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Free research essays on topics related to: different perspective

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  • Mixed Blood - 677 words
    The question of race has been a long debated topic that still has not been answered. Jeffrey Fish embraces this issue in his writing entitled, "Mixed Blood." The document opens by proposing the question of "What is race?", then breaking it down into smaller factions. The two lesser questions that are formed instead are: "How can we understand the variation in physical appearance among human beings? How can we understand the kinds of racial classifications applied to differences in physical appearance among human beings?" The preliminary hypothesis determined is that race is a myth and does not really exist. Yet, Fish chooses to expand on various possibilities that may lead to other conclusio ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mixed, different perspective, different cultures, south america, sunlight
  • Manets A Bar At The Folies Bergere - 1,248 words
    Manet's painting, A Bar at the Folies-Bergre, was an integral factor in the rise of a new era in art; through the emergence of a contemporary Parisian city, Modern art began to flourish during the late 1800's. Being a painting of extreme complexity and ambiguity, many art critics have commented on the formal aspects of the painting, as well as the social reactions to this specific, and novel form of art. The purpose and meaning of the mirror behind the lady and the disparity of reality versus reflections, pose immense controversy and are discussed in Robert Herbert's essay, Impressionism: Art, Leisure, & Parisian Society, Bradford R. Collins, Twelve Views Of Manet's Bar, Jack Flam's "Looking ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: social status, modern life, male female, capture, incredible
  • Meursault As The Stranger - 1,782 words
    ... l service, and not even knowing his own mother's age proves to be outrageous when compared to the average human being's social and moral standards. But the fact is Meursault is not the average human being. Helene Poplyansky beautifully explained this when she said: Meursault is far from social convention or intellectual problems; what counts for him are his own sensations and desires. He is an outsider not only for others but also for himself. He looks at himself without trying to analyze his actions and their consequences. (Poplyansky 80) By acting the way he did, Meursault almost forced his image as a stranger upon himself. Also, the closest thing to a friend that Meursault had was Ray ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: meursault, stranger, contributing factor, simple life, silence
  • Reformation Of Kikuji Mitani In Thousand Cranes - 1,657 words
    "Thousand Cranes" by Yasunari Kawabata ILLUSTRATE THE ROLE WHICH MRS OTA AND HER DAUGHTER FUMIKO PLAY IN BRINGING ABOUT THE REFORMATION OF KIKUJI'S CHARACTER TO COME TO TERMS WITH HIS PAST. IN WHAT WAYS (IF ANY) DOES THIS HELP HIM BECOME A BETTER PERSON? Kawabata's "Thousand Cranes" is a novel that puts little emphasis on story lines, placing more value on emotions, reflections, symbolism and such. The rather crude (at first sight) plot of this complicated piece of Japanese literature is concentrated on a tangled web of relationships of the past, riddled with jealousy, insecurity and deep mistrust. Kikuji Mitani, the main character, has grown up watching many of these triangular and adultero ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: reformation, different perspective, japanese literature, main character, embarrassment
  • Mergers And Acquistions - 1,124 words
    ... corporation considers are particular business areas, products and services desired. The buying corporation does research to find out all about the target company. This research is done by making telephone contact, correspondence and by speaking with third parties (notes). If things are looking good, a meeting between the two corporations will be arranged. Next comes acquisition planning, the fourth step in the process. In planning, top management must consider location, price range, profitability, return on capital employee, and image compatibility. A very important factor taken into consideration at this time is the scope of integration. It is important to examine this factor because i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mergers, mergers and acquisitions, auto industry, case study, acquisition
  • Marketing Is Marketing - 1,102 words
    "Marketing is marketing, irrespective of the product or marketplace". This is a theme common to many introductory marketing texts and degree courses. The two most common exceptions cited to this proposition are buying behavior models between consumers and business buyers and the extended ingredients of the services marketing mix. While the overall sentiments of marketing hold true across product and market boundaries, perhaps the differences are in fact more marked? Intends to spark some discussion pertaining to the extent to which marketers can safely generalize when discussing the nature and characteristics of marketing. Are we correct in offering students and in-company training program g ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: basic marketing, business marketing, industrial marketing, marketing, marketing communications, marketing research
  • Willy Loman - 1,606 words
    Willy Loman Compared with other Characters Literary Journalists have spent lots of time researching different characters in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, and have focused primarily on Willy Loman, since he is the most complex character in the play. There have been many different theories about the relationship between him and the other characters of the play. Certain Journalists have gone beyond that point and have compared him with other characters. These comparisons allow the reader to see Willy from a different perspective, which also allows the reader to understand the position of Willy Loman. D. L. Hoeveler has explained Willy's standpoint to the other characters in Death of a Sa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: loman, willy, willy loman, fictional character, good idea
  • The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn - 782 words
    St. Gregory of Nyassa stated, It is absolutely necessary that the soul should be healed and purified, and if this does not take place during its life on earth, it must be accomplished in future lives. St. Gregory is saying that during a persons life, he must find a way to restore and clean his soul, if not in his first lifetime then in his next. In order for a person to purify and heal his soul, he must like himself for who he really is and not someone he pretends to be. During some peoples lives they find a way to like themselves. Other people have to be reborn several times before they learn to like themselves for who they really are. There are many examples of this in Mark Twains novel Th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adventures of huckleberry finn, finn, huckleberry, huckleberry finn, the adventures of huckleberry finn
  • A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings - 1,239 words
    Sometimes it takes a different perspective for someone to see the reality of how things are handled, and Marquezs insights into the way "Mainstream Religion" has dragged God and Christianity through the mud to the point of non-recognition. This is illustrated by Pelayo and Elisendas not even seeing the wings in the beginning. My end goal here is to bring out this wonderful storys points and compare them to mainstream religions fallacies. The description of the weather when the Angel is found very vividly paints a picture of the mood in Pelayos house that day. "The world had been sad since Tuesday." Is the text, while Elisenda had been nursing a sick child that they feared might die. The sea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: enormous wings, very old man with enormous wings, sporting events, john 3:16, inexperienced
  • Complete Philip Morris Marketing Analysis - 5,173 words
    ... or substitutes that would provide a healthier alternative. Philip Morris was the first company to take a step in the right direction by introducing Marlboro. The filtered cigarettes were believed to be healthier and reduce the chance of developing cancer. Since then, more companies have introduced their own version of a healthier cigarette. Tobacco companies introduced such innovations as light and ultra light cigarettes. Light cigarettes are made with less tar; ultra lights have almost no tar in them. The concept of light cigarettes opens up the field of opportunity for smokers. They can now be more health conscious when choosing a cigarette, but light cigarettes can still cause cancer. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: current marketing, marketing, marketing analysis, marketing programs, marketing strategy, morris, philip morris
  • Hannibal - 1,061 words
    Hannibal, a Carthaginian general and one of the greatest generals that ever lived was renown for his strategies and courageousness, such as crossing the Alps and using the bottleneck strategy at Lake Trasemene. He used strategies that a lot of generals at this time, especially Roman generals, would never think of and in doing this he almost destroyed the Roman republic. Hannibal's first battle took place when he was only nine. He went on an expedition with his father, Hamilcar Barca, to conquer Spain. From the beginning Carthages push into Spain, Hannibal vowed eternal hatred for Rome; Hannibal became Commander in Chief of Carthages army when he was 26 after his father was assassinated. His ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hannibal, ancient world, turning point, northern italy, hatred
  • Greenberets - 1,015 words
    History 14 - Professor Barbara M. Kelly As I thought about my question, What role does the media play, in war?; I wondered how the best way to present this topic. One book that I read to help get a feel of the meaning of the Vietnam conflict was The Green Berets, by Robin Moore. The more and more I read this book, I started to analyze it in a different perspective. This book in fact had everything to do with my proposed question and I will show you why. I also intend to contrast the styles used in both the Vietnam conflict and the Gulf War. In order for me to best depict what The Green Berets means, we must first learn how this book came to be. But even before that I must begin by letting th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: free speech, gulf war, news service, dessert, armed
  • Poetry Is - 1,597 words
    In what sense and how far is the genius master of his madness? For it goes without saying that to a certain degree he is master of it, since otherwise he would be actually a madman. For such observations, however, ingenuity in a high degree is requisite, and love; for to make observation upon a superior mind is very difficult. --Kierkegaard, Fear and Trembling Madness in great ones must not unwatch'd go. Poetry is not inspiration. Poetry is neither reasonable, irrational, or a result of some sort of mania. Poetry is language through which the writer affects and as a result the reader is affected. Within this, one finds a cause and effect relationship. Plato, in Ion, refers to the poet as, "a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: poetry, waldo emerson, cause and effect, different perspective, deny
  • Big Brothers - 1,728 words
    In 1903 a man by the name of Irvin F. Westiemer encountered a young boy in an alley. This boy was searching for food in a garbage can. This unfortunate sight inspired him to organize an agency, which would be responsible for providing little boys who have no father figure, a male role model. This concept led to the creation of Big Brothers in the early 1900s. Irvin F. Westiemer is responsible for a non-profit, North American wide, private social service. The theory of introducing a male role model to one of these young boys, who have gone without, is to make a dramatic change in self-esteem, trust and the ability to hold a strong bond between friends. Since established in Canada in 1913, the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: big brother, little brothers, mission statement, advisory committee, canadian
  • Beowulf Vs Aliens - 1,144 words
    A Comparison of Beowulf, Alien, and Aliens: It would never occur to one to compare the great medieval tale Beowulf with the Common Era horror films Alien and Aliens, but in doing so you uncover some very striking similarities. Beowulf is the story of a Geat who upon hearing of the horrific doings of this monster figure named Grendle, sails to Hrothgars land and prepares to do battle with the Grendle. Alien is the tale of a group of navigators on a space craft who receive an unknown signal from what is thought to be a possible wrecked ship, but what they find is much more horrific. In a way, the two stories start off rather similar, there is a distress signal from a distant place and the two ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aliens, beowulf, different perspective, horror films, blow
  • Renting Vs Buyng A Home - 1,588 words
    Should I sign another lease or take the plunge and buy a place I can really call home? This is a question that millions of Americans ask themselves everyday. This question is also an important one for me, as I am currently trying to make this decision. To answer this question consumers need to consider a few factors. A couple of these factors that need to be considered are their lifestyles and financial situations. According to the 1990 United States Census, there are approximately three million people in the state of Texas that live in owner-occupied housing and slightly over two million that live in renter-occupied housing. There are numerous reasons that people may choose to rent over act ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first home, home ownership, national home, renting, different perspective
  • French Rev - 1,404 words
    The boulevards were like all the other streets, brilliantly illuminated, with immense numbers of people walking up and down on this late February evening. Men, women, and children were rejoicing, as the terrible struggles of the day had ceased. Near the Hotel des Capucines there was a heavy force of military troops, who''s main purpose seemed to be directing traffic. All was tranquil for some time; presently a column of unarmed students and artisans marched down the boulevard singing. Suddenly a shot echoed throughout the city, an entire squadron of troops charged the crowd with muskets blazing and swords drawn. Percy B. St John was an eyewitness to the events herein described; the following ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: french government, french monarchy, french revolution, french society, american heritage
  • The Comic - 1,340 words
    1.Irony. The use of words to express a different meaning than they are used for literally. In Shakespeares play Twelfth Night he incorporates the use of irony in many of his scenes. Act II Scene 3. TOBY. A false conclusion; I hate it as an unfilled can. To be up after midnight, and to go to bed then, is early; so that to go to bed after midnight is to go to bed betimes. Does not our lives consist of the four elements? ANDREW. Faith so they say; but I think it rather consists of eating and drinking. TOBY. Thourt a scholar! Let us therefore eat and drink. Marian I say! A stoup of wine! Shakespeare uses irony here when Toby calls Andrew a scholar, meaning something totally different. Satire. So ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: comic, twelfth night, jonathan swift, ralph ellison, nose
  • Dred Scott Case - 1,901 words
    Dred Scott Case- "Justice vs. Jurisdiction" "Justice v. Jurisdiction, Research Paper on Dred Scott v. Sandford" Written by Charles Hallmark Described as being poorly educated, indigent, feeble, and ill prone, Dred Scott seemed consistent with society's definition of the black slave. However, he was an articulate man who changed our society and American standards. Married to Harriet Scott with four (4) children, Dred wanted to provide his family with a sense of dignity and decency that a free man's status would warrant him. He was the cause of a change in how society viewed Negroes. In this research paper you will find out why Dred Scott v. Sandford made every black man ask themselves the que ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dred, dred scott, scott, scott case, scott decision
  • Emergence Of Nation States - 1,954 words
    The evolution of the state system has marked various significant events in the history of mankind. These episodes and years of war and battle for supremacy, freedom, religion and pride have caused many lives to be lost for the price of having realized the genuine type of a state. Nation and state are two concepts that are very confusing and sometimes both concepts are mistakenly perceived as having the same meaning. It is therefore necessary to provide a good definition on state and nation in order to draw a line or a distinction on both terms. "The term nation is an ethnic one, based upon culture, common heritage, language, and sense of identity. A state is a body of people politically orga ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: city state, city states, emergence, modern state, united states

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