes so far as to use his own son in the plot of acquiring Thrush cross Grange. Although he does not believe in the devil, Heathcliff has sold his soul to it, while dragging Linton down with him. Not only emotionally tormenting the people around him, Heathcliff is capable of physical harm as well. When Edgar and Linton are about to die, he kidnaps Catherine and forces her to marry Linton, showing that Heathcliff will carry out his threats at desperate times. If Catherine was not there to stop him, he might have killed Hindley as previously planned.

During the novel Heathcliff's whole existence is twisted it into revenge and hate, the forces that drive him into the brink of insanity. Violence, in Wuthering Heights, seems to be from lack of communication. If Catharine would have talked it out with Heathcliff and told him about her feelings then Heathcliff might have reacted so violently to Isabel by The first thing she saw me does to hang her little dogs. (182). Heathcliff might have been at peace if Catharine and he had discussed themselves in a more rational manner before she died. The only way they talk is with yelling, sarcasm, or the always-present violence, You and Edgar have broken my heart You have killed me (191). It is only in death do the characters of Wuthering Heights try to make right in the world, and even then it is usually to late.

Jealously of each other forces them to lash out in violent outbursts. In Wuthering Heights the jealously that raged the highest is over love. Catharine is callous towards Isabel and Heathcliff catches her on it by saying, If I imagined you really wished to marry Isabel, Id cut my throat. (135). Catharine is also jealous over the idea that Isabel is better then herself. When Catharine chided Isabel over her lust for Heathcliff, she retaliated and she began to make use of her nails, and her sharpness presently ornamented the detainees crescents of red. (127). Because Cathy knows of Isabel's lust for Heathcliff and because she knows she had to cut short her own emotions for Heathcliff she told him, She had been dying for your sake for several weeks for the purpose of mitigating her adoration. (127).

The green eye of jealously seem to swallow up the victims of Wuthering Heights and leave behind nothing but a whirlwind of hurt, rage, and sadness. The Violence in Wuthering Heights is still an example for todays society. Violence, in Wuthering Heights, seems to grow, starting in the heart and spreading. Like a virus, throughout the body until it is nothing but old, worn, and black. Where it is always present whether it is in the background or showing its ugly face. While pitting characters vs.

character the one who uses strength and willpower, not violence, usually conquers, showing that peace will always overcome. Emily Bront shows violence at its finest and, in the characters of the book, makes it an equal partner with love. Bibliography:

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Research essay sample on Violence In Wuthering Heights

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