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  • Alice Walker Review - 904 words
    Alice Walker, in a short story called Advancing Luna- and Ida B. Wells, reflects back on her life to a friendship she had with a white girl in the sixties. She does so in a approach to which she justifies herself and her actions with still a sense of uncertainty. Through her language and descriptions it is clear that Walker is still struggling with the structure to which this friendship relied. She tells of her relationship with Luna in a state of confusion, searching for answers and yearning for closure. While reading Walkers piece I felt an immediate connection. It was the end of the second paragraph that caught my attention most abruptly. Walker wrote, she assumed of course (I guess) that ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, walker, over time, racial discrimination
  • Alice Walker Everyday Use - 446 words
    There are many people out there that think they know everything, but rarely do they know that they are lost and trapped by their myopias. Everyday Use by Alice Walker is a story that delves into this subject. Dee is the elder daughter and the only one in the family who has gone to college. However, despite her education she is still a closed minded materialistic person. Dees conception of her culture lies in tangible things, which depict her heritage. When she took Polaroid pictures of her mom and sister, she always made sure the house was in the background. She consumed her mothers sumptuous meal heartily. Wangero, though, went on through the chitins and corn bread sweet potatoes. Everythin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, everyday use, walker, civil war
  • Alice Walker - 833 words
    There are many different types of authors in the world of literature, authors of horror, romance, suspense, and the type that Alice Walker writes. Alice Walker writes through her feelings and the morals she has grown with, she writes about the black womans struggle for spiritual wholeness and sexual, political, and racial equality. Although most critics categorize her writings as feminist, Walker describes herself as a womanist, she defines this as a woman who loves other woman...Appreciates and prefers woman culture, womans emotional flexibility... and womans strength... Loves the spirit... Loves herself, Regardless. Walkers thoughts and feelings show through in her writing of poetry and no ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, walker, lost sister, civil rights movement
  • Alice Walker Everyday Use - 896 words
    This short story first articulates the metaphor of quilting to represent the creative legacy that African Americans have inherited from their maternal ancestors. The central theme of the story concerns the way in which an individual understands his present life in relation to the traditions of his people and culture. Dee tells her mother and Maggie that they do not understand their "heritage," because they plan to put "priceless" heirloom quilts to "everyday use." The story makes clear that Dee is equally confused about the nature of her inheritance both from her immediate family and from the larger black tradition. The matter of Dees name provides a good example of this confusion. Evidently ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, everyday use, walker, young women
  • Alice Walker And Diana Wagman Symbolism - 1,182 words
    Diana Wagman and Alice Walker utilize symbols and metaphoric imagery throughout their writing in order to aid in the development of the themes. In Skin Deep, Wagmanimplements such imagery to display how the main character, Martha, struggles not only with herself in an attempt to find meaning in her own life, but also with the concept of beauty. Meridian, on the other hand, is centered around the racial segregation in southern society. The use of symbolic and metaphoric imagery display the physical segregation of the south and the effect it has on the main characters in the novel. In each novel, however, imagery and language play an important role in defining the characters. It is thus preval ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, diana, symbolism, walker
  • Analysis Of The Family In Alice Walker's "everyday Use" - 1,070 words
    In this country today, families have its similarities and differences between families in the past. Many family problems and situations are the same, but with a different setting. There are also many things that can be cherished and sacred to almost any family, and one is heritage. Many parents from the past to the future believe that its their right, as well as their children, to let them know what kind of family background they come from. The matter of how important heritage is to a family is varied. Some believe their actions are defined by their ancestral traits. For example, some may say they have inherited a trait like being stubborn or witty like a past relative. Though, others have n ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, family background, family problems, everyday use
  • "the Color Purple" By Alice Walker: Critical Analysis - 1,056 words
    In Alice Walkers The Color Purple, Celie leads a life filled with abuse at the hands of the most important men in her life. As result of the women who surround and help her, Celie becomes stronger and overcomes the abuse she experienced. The three most influential women in Celies life are here sister Nettie, her daughter-in-law Sofia and the singer Shug Avery. These are the women who lead Celie out of her shell and help her turn from and shy, withdrawn woman to someone who was free to speak her mind and lead her own independent life. Celie is inspired by her sisters independence, determination and perseverance in Africa among foreign people whom Nettie cares about deeply. Celie saw the impac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, color purple, critical analysis, the color purple
  • Alice Walker - 651 words
    Alice Walker is an African American essayist, novelist and poet. She is described as a "black feminist."(Ten on Ten) Alice Walker tries to incorporate the concepts of her heritage that are absent into her essays; such things as how women should be independent and find their special talent or art to make their life better. Throughout Walker's essay entitled "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens," I determined there were three factors that aided Walker gain the concepts of her heritage which are through artistic ability, her foremothers and artistic models. "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens" touches mainly upon family heritage and the way her heritage was created. In Atwan's Ten on Ten, you will ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, walker, american review, african american
  • Heritage - 857 words
    Heritage is an important factor to every developing family. Heritage helps to develop a persons values showing what they believe in. Particularly about the values of their family. In the story Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, value of heritage is a main topic. Throughout this story there are many different words used to describe what Wangero (Dee), Maggie, and their mother value. These choices of words all play an important role in the contrasting values of these people and the battle over heritage. The mother of Wangero and Maggie is the narrator of this story. It is evident at the beginning of this story, when the narrator describes her clean yard as an extended living room, that she is prou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: heritage, single mother, alice walker, the narrator, proud
  • Strength Within Creativity - 748 words
    Despite oppression, African-American women of the past were able to overcome obstacles by taking on the role of artists. They relied on their creative spirits to carry them through their wretched existence. In Alice Walker's essay "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens," she explains how the mothers and grandmothers of her generation held on to their dignity and strength through their expression of creativity. The boldness represented by this creativity shows the dynamic depth of their souls and the courage they found within it. Walker gives examples of some of these women in her essay and uses this method to effectively express her point. Women such as Mahalia Jackson, Elizabeth Catlett, and Fr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: creativity, african american, short story, american women, american
  • The Colour Purple - 625 words
    Alice Walker, POCKET BOOKS/WASHINGTON SQUARE PRESS, 1982. The intensively descriptive novel, The Color Purple is about Celie, a woman born in the early 1900's, unselfishly surviving the social injustices of those times. As the novel unfolds, Celie experiences so much sorrow, that she is forced to grow up quickly and learn to appreciate the little that life has to offer her. As new people enter her life, she is encouraged to look at life differently and she discovers that she too can have a chance to laugh and love. The themes Alice Walker tries to convey are the reoccuring themes of learning, love and happiness. Understanding the themes allowed me to find the novel fulfilling, well thought o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, colour, purple, the color purple, alice walker
  • Celies Rise Above Oppression - 1,362 words
    From the year 1910 to the year 1945 the United States had undergone some of the most significant hardships. Within this time, the Great Depression took place leaving many people unemployed and many people left without food or proper necessities. There was also World War I, and the influx of foreign peoples to the United States. In the south, the major problem was racial tension. Although there was an emersion of African American culture, there were also serious problems such as segregation, the development of the Ku Klux Klan, and the invention of the Jim Crow laws. Another issue facing this time was sexism. Most of society believed that a wife was owned by her husband and she must obey and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: oppression, crow laws, self esteem, color purple, georgia
  • Their Eyes Were Watching God Character Analysis - 1,253 words
    I enjoyed Their Eyes Were Watching God's grasp on imagination, imagery and phrasing. Janie's dialogue and vernacular managed to carry me along, slipping pieces of wisdom to me in such a manner that I hardly realize they are ingesting something deep and true. Their Eyes Were Watching God recognizes that there are problems to the human condition, such as the need to possess, the fear of the unknown and resulting stagnation. The book does not leave us with the hopelessness of Fitzgerald or Hemingway, rather, it extends a recognition and understanding of humanity's need to escape emptiness. "Dem meatskins is got tuh rattle tuh make out they's alive (183)" Her solution is simple: "Yuh got tuh go ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: character analysis, their eyes were watching god, upward mobility, male female, luxury
  • Childhood In Color Purple - 1,272 words
    Reminisce of the days of being a child. What comes to mind? Romping through the forest, connected to nature? Feeling free and innocent? Basically, what society views childhood to be? Well, guess what; childhood can be hell! Unfortunately, many children have horrible childhoods, suffering from abusive parents. Bad childhood stems from bad parents. Every ten seconds go by, and a parent abuses his child. Acts of rebellion, loss of self-esteem, lack of confidence-all factors are the results from a child being abused. Sadly, sometimes society ignores that aspect. Luckily, literature differs from other mediums in that it can express thoughts and emotional more effectively. Alice Walker's The Color ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: color purple, purple, the color purple, alice walker, self esteem
  • Social Criticism In Short Stories - 1,310 words
    Although most short stories at first glance may seem to be simply fictional tales about people and situations that dont exist, this is not always the case. Some short stories are actually the authors criticisms of specific cultural values and social conventions veiled by an interesting plot and engaging characters. This is certainly true of three stories specifically: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Everyday Use by Alice Walker. In each of these stories, the author integrates his or her thoughts about society into the fiction. Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper is the semi-autobiographical story of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: criticism, social conventions, enormous wings, personal history, believing
  • Roselilly - 732 words
    Beck 1 In the short story, Roselily, by Alice Walker, the main character is torn between the imprisonment of marriage and the insecurity of single hood. Getting married is supposed to be one of the most joyful and beautiful experiences in a persons life. However, for Roselily it seems like she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. She thinks of ropes, chains, handcuffs, his religion. The religion is probably the thing that scares her the most, because of its restrictions. His place of worship. Where she will be required to sit apart with covered head. Arrays of thoughts are running through her head. It seems as though she is trying to convince herself into marrying this man. In s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: right thing, main character, single mother, entrapment, lifetime
  • Everyday Use A Familys Disparities - 667 words
    Everyday Use: A Familys Disparities Alice Walker includes three major Characters in her short story Everyday Use; Mama and her two daughters Dee and Maggie. The three have extremely different personalities and characteristics especially Dee. Dee leaves her mother and her sister to experiences a better life in college in the city. Meanwhile mama and Maggie elatedly carry out their usual tasks and every day chores. Later Dee decides to visit her family for her selfish intention of taking objects from her mother to decorate her apartment according to her new culture. Walker uses mama to indicate the immense differences between Dee, Maggie, and herself. Mama describes Dee as a young, beautiful g ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: everyday use, short story, alice walker, differ, apartment
  • The Impact Of Heritage - 1,037 words
    I believe the topic of heritage is always a difficult topic to approach in any discussion. Heritage means so many different things to so many different people. This idea of ones heritage transcends all barriers, and it is possible to spend a lifetime, literally, debating which individuals heritage everyone should be obliged to follow. For some, heritage serves as an omen for the future, a glimpse into what is to come as it is continually passed down through their offspring. Everyone agrees that heritage withstands the tests of time, important in present times as it was in the past. Alice Walker takes an in-depth look at the principle of heritage in the African-American community and why the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: heritage, present times, african american, american community, ultra
  • Alice Walkers Everyday Use - 785 words
    Alice Walkers life as an African-American novelist and poet has led to many award winning short-stories and books. She was raised in the southern state of Georgia and her parents were sharecroppers. This taught her that being an African-American can have its rough times. After being shot by a BB gun when she was eight, Alice remained blinded in one eye. Her ailment caused her to seclude herself from other children her age. Alices feeling of being older than she was shows in her writing of the short story Everyday Use. One of the storys main characters, Maggie, is a direct relation to the beginning of Alice Walkers life. Maggie, though we dont know her exact age, appears to be a young woman. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: alice, alice walker, everyday use, african american, african history
  • Banned Or Not - 1,284 words
    "Just say You gonna do what your mammy wouldn't. First he put his thing up against my hip and sort of wiggle it around. Then he grab hold my titties. Then he push his thing inside my *censored*. When that hurt, I cry. He start to choke me, saying You better shut up and get used to it." (Walker 1-2) If you as a parent took The Color Purple off the shelves and just opened the book you would begin by reading the quote above. As a parent who just opens the book and reads the first two pages, already, based on a snap judgment do not want their child to read this Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Alice Walker. The much talked about novel, The Color Purple, can be seen as controversial to many differ ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: banned, the color purple, san francisco, pulitzer prize, controversial

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