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Example research essay topic: Began To Change Couldnt Move - 1,096 words

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... g boots and we were off. We walked about ten kilometers and there was a route I had to choose either around the mountain is to the left or up the mountain, which is to the right. So I obviously chose the right route where the mountain was very rough up close but from far the view of the mountain was appealing and amazing with the sun rising and the colours of the mountain I could see was a chest nut brown type of colour. The atmosphere was again bustling and lively. And I could only smell the fresh air.

The path was hard for me to walk on. Along the way I got stuck in many muddy holes, which sometimes were impossible for me to get out of. The descent was exhilarating though I reached at the mountain in about an hour from the city, I was really exhausted but strangely I enjoyed doing this. The atmosphere and the smell didnt change it was still the same as I started my journey to keep me fresh. So I rested on a large rock drinking my water for fifteen minutes. For this journey all you actually need is just some good walking shoes or boots and a bag pack full of water bottles.

While I was walking along the way, my mind completely went blank whilst on my journey, I dont know how but time passes by so fast these days. But you dont feel anything. Hours passed and I was day dreaming whilst walking, I felt really exhausting and tiring, I couldnt go on, I ran out of breathe and I couldnt move, I began to fall down slowly and I fainted. When I woke up I saw one of the guiders telling me to rest I resting on a sleeping bag. He lifted my head, which still hurts and gave me water to drink. He said he saw me on the ground lost conscious, so he picked me up and walked for three kilometers.

I thanked him so many times and I regretted it. Because if there wasnt any guiders by then, I would have been lost, worse maybe eaten by an animal. I rested for a half an hour, lying there, sweating so much, as I carry on my journey the atmosphere became really hot and spoilt, I woke up in a place surrounded by hard sand, small plants and little hills. The atmosphere began to change into an eerie type. I got up thinking I was ready but I was wrong, my head still hurts and just rested and sat on a huge rock beside me.

And I was really thirsty. As I got the water bottle out of my bag and started drinking it all of a sudden I saw this rattlesnake crawling towards and besides me with its tail sounded like a South American musical instrument. I was really horrified and shocked. I couldnt move! The other guider told me to stay quiet and calm, and not to be afraid of it, as he crawled slowly towards the snake very quiet and straightly grabbed the snake extremely fast and threw it away. It was a beautiful snake with its skin striped with chestnut brown, emerald green and jet-black.

I stood up and continued my journey. When I was walking along my journey, I felt so relaxed and unwind as the atmosphere and the weather began to change into a light-hearted and cosy type. And I always forget my everyday problems I had. While I was walking I felt so secure, excited and exhilarated all at the same time. I have experienced the beauty of nature and I find it spiritually uplifting. After three hours of walking I stopped onto an area that was so different and unique then the last couple of hours I have been walking.

It was an area, which was so colourful, vibrant, bright and glorious, and the same time. I reached my bag and got out my water bottle, and I drank for a bit. As I was drinking I walked a few paces towards and I sat down on a steep, flat rock. I looked around very amazed why this was different than the other places. I looked around again, I was surrounded by lots of palm trees all around me and on the right of me there was a small pond, and on the left of me there was soft, light chestnut brown san and the atmosphere was safe, awe-inspiring and very lively. The place was very beautiful.

I just figured out that I just ended my journey. So one of the guiders came up to me very slowly and said that my journey have ended and we should be getting ready because the jeep is coming on its way. So I wet myself in the pond and I dried myself with the towel and I put everything back in my bag. You can hear the sound of the wind and eagles flying about in the sky. Finally the jeep came the guiders went in and I stood there outside to have a glimpse of the mountain one last time, then I went in the jeep and we drove off.

We drove passed a small forest where the atmosphere is sophisticated and you hear the sounds of animals such as monkeys then we reached to another city. I was very hungry and extremely tired so when we reached the hotel I straightly went to the restaurant, after all the staff of the company who gave me this trip to Chile congratulate me in my attempt, and I ate all these spicy food but I forgot what theyre called again but it was very delicious. After that I went up I m my room in the hotel and slept straightaway. Mountain walking is very healthy but can be very tiring.

I recommend this journey to people who gets stressed in their works easily and people who gets many problems everyday so he / she can get away from it because this journey is going to be very relaxing and will make them unwind and comfort them. Or to people who wants to do something different in their life and want something very adventurous. I had so much fun in this trip and I felt like an out going type of person, which I am not. I wish you were there with me so we both would have even more fun together.

I loved this journey because I felt very RELAXED! ! Best wishes, Hussein

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Research essay sample on Began To Change Couldnt Move

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