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  • Budwieser - 1,818 words
    Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. continually seeks opportunities to maximize shareholder value and increase efficiency. Through their extremely effective marketing strategies A-B has gained control of over 47% of the global market share. In the process of doing this, Anheuser-Busch has become one of the most recognizable trademarks. This is not without its faults though. Anheuser-Buschs aggressive advertising campaign has targeted more than who they bargained for. Through A-Bs catchy advertisements, they have attracted customers other than the 21+ age group, and recreational drinkers. It is the opinion of many researchers that Anheuser-Busch is negligent in their advertising, and insists that ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: news service, league baseball, social responsibility, wire, taxes
  • Pentium Iii Disturbs Privacy - 497 words
    The recent release of the Intel Pentium III has consumers as well as businesses concerned about the privacy of the computer world. The controversial issue is a feature in the Pentium III chip known as a Processor Serial Number or PSN. It identifies individual machines connected to the internet by way of a unique number embedded in the chip. According to Intel the PSN will be used to identify users in electronic commerce and other net-based applications. The PSN will be used as access control for questionable material on the internet. Intel also admits thought that when used in conjunction with user name and password the PSN can be used by web sites to identify useres when conduting e-commerc ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: intel pentium, pentium, privacy, internet service, controversial issue
  • Ophelia - 672 words
    A grieving widow is desolate. An African American slave is tortured. A concubine is mistreated. These three victims of circumstances that they could not control are pitied. So are there any foundations based on whether one should pity another? The Oxford Dictionary defines pity as the sorrow for anothers suffering or misfortune. In Shakespeares Hamlet, Ophelia rouses the pity of the audience because she is controlled, manipulated, abandoned, driven to insanity, which eventually leads to her atrocious death. Ophelia was completely controlled, flagrantly used, and verbally abused by the dominant men in her life: Polonius, Laertes, and Hamlet. Laertes was blatantly unsympathetic towards her rel ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ophelia, young woman, african american, lord hamlet, verbally
  • Creationism Vs Evolution - 1,016 words
    Evolution is not only improbable but clearly impossible. Extensive evidence against evolution is uncovered with every major scientific discovery. Every evolutionist "fact" can easily be rebuked by creationists. Twelve supposed hominoids have been discovered and presented as supporting evidence to evolution. While in all actuality nine of the twelve supposed hominids are actually extinct species of ape. While the remaining three are completely developed humans. Neanderthals were once considered pre-humans by evolutionists but recent studies have shown that the Neanderthals are completely developed humans (Homo sapiens) suffering from bone diseases caused by vitamin D deficiency. Many textbook ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: creationism, evolution, teaching evolution, theory of evolution, recent studies
  • Capital Punishment - 814 words
    In the past, people have invariably felt that if they had been wronged in some way, it was his or her right to take vengeance on the person that had wronged them. This mentality still exists, even today, but in a lesser form because the law has now outlined a person's rights and developed punishments that conform to those rights, yet allow for the retribution for their crime. However, some feel that those laws and punishments are too lax and criminals of today take advantage of them, ie. organized crime, knowing very well that the punishments for their crime, whether it be murder, theft, or any other number of criminal activities, will be so negligible that it may be well Although in the pas ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capital punishment, death penalty, crime rate, law enforcement, objectives
  • Death Penalty - 812 words
    Capital punishment is an extremely controversial issue in todays society. Many Americans support it and, in turn, many also appose it tremendously. Those who appose capital punishment, in general, think that the death penalty is an inhuman and unfair punishment. Their argument is supported by the fact that many criminals claim innocence up until the day of their executions. Those who support capital punishment believe that the people who are on death row and incapable of retribution and deserve the ultimate punishment for their wrong doings. The fight between the moralities of capital punishment is also used to support and oppose the view of both sides. Capital punishment is one public issue ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: death penalty, death row, penalty, capital punishment, the bible
  • Antiabortion - 1,040 words
    Abortion in America is a controversial issue in which both sides have valid arguments at face value. The pro-choice side has many arguments to support it belief in keeping abortion legal. Many of these are faulty, and argue point's irrelevant to the issue, as I will attempt to illustrate, thereby eliminating the main pro-choice arguments. The pro-life position has somewhat different ideas. The most popular of these is: The unborn entity is fully human from the moment of conception. Abortion results in the intentional death of the unborn entity. Therefore, abortion can be defined the intentional killing of a human being. This killing is in most cases unjustified, since the unborn human being ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: morality of abortion, young woman, right to life, alley, compassion
  • Communism The Ideal Society - 1,307 words
    Society is flawed. There are critical imbalances in it that are causing much of humanity to suffer. I suppose that this would be the driving force behind humanity's relentless search to plan and create a perfect society. An essential part of having an unflawed society would be having a perfect government. Throughout history, we have always strived to find different types of governments that would work more efficiently and more fairly for the greater good of masses. Needless to say, communism is not often revered as an "ideal" form of government. There is almost a unanimous sense of hatred that is emitted from all non-communist countries when the topic of communism is brought up. Many countri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: communism, ideal society, working class, current situation, portion
  • The Scarlett Letter - 959 words
    In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne Hester Prynne wore a red letter A on her breast. The symbol stood for adultery, a sin which she had been convicted of. This public humiliation of having to wear the bright crimson A was her punishment for becoming pregnant without being married. Despite the efforts of the church, she would not however reveal the name of the second party involved in the affair. Ironically, the father of the child happened to be the young town minister, Arthur Dimmesdale. He was a man of the cloth, a pillar of the community, and greatly admired by all. If his act of adultery was exposed, it would have a major impact on the whole town, so Hester chose to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: scarlet letter, scarlett, scarlett letter, the scarlet letter, english language
  • Hinkley And The Insanity Defense - 1,375 words
    The Effect of John Hinckley Jr. on the Insanity Defense The insanity defense has always been a very controversial issue in the United States. Many people do not believe that by being classified as insane is a viable excuse for committing a crime, especially one as heinous as murder. There are many opponents to the use of the insanity plea because they feel that those who are found not guilty by reason of insanity are not punished for their criminal actions. Over time there have been several changes made to the defense plea, but it was not until the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley, Jr. that the insanity defense came under high scrutiny in the United States an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hinkley, insanity, insanity defense, ronald reagan, house of representatives
  • Abortion Misc - 2,320 words
    ... wrong. This was taught in the oldest Christian document known, written in 70CE, it read: "You shall not kill by abortion the fruit of the womb and you shall not murder the infant What it says, is simply that abortion is as wrong as the killing of a child (infanticide). But St. Augustine (1st century) had declared that the soul was planted in the foetus, by God, on day 46. Thomas Aquinas (13th century) preached that the souls of humans were planted, by God, at day 90 for girls and day 40 for boys. Therefore Catholics had believed that, as long as abortion was carried out before the soul was present in the foetus, it was not morally wrong. Now in the present day Catholics believe abortion ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: abortion, misc, simple life, physical health, carrying
  • Capital Punishment Misc - 637 words
    In the eighteenth century,England would punish by death for pickpocketing and petty theft. Ever since the 1650's colonist could be put to death for denying the true god or cursing their parents advocates. Capital Punishment have clashed almost continuously in the forum of public opinion in state legislatures and most recently in courts. In 1972,the case of furman vs.Georgia reached the supreme court. The court decided that punishment by death did indeed violate the eighth amendment to containing that "excessive fines imposed,nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted." By this decision death sentences all over the country were set aside. The three most common death penalties are the gas cham ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: capital punishment, misc, ultimate punishment, supreme court, eighteenth century
  • Wiretaps - 1,438 words
    ... her). One main concern of the government and the phone companies is that these new laws don't slow the rapid development and launching of the new services and technologies that are continuing to benefit and revolutionize our society (Edwards and Boucher). The telephone industry does realize that there will be more and more problems for law enforcement interception. These problems are being posed by the new technologies and the competitiveness of the telephone market today (Edwards and Boucher). Roy Neel, president of the United States Telephone Association and the chief spokesperson for the telephone industry on the issue, was asked by Senator Leahy if the time was fast approaching when ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: electronic privacy, more important, enforcement officers, cellular, tracking
  • Creation Cloning As An Alternative - 1,131 words
    God created a man, and from one of his ribs, he created a woman. Then, the two of them created a new life. This was all naturally done. It was God's most wonderful creation. Cloning brings up a life dilemma. Cloning puts in a single or a group of individuals the power of creating and granting life. And this is done by basically duplicating one individual, by creating a twin of somebody else. Furthermore, cloning is a life dilemma because it makes the whole human race to choose one more time between right and wrong. The first thing that must be cleared up is what is cloning and what is a clone. The biological definition of clone is "an organism that has the same genetic information as another ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cloning, human cloning, human dignity, religious organizations, foresee
  • Theatre Comedy - 657 words
    Regardless of how barbaric it may be, the electric chair should remain the source of execution used by the state of Florida. It has served as a valid execution tool for the last seventy-five years and there is no reason why it should not continue to do so. In the editorial, New Old Sparky isnt Acceptable, Earl Maucker suggests that electrocution should be replaced with lethal injection. He talks about how lethal injection is more technologically modernized and more humane for that matter. Secondly, it is stated that five out of seven Florida Supreme Court justices have urged lawmakers to consider an alternative method to execution in 1997. Furthermore, thirty-two states are currently using l ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: comedy, theatre, supreme court, lethal injection, alabama
  • Climatic Change - 4,160 words
    This paper looks at the controversial issue of climatic change. In particular, it develops the question of if and why earths climate is changing? The roles of man, naturally occurring trends, and earths cycles are considered, and an outlook for what can be expected in the near and distant future is given. The uneasiness of modern man arises from a rupture between himself and nature that leaves him homeless within the universe... Over the past years most individuals have become acutely aware that the intensity of human and economic development enjoyed over the 20th century cannot be sustained. Material consumption and ever increasing populations are already stressing the earths ecosystems. Ho ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: climate change, climatic, climatic change, environmental change, global change
  • Pro Death Penalty - 1,534 words
    The practice of putting certain convicted felons to death is a precedent that dates far back to early civilization. Unfortunately, it has become a very controversial issue in the United States over the last century. The death penalty was put into place for a number of reasons, but the biggest being the deterrent effect of capital punishment. Some would say that the death penalty does not deter murder. In 1985, economist Stephen K. Layson at the University of North Carolina published a study that showed that every execution of a murderer deters, on average, 18 murders. The study also showed that raising the number of death sentences by one percent would prevent 105 murders. However, only 38 p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: death penalty, death sentence, penalty, harris county, north carolina
  • Lawfully Wedded - 650 words
    Are gay rights a fall in morals or the right decision? Gay rights have just recently come up in the media as being a controversial issue, but a Vermont court has decided that it is no longer an issue, but the gays constitutional rights. Many people think that it is about time a decision was made in favor of the gays, yet others say that the court is violating morals and the constitution. In Gay Marriage: Three Snaps for Vermont, author James Talley from the Salina Journal explains his views about Vermont courts rulings concerning the rights and marriage of gay men and women. He stands up for his ideas that the same rights should apply to everyone. Talley says that many arguing against the Ve ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: men and women, small town, national institute, valid, heredity
  • Bingeeating - 553 words
    BINGE-EATING THAT PLAGUES ADULTS NOW RECOGNIZED AS A DISORDER Many people binge once in a while, like at the holiday season or even just stress related. But when you do it constantly it gets to be a problem. Specialist Karen Eselson Belding says, "Binge-eating disorder is when an individual repeatedly consumes extremely large quantities of food-several thousand calories at a time-in an effort to cope with whatever is bothering them emotionally, like depression, grief of boredom." This disorder affects 2% to 5% of Americans. It is way more widespread than anorexic or bulimic. Most binge-eaters let food control their lives. They eat as much as they can, then sleep for eight or more hours. Yet ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ice cream, behavior therapy, eating disorder, briefly, eaters
  • Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places - 698 words
    Smoking or Non-SmokingShould There Be A Choice? Imagine sitting in a restaurant unable to enjoy a meal due to the cloud of smoke coming from a neighbors table. The fact that there was not a designated area for smokers has put the smoker and the non-smoker in an uncomfortable situation. Smoking should be banned in public places because non-smokers have a right to clean air, and because second hand smoke is more dangerous than actually smoking a cigarette. However, smoking should not be banned in public places because it is the smokers choice to smoke just as it is the non-smokers choice not to smoke. President Clinton is quoted saying that Weve got to do more to protect people in public place ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: banned, public places, public smoking, smoking, smoking in public

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