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  • One Fat Englishman - 1,902 words
    2. The author of the novel is Kingsley Amis, copyright 1963. 3. Kingsley Amis was a British writer from England. Roger Micheldene is the man the book focuses primarily upon. He is a shortish fat Englishman of forty (6) and a publisher. Of the seven deadly sins Roger considers himself to be gluttony, sloth and lust. He considers himself most qualified in the sin of anger (8). He is so fat that his hips have fused together and he is forced to wear a brace. He also drinks excessively and uses Snuff. His drink of preference is gin with water added and no ice. He has a wife in England, but still enjoys interludes with women. His character does not change within the novel. He remains a selfish, fa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: current state, united states, coca cola, freely, forest
  • Trench Coat Mafia - 715 words
    "Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you A lot of people are trying to figure out why the two kids in Colorado went on a shooting spree. Many people are focusing on violence, guns, computer games, movies, television, and the free flow of information on the internet. These kids wouldn't have done what they did without a motivation. Their Here are my opinions on some of the things people are focusing on in the discussion this event has brought As Americans it is totally hypocritical for us to say that violence is bad. Every tax paying American supports violence and pays for it. In fact, we support an American foreign policy w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: coat, mafia, last time, jurassic park, park
  • Atise - 1,190 words
    Daekwon the chef and Rza Shogun, Sergio Suarez, Sylvia Lin, Anne-Sophie Young A Treatise on the Value of Economic Indicators The US Economy and Economic Indicators The United States economy is the strongest and the most affluent in the world. Besides having the highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product), the United States has a complex system of regulating economic policy and controlling the money supply. The system also regulates banks and financial institutions, and even has a central bank (Federal Reserve Bank) that decides on significant issues, such as raising interest rates. There are many economic indicators that affect the economy such as the CPI, which is the measure of prices at the cons ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: federal reserve bank, drug trade, laissez faire, owns, consumers
  • Outsourceing Framework - 1,025 words
    Intent: To provide the company and practitioners with tools and guidelines for addressing both domestic and multi-national sourcing needs. This outsourcing methodology consists of three activities covering the assessment, procurement, implementation, and ultimate maintenance of an arrangement between the company and their outsourcing vendors. A. The summary of tradeoffs to meet its business and financial goals through the next five years, the company needs to leverage technology advances, changes in the regulatory environment, cost reduction opportunities resulting from privatization of service vendors abroad and the proliferation of the information technology by transforming its photo equip ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: framework, regulatory environment, team structure, information technology, decrease
  • Doctor Faustus The Aristotelian Hero - 1,143 words
    Heroes envelop the idea of a noble person who fights for the rights of the little people. He or she commits a deed that goes above and beyond the call. This type of hero exists in the modern thought, but there also exists another hero, an Aristotelian Hero. This tragic hero starts out in the nobility of society, yet he just like any other man. This hero has but one fault and that fault, hamartia, is a fatal error or flaw that in the end causes the downfall of the hero. This downfall leads to a catharsis that causes pity and terror in the audience. Doctor Faustus resembles most of Aristotles idea of a hero. He was man like the rest of us in that he was a regular man who was able to rise of a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aristotelian, doctor faustus, faustus, tragic hero, higher level
  • Everything That Rises Must Coverge - 564 words
    The short story Everything That Rises Must Converge, by Flannery OConnor tells the story of Julian, the main character and his thoughts and feelings toward his mother. Julian is a college graduate who has a fair understating of the world he lives in, and because of this finds difficulty dealing with his mother and her views of the world. The story begins with Julian and his mother taking their regular trip downtown to the YMCA. Julian is often embarrassed by his mothers feelings toward Blacks; she refers to them as the lower class and reminisces of life on the plantation in the south. Julian takes every opportunity of opposing her views because he finds her thoughtless remarks annoying. He o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lower class, short story, weight loss, encounter, racism
  • Down And Out In Paris And London - 721 words
    Down And Out In Paris And London Summary Down and Out in Paris and London is a documentary of the life of lower class people in Paris and London. Orwell shows the social conditions of the so-called plongeurs (they are cheap and unqualified workers in restaurants, hotels etc.) in Paris, and of the tramps in London. By joining these people, and living amongst them, Orwell generates a very realistic view. It was even more than that, Orwell wasn't only living amongst them for these months, he was even one of them. The book consists of 38 chapters. The first 25 chapters are about Orwell's experience as a plongeur in Paris, and the last chapters describe his experience as a tramp in England. Orwel ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: london, paris, human spirit, industrial revolution, adventure
  • Thurgood Marshall - 841 words
    'Thur'oughly 'Good' Thoughts Concerning the U.S. Constitution In Thurgood Marshall's "A Bicentennial View From the Supreme Court", Thurgood Marshall argues that the United States Constitution bicentennial celebration should not be commemorated with narrow views concerning the birth of the document, but rather should be seen as a living document, one which has been dramatically altered to reflect the changing views or society. Born from this ideal, Marshall contends that the Constitution should be placed into perspective with events in U.S. history, which followed its inception. Marshall adds that society should neither view the Constitution as a flawless governmental charter, nor its "framer ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: marshall, thurgood marshall, scott case, economic benefits, segregation
  • Web Dubois Presented Objectively - 1,372 words
    W.E. B. DuBois Presented Objectively William Edward Burghardt DuBois was an intellectual "Jack of All Trades." DuBois was a scholar , activist, writer, and an international diplomat. During his time, he was at least involved in if not in the forefront of every movement advocating equal rights for African Americans. DuBois provided the impetus for numerous organizations and periodicals. Dubois dedicated a part of himself to numerous worthy causes, but that same generosity had a detrimental effect on the out come of his efforts. As a result of distributing his efforts amongst many worthy causes, DuBois rarely followed his individual dreams to complete fruition. Although DuBois may not have tak ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dubois, objectively, york harper, william edward burghardt, patricia
  • The Miranda Debate - 497 words
    Miranda is one of the best-known cases in the history of the Supreme Court. It represents the Court's determination to treat even the lowliest of criminals with the same dignity and respect as the wealthiest celebrity. This case established the Fifth Amendment right of the accused to be informed of their right to counsel and their right not to answer questions. In The Ethical and Policy Debate Regarding Miranda, Section II questions: First, can Mirandas approach to regulating the interrogation process be justified as a reading of the Fifth Amendment, on either constitutional or policy grounds?.. In summarizing this question, there are several considerations supporting the recommendation that ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: miranda, policy debate, basic principles, judicial system, police
  • Theory - 546 words
    The focus of the paper will be an examination of Colombia using the "modernization theory." Colombia has sustained a considerable amount of changes with regard to development and modernization. Controlled modernization was a term used to represent how social pressures forced the political elite to take action. Because of the existence of an all but stable political system, there was significant room for the reigning elitists groups to enact needed social changes. The answer to the people's demand has come in the way of reform measures that, while they have received a sponsored backing, have been implemented in a cautious manner. I will discuss development and modernization as they relate to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dependent variable, civil liberties, secondary research, colombia, corrupting
  • Seeing Tv - 1,844 words
    I have watched television on many occasions throughout my life. When I was growing up I watched TV to pass the time on days when I could not go outside, and the whole day I would complain to my parents that, "there is never anything fun to do in the house." As a child I would sit down in the family TV room watching, what I now consider, mindless shows for hours upon end. I did that to relieve the current state of boredom that I was in. Little did I know that those wasted hours I spent in front of a box would shape some of my outlooks on people and life for the future. I did not come upon this realization until I started attending classes in the beginning of this semester. Through the reading ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: current state, sporting events, main point, amazing, facial
  • Defining Child Maltreatment - 634 words
    Portwood, S. The Impact of Individuals Characteristics and Experiences on Their Definitions Of Child Maltreatment. Child Abuse & Neglect Vol. 22, No. 5 (1998): 437-452. This article focused on a study done by Portwood to try and identify and determine what constitutes child abuse and or neglect. The current state of definitions presents a dilemma not only to researchers attempting to elucidate the dynamics of child maltreatment, but also to a variety of professionals involved in the identification, assessment, treatment, and prosecution of cases of abuse and neglect. The goal of the study was to assist researchers and law-and policy makers in clarifying the roles of such personal characteris ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: child abuse, child maltreatment, defining, maltreatment, elementary school
  • Black Rage Historical Study - 5,286 words
    ... means, and the organization for militant mass-resistance. Expressing an any-means-necessary mind set, Stokely Carmichael proclaims, Were going to organize our way. The question is how were going to facilitate those matters, whether its going to be done with a thousand police men and submachine guns, or whether its going to be in a context where its allowed by white people. (41) Regardless of the means, RAGE will be heard. As Carmichael points out, white resistance, in most cases, will determine where and to what extent rage will lead. The struggle for social power between white and black America was brought to a head during the Civil Rights Era. Williams explains, The oppressors heart i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: black america, black american, black community, black nationalist, black panther, black panther party, black people
  • Kenya A Paradigm For Sustainable Development - 1,567 words
    A Paradigm for Sustainable Development Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the historical development of Kenyas nature based tourist industry in order to develop a better understanding of the concepts relating to sustainable tourism in the developing world. I will show how past resource management practices has affected tourisms carrying capacity. Because of the complicatedness of this paper I will break it down into five sections. In the first section I will define sustainable development. In the second I will briefly describe the history and current state of nature based tourism in Kenya. In the third section I will give examples of elements that threaten to saturate the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: historical development, kenya, paradigm, sustainable, sustainable development, tourism development
  • Emily Dickinson - 1,413 words
    ... more telling, is that the sheet gotten from that dresser is not likely to be long enough to cover the whole of the corpse's body. This is not a major concern to the speaker of the poem; again, this seems to illustrate a sense of comfort and acceptance of "things as they are." The goings-on of the characters in The Emperor of Ice-cream, are the goings-on of life. Life in the face of death is the tone of this poem, versus the looming agony of death in Dickinson's. If we were to isolate the overall tone of each poem in a few choice words, Dickinson's poem is focused on "There's been" and "There'll be," while attitude of Stevens' poem is best be discovered in the phrase "let be." In Dickinso ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dickinson, emily, emily dickinson, american culture, ice cream
  • Using Irradiation To Make Food Safer For Consumers - 1,089 words
    ... the product and not in all directions, the electron beam is more efficient. A ten kilowatt beam generator is as powerful as about one-million curies from a cobalt-60 source (Murano 14-15). The electron accelerators produce from five to ten million electron volts and ten to fifty kilowatts (Murano 15-16). The electron beam efficiency can be increased by aiming the beam at a metal target, usually tungsten or tantalum. This produces Bremsstrahlung x-rays. This type of x-ray can penetrate as well as gamma rays, but two-hundred kilowatts would be required to achieve necessary throughput. Irradiation requires different levels of exposure for different tasks. The International System's unit of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: consumers, food and drug administration, food chain, food safety, irradiation, safer
  • Chef School Secrets - 1,611 words
    Secrets of the C.I.A: America's Premier Chef's School Georgia Southern University - Statesboro This narrative school portraiture will introduce the reader to one of the world's finest culinary schools, and the leader in American culinary arts training. The history of culinary education in America will be examined and the rise of professional culinary education will be presented to familiarize the reader with the current state of this type of Additionally, the author will provide personal recollections from his own experience as a student at the "Culinary" in the late 1970's. The author will attempt to impart the flavor and mystique that the Culinary Institute of America represents to culinar ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chef, black bear, lessons learned, power point, core
  • Computers - 1,677 words
    ... not be developed to its current state. Since the computers invention, society has changed drastically. Computer technology is so helpful, that it is even used to create newer, better computer equipment. Almost everything today is linked in some way, to computers. Before computers were invented, very little was known about outer space. With the technology we have now, we are learning new things everyday. Computers are used to follow the paths of asteroids and predict their future movements. On 6 December 1997, a mile-wide asteroid was discovered by astronomer Jim Scotti, a member in the University of Arizona's Spacewatch group. He used a 77-year-old telescope along with an electric camera ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computer technology, computers, sound effects, real life, advise
  • Pbs - 856 words
    PROCESS BASED SECURITY, WHAT IS IT AND HOW IT WILL CHANGE YOUR COMPUTERS LIFE This note is for the purpose of explaining a new way to implement operating system security called process-based security. First, an explanation of traditional operating system security is given. Next, an explanation of process-based security is given. Finally, there are presented three examples of failure on the part of traditional security with how process-based security would not have allowed such a problem. Before talking about process-based security, it is important to go over current state of the art in operating system security. As operating systems are implemented today, security is designed to give access ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: system security, the intended, internet browser, restrict

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