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  • Collective Bargaining Agreement Trade Union
    1,650 words
    The following are the main provisions in the Act. TRADE UNION RECOGNITION The new legislation will allow Trade Unions to seek collective bargaining rights with employers in certain circumstances. Independent trade unions can exist in organisations employing 21 or more workers, if that is the wish of a majority of the workforce. The procedure seeks to encourage voluntary agreements where possible. However sometimes Trade Unions and Employees cannot reach an agreement, in these cases the decision ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: collective bargaining agreement, disciplinary action, labor organization, trade union, part time
  • Violent Scenes V Chip
    1,392 words
    ... rogram ming. He also pointed out that a network loses anywhere from $ 250, 000 to $ 1 million every time it airs a movie with a viewer discretion advisory. He was also quoted "It is not the role of network television to program for the children of America... Televisions obligation is not (to be) the nation's baby-sitter. " Barry Diller who was quoted by Frank Rich of the New York Times does not support this view that television has no public service responsibility. Diller thinks the V-Chip i...
    Free research essays on topics related to: v chip, clinton administration, television violence, violent scenes, television programs
  • Human Resources Department Twelve Months
    1,747 words
    The purposes of this procedure are - &# 9679; to ensure consistent and fair treatment of disciplinary and performance issues &# 9679; to help and encourage employees to achieve and maintain appropriate standards of conduct, attendance and job performance 1. The purpose of this document is to set out the company's current procedure for the handling of disciplinary matters. It does not confer any contractual rights. 2. The procedure applies to all employees, but not during the probationary period ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: level one, six months, human resources department, twelve months, takes place
  • Collective Bargaining Collective Agreements
    1,029 words
    Trade union or also called Labour union is an association of labourers in a particular trade, industry, or plant, formed to obtain by collective action improvements in pay, working conditions, and social and political status. Even with more workplace agreements in force in our modern Australian environment, unions are stilled needed to serve many other purposes. With more workplace agreements, many of them could overlap with some of the purposes of a union. But as many agreements as there can be...
    Free research essays on topics related to: trade union, collective agreements, working conditions, vocational education, collective bargaining
  • Sir David Cardinal Denies Working For Darlington Day
    761 words
    Timeline of Events in The Remains of the Day 1899 (Approx. ) All within a short length of time: Stevens' brother killed in South African War; Father has incident about car; Father must be butler to general. (40) 1914 Darlington in Great War (WWI), along with Herr Bremann 1920 (towards the end of the year) Darlington makes the first of a number of "disturbing" trips to Berlin. 1920 's (at the start of the twenties) Given's Wax disappears, and leads to excessive silver polishing. Hayes Society exe...
    Free research essays on topics related to: miss kenton, kenton, approx, sir, evening
  • My Vision Of 21 Century India
    1,952 words
    MY VISION OF INDIA IN THE 21 ST CENTURY. In a bid to provide my vision for and of India in the 21 st century, I put forward my perception, views and opinions under different topics and also issues and roles of different institutions and individuals. I propose to provide an ideal situation for our country in the 21 st century by following a concept called Applied Politics. I feel it as appropriate in the sense that my concept of politics is to solve the problems of the day through intelligent gov...
    Free research essays on topics related to: police stations, enforcement agencies, political leaders, 21 st century, age of 15
  • 16 Th Century Form Of Government
    1,548 words
    Machiavelli, More, and Richelieu all at one point or another occupied a high post in their respective governments: Italy, England, and France; from such a vantage point, or rather in the case of Machiavelli after descending from office, each identified the ills existent in his given state and derived his own remedy for such ills. However, the efforts of Machiavelli and More proved less fruitful in the short run than did Richelieu's; while Richelieu raised the state of France under Louis XIII to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: material wealth, form of government, charles viii, machiavelli, 16 th century
  • Power Of The Australian Senate
    1,358 words
    The Senate has assumed a position of power and importance in the Australian Parliament System far beyond what was envisaged by the founding fathers in 1901 The Senate is one of the two houses of the Australian Federal Parliament. It consists of 76 Senators, twelve from each of the six states and two from each of the mainland territories. It has virtually equal power to make laws with the other House of Parliament, the House of Representatives. Senators are elected by proportional representation,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: upper house, minor parties, founding fathers, house of representatives, proportional representation
  • Stress At Work Symptoms Of Stress
    962 words
    Stress in Business What do we know about stress in organization? I think that we heard more than once about stress in business. But what do we know about it? What causes it and what are the consequences of the stress? I will to give answers to these questions using the article Stress at work by Alan Martin. Nowadays creating of high performance is very popular. Companies work in a very competitive environment and they will do anything to survive. A high performance organization is a very intrica...
    Free research essays on topics related to: symptoms of stress, stress at work, high performance, employers, work stress
  • Point Of View Treated Unfairly
    1,585 words
    United Kingdom Law. Case Analysis What happened in the case of Jeremy, a computer systems operator was highly inappropriate not only according to the British and international laws but also from the point of business ethics. Jeremy's assistant Lucinda had violated the law two times when firing Jeremy without notice and discriminating against his old age. The assistant manager had also misrepresented the legal information regarding the dismissal program at the company and therefore also violated ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: treated unfairly, assistant manager, legal framework, point of view, sexual harassment
  • Public School System Van Der
    3,137 words
    Clinical Supervision in Todays Schools CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to present the definition of clinical supervision and some basic concepts that are currently being used in the clinical supervision of public schools today. By having a clearer understanding of these definitions and concepts, prospective supervisors in public education will be better equipped to do their jobs. Problem Statement A situation has occurred due to the ever-in...
    Free research essays on topics related to: van der, public school system, clear understanding, staff development, education digest
  • Court Of Appeal Starting Point
    1,834 words
    In order to claim a redundancy payment an employee must first establish that he has been dismissed and second that the dismissal is for reasons of redundancy. This will encompass all aspects of the decision, therefore it brings in contractual issues in relation to the dismissal as well as in relation to the definition of redundancy. In Saunders v Earnest A Neale Ltd (1974) the employees conducted a work to rule and eventually the factory closed down. It was held that the dismissals were not for ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: employer, redundancy, starting point, alternative work, court of appeal
  • Period Of Time Waiting Room
    659 words
    ESSAY BEGINS: Master of Zoul Looks back in Time During second period math class, the PA comes on. I hear David Higgins to the office for an early dismissal, Please. Being as I was only in the second grade, I rushed to the office, only to see my God Mother waiting for me. She tells me that we have to go pick up my other two brothers at pre-school. I asked her why, but, she only responded with Ill explain later. So I followed her to the car and hopped in. We rushed to Mitzvah, where the pre-school...
    Free research essays on topics related to: waiting room, waiting, brothers, period of time, pre school
  • Period Of Time Waiting Room
    674 words
    Personal Writing About My Mother And Her Personal Writing About My Mother And Her Stay In The Hospital Personal Writing About My Mother and Her Stay In the Hospital by Master of Zone During second period math class, the PA comes on. I hear David Higgins to the office for an early dismissal, Please. Being as I was only in the second grade, I rushed to the office, only to see my God Mother waiting for me. She tells me that we have to go pick up my other two brothers at pre-school. I asked her why,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: period of time, block, brothers, pre school, waiting room
  • Democratically Elected Prime Minister
    1,433 words
    Was the Governor General right to argue that he had the constitutional authority to dismiss the Whitlam Government or was Whitlam correct in arguing that the principle of responsible government should prevail? On the 11 th November 1975, the Australian Governor General, Sir John Kerr, dismissed the federal Government of Gough Whitlam and commissioned Opposition Leader Malcolm Fraser as Prime Minister. The dismissal and the events leading to it clearly demonstrated the friction between constituti...
    Free research essays on topics related to: governor general, prime minister, democratically elected, opposition leader, chief justice

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