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Edited Reality: A Look into Mtv's The Real World My life can not go on. How can I continue to live when I realize that we pass stereotypical, trendy garbage off as respectable American television? My goal is not to rain on anyones parade, but upon reviewing Mtv's The Real World I felt sick to my stomach. This show is everything we dont want people to know about American youth This show portrays 18 - 23 year old young adults as emotional head cases. The Real World takes every stereotype a person could ever imagine and exploits it.

If the show really wanted to show reality MTV would not edit it to turn it into a complete and total soap opera. The only thing real about Mtv's The Real World is the REAL nice house these kids are living in for free because they got REAL lucky. Opposite the belief of MTV, young adults do have problem solving skills and the ability to think rationally. After a while I found it a little ridiculous to see three separate people cry about three different things in one hour... For those of you who arent familiar with the show it is set up as follows. Mtv's The Real World is a reality-based show about seven strangers who are made to live in a house together.

MTV chooses contestants from completely different walks of life to attempt to stir up conflict as often as possible. For example, this season in New Orleans they chose a Mormon girl who attends Brigham Young University to an openly gay man to a black guy from Chicago, this shows covers all the possible bases during casting. As the shows popular opening saying goes, Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The problem is that I watched two half-hour episodes and barely saw anything I could deem real. If it wasnt someone breaking into tears because they have been so close-minded all of their life, it is someone explaining their everyday hardships.

If the goal of the show is to have constant drama in the house MTV succeeded, but if the goal was to interest viewers I would have to give them a C-. I felt like they needed me on the show just to slap every one of these kids and show them how ridiculous they have all acted for the past five months. Is it possible to consistently cry when you are living in a wondrous house in downtown New Orleans in the midst of Mardi Gras? When you dont have to pay rent and are surprised with such novelties as a vacation to South Africa? I understand that people are going to occasionally get upset in any situation. I also think that most of these real heart to heart confessionals with the camera are a surefire way to get on television and eventually become famous.

With the successes of past Real World cast members such as Eric Nies and Teck Holmes (both were hosts of MTV shows), some Real World cast members may use their spot on the show to further their careers. As anyone could point out, the more you cry the more you make it onto the air. I can not handle Mtv's blatant use of stereotypes. MTV tends to portray every one of these young adults as sex-crazed, except for innocent Mormon Julie, of course. In the first episode I watched the Mormon is portrayed as so nave that she seems stupid. I dont care who you are or where from, no one in this country is as nave as they portray Julie to be.

One of the most disturbing stereotypes is how they portray David, the African-American guy from south Chicago. For years MTV has painted the picture of black males to be womanizing and confrontational, they did it one more time. MTV knows that they are picked up by a prominent young audience, the responsible thing to do would be to try to break stereotypes. MTV doesnt stop with black men; gay men also get portrayed in a negative light. MTV may not know this, but not all gay men are horny and promiscuous.

Danny, the twenty-two year old gay guy in the house has a boyfriend back home. He decides not to stay faithful and then blames it on the alcohol. I believe the exact line he says is, you know it is so hard for people to be alone. Five months away from your mate does not excuse cheating on someone, but I'm glad we are making that so unclear to Americas youth. The final stereotype is Mtv's most common. The minority female who has been oppressed every minute of her natural life and therefore feels the need to bring up her past every chance she is given.

Melissa fits into this category. She is part Asian and part African-American, and lets everyone know it at least twice a day. I understand that MTV casting wants certain kinds of people, but when it only pushes Americas fight against racism, sexism, and sexual freedom backwards MTV must take some responsibility. Did MTV ever want this show to be real?

Maybe. There was a time when Jerry Springer wanted a real talk show, too. The ultimate mind changer was the obvious fact that drama brings ratings. When I say drama I mean debate, arguing, and clashing opinions.

Mtv's The Real World is a great idea, but the editors make it into a young adult soap opera with bad actors and even worse camera work. When the show first appeared in 1990, It was an experiment. No one knew how it would turn out, especially the house guests. It grabbed Americas attention with its voyeuristic filming style and college kids who were just there for a free house. As you can see, the situation has changed on both sides of the camera. We never see the house guests living their normal lives.

The editing has gotten so obscene that every time you turn the show on someone is either crying or throwing something. The house guests are in it for the wrong reasons and I think the audience is in it for the wrong reasons, as well. When the show first originated people watched it because they were interested to see how diverse people would survive in a house together for six months. At some point, we now want to see who will be the first person kicked off for not fitting into the group or who will be the first guest to throw a fist.

We never experience these people with jobs, true love interests, or the problems of everyday people in that age group. Mtv's The Real World is not even close to reality. MTV shapes characters to fit into a certain mold that they know they want from the start. The show alienates blacks, homosexuals, and women for ratings and people continue to be intrigued year after year.

How real is a life where you have a free car, a free house, and no job. If thats the real world then let me in because Im pretty tired. The characters that you see on tape are not the same as the real life people. They have been shaped, molded, cut, and pasted to fit the MTV profile of interesting cast members. People my age do not always let their emotions run their lives as The Real World likes to pretend.

I think most of us would have a hard time crying at a free house during Mardi Gras. Also, by watching this show you are accepting the bigotry that MTV persistently displays. Lastly, you might as well watch a soap opera with trained actors, because the editors can make this show into whatever they want. I dont mean to ruin anyones opinion of Mtv's The Real World, but I do believe that everyone has the right to know what he or she is watching.


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Research essay sample on Edited Reality A Look Into The Real World

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