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Example research essay topic: U S S Aircraft Carrier - 1,177 words

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... Hemmer said that my name was in the TH for Rugby. I didn't see it maybe Michelle still has it. His Dad told him it was in there on Mon.

so she may still have it. I'll have to give her a call. I really love to play. But I think that I was playing with a little hesitation though. I don't want to get hurt and have a hugh med bill to pay! Can you send that phone # to me.

I'll try to get a hold of them here. Thanks! BR "Congratulations, folks! You are the winners of a breathtaking six-month trip of sailing the pacific. " In the usual course of events, most people would dive in on the chance to sail the Pacific for free. However, as we are all aware, free doesn't always mean free, as I was soon to find out. At the time of this deployment, I was aboard the U.

S. S Cleveland serving as a member of the 1 st Reconnaissance Battalion in the United States Marine Corps. Realizing that the taste of fear was rushing though my veins, I soon learned the price of our trip. A SAM (what does the SAM stand for? I would put that in parenthesis here) site had radar lock on our ship. I soon learned the price of our trip.

Realizing that the taste of fear was rushing though my veins as a SAM site had radar lock on our ship. BR (1) It was another gorgeous summer morning aboard the U. S. S. "Steaming' Cleve." We had merely commenced to sailing onto the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf. I can remember going out on the flight deck after an early breakfast of fresh fruit and a bowl of corn flakes. I had to get outside to catch what would be my (our) {use either my or our as long as you write in the same person for the full paper} final sunrise in the Gulf, as I often did with some of my friends.

We would watch anxiously (I think I would say anxiously watch, but I don't think it really matters, the adverb should be able to go either before or after the verb) as the new day began. We were one day closer to returning safely to the States and to our loved ones, who we had been away from for a challenging six months. Six months is the standard duration of a West Pacific deployment. Our stops along the way included Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, United Arab Emigrants, Kuwait, Bali, Perth and Hawaii.

It was leaving Kuwait and sailing South to Bali were we encountered our life or death situation. BR (2) Captain -- - - ordered the petty officer on watch to sound the alarm signaling General Quarters. General Quarters, or as the crew called it, "GQ" stood for manning your battle stations. Informed of the situation at hand, the Navy personal assumed their respective positions without delay.

Every sailor on the ship has his or her own specific task to perform, from monitoring radars, maintaining communication, performing weapon checks to damage control. There are many others as well, each one as important as the next. Each crew member is extremely acquainted with their task. The Captain runs one or two false alarm drills a week. There are a variety of drills to practice, including fire, man overboard and GQ, to name a few. Their ultimate mission is keeping the ship afloat at any cost.

Marines on board muster in their respective berthing areas, remain calm and let the sailors carry out their duties. Berthing areas are simply how the Navy refers to living quarters. After a brief amount of time, the skipper's voice came up over the loud speakers. He informed us that this was not a drill at all, but an actual warning.

He went on with a brief situation report, informing us of a surface to air missile (SAM) site located on the Southern coast of Iraq. This SAM site had turned toward our ship and obtained a radar lock on us. Captain informed us that he had contacted the aircraft carrier in direct support of us, notifying them of our situation and asking for their assistance in neutralizing the immediate threat. Meanwhile, in our berthing area, we were discussing the irony of how at one moment in time you can feel safe and secure, like nothing can touch you, then at the flip of a switch, you are praying to God and hoping that someone will come to your rescue.

BR (3) In the war room aboard the aircraft carrier, the Captain issued the order to launch two F- 18 's that were on five minute strip alert. The pilots quickly climbed aboard their fighters and prepared for our rescue. I can imagine the adrenaline accelerating throughout their bodies as they performed their preflight checks. Fully loaded and ready for any obstacles in their way, the best fighter pilots in the world were good-to-go. Within a matter of minutes, both fighters were in the air screaming over our heads, closing in on the SAM site.

During this time, the U. S. S. Cleveland had launched one UAV into the air over the SAM site.

UAV's are unmanned spy planes with a wing span of only six feet and operated by a remote control system aboard the ship. These planes are remarkably stealthy and are armed only with extremely high powered video cameras. Using these extremely high powered video cameras, the UAV was able to stay clear of the F- 18 's and capture the event on video as it unfolded over the SAM site. Later in the evening, after things had came down some, Captain played the video captured by the UAV.

It was an amazing sight to see, as the F- 18 's were coming in on their approach one behind other. We were surprised to see a truck pulling up to the SAM site. The driver must have heard the fighters over-head and decided quickly to turn around and head out of the danger area. Next we saw a huge cloud of smoke as the two fighters had hit the target directly with a couple two-thousand pound bombs.

As the smoke cleared there was no sing of the SAM site. We could, however, see the truck driving off in the distance. As I watched the tape, I realized that the men aboard the U. S.

S. Cleveland were not the only ones to escape tragedy on this day. BR (Conclusion) As we pulled out of San Diego and started our journey it sounded like a magnificent opportunity to do some exploring to me. I never thought that we were going to be in any serious danger. I am often reminded that there are people out there who struggle everyday with danger.

I believe that it was a good experience as a whole. You really learn a lot about yourself and others when forced into a tough situation Bibliography:

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Research essay sample on U S S Aircraft Carrier

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