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  • None Provided - 1,120 words
    John Davison Rockefeller has been accused by many as being a Robber Baron over the past century. He created the most powerful corporation the United States had ever seen: The Standard Oil Company. He began Standard Oil in 1865 and by 1881, it was comprised of more than forty other companies. In 1882 Rockefeller created the Standard Oil Trusts, and his company had become the most efficient corporation, producing the highest quality products as well as charging the lowest prices. Unlike Jay Gould, who used the judicial system to acquire companies, make a profit, and then leave that company in bankruptcy, Rockefeller was philanthropic in his endeavors, incorporating his acquired companies into ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: famous people, social darwinism, united states, coupling, determination
  • Jungle - 375 words
    The Jungle, written by Upton Sinclair in 1905, the author supports Socialism over Capitalism and used the struggle to keep the house in order to portray the evils of Capitalism on the family and the society in General. The struggle to buy the house and to try keeping it is a symbol of unity in the family represented by the house, which they battle against Capitalism to try to keep it. It takes virtually all their money to get the house, and it will take almost all to keep it. Jurgis worked in Durhams earning about one dollar and nineteen cents a day. The rest of the family worked in other similar jobs to support each other and the house. The industries and bosses who ran them took their toll ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jungle, the jungle, make money, companies make, hunger
  • Tobacco Industry - 1,146 words
    Tobacco has been used for enjoyment for thousands of years. Native Americans are believed to be the first to use tobacco. Over the years the use of tobacco has become so widespread that is can be found in nearly every country. The tobacco industries have provided a very harmful product to the public. The US Government should regulate the tobacco industry because tobacco is hazardous to the American public and because they have conducted their business practices in an unethical and immoral fashion. The tobacco industries argue that they have their legal rights and they have only been providing a product enjoyed by millions of Americans for years. Christopher Proctor, of British American Tobac ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american tobacco, big tobacco, tobacco, tobacco advertising, tobacco industry
  • None Provided - 1,049 words
    QUALITY AND CUSTOMER EXPECTATION;SERVQUAL "This study an service quality and customer expectations from services" aimed to find out the underlying consequences of providing service with customer orientation in the best quality. Companies provide a quality service to customers when they either meet or exceed their expectations. Many companies make the fundamental mistake of assuming that they know what their customers expect and through that lose customers. The researcher has searched and analyzed the literature produced by several well-know authors and researchers to have an overview of the subject. Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry (PZB) are the most important persons in the field of service ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business school, customer satisfaction, competitive advantage, berkowitz, customer
  • Jjjj - 1,182 words
    Computers and Crime As our technology has greatly advanced over the past 50 years, our businesses, people, and its governments have been greatly affected by this new technology. With the vast capabilities of computers, the Internet, storage capability, and the manipulation of data, today's world has been changed forever. Although the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages, unless we take a more serious look at this new technology, more people will be hurt, from businesses, families, individuals, and most importantly, our children. Even as new technology has created more uses for its users, firewalls, password protections, and new programs to safeguard our children when viewing the Inter ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: banking industry, enterprise system, criminal justice, enforcement, chat
  • Speech Health Care - 1,880 words
    Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to believe the United States should have a health care insurance program, which eliminates private health insurance. Thesis: The United States needs a national health care insurance program because the development of private health care insurance and the lack of a national plan throughout history have lead to a deficiency in proper health care for many Americans. In the United States costs for health care are being shifted to individuals instead of the government. As professor Allen Jedlicka of UNI states, "The United States is one of the only first world countries that does not have a national health care plan." The United States needs a national he ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: care industry, care plan, care program, care providers, health care, health care industry, health care program
  • Tobacco - 344 words
    How is it possible for something that kills so many people to be legal in a country that boasts the supreme protection of its citizens? Tobacco is literally destroying thousands of lives everyday, and all attempts toward putting the tobacco problem to an end have been unsuccessful. Something must be done effectively to stop the rapid growth of tobacco abusers and victims. In the following paragraphs, I will provide strong points of support which ultimately favor the illegalization of tobacco in the U.S. I will first start with the lighter side of the problem, which is the economic loss the individuals Curiosity may arise from the statement of economic loss being the lighter side of the probl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tobacco, american people, healthy living, companies make, addiction
  • Seniors And The Internet - 1,030 words
    Introduction Think about Seniors in Cyberspace...what comes into your mind? Perhaps the words, yeah, right? If so, you are not alone. Many people, including the elderly themselves, believe that seniors are technophobics, defined as those who can't even program their VCRs, much less use a computer or even begin to understand how to navigate the World Wide Web. However, times are changing. More and more elderly people are using the Internet. In fact, they are the fastest growing Internet user group (Sorenson 1997). There are many different reasons for the rapid expansion of this group, as I will discuss later in this paper. But one that seemed to be extremely prevalent was to keep in touch wit ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: computers and the internet, internet sites, internet usage, internet users, united states
  • Article Review - 1,681 words
    Use Anti-Harassment to Shelter Yourself from Suits In the magazine article Use Anti-Harassment to Shelter yourself from Suit (HR Magazine, 1999), Majorie A. Johnson discusses the importance of training supervisors and employees on dealing with and preventing sexual harassment and other forms of harassment in the workplace. The article begins with references to recent U.S Supreme Court rulings on liability for punitive damages under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. These rulings affect lawsuits that are filed against companies for sexual harassment. In the past companies were automatically liable for sexual harassment by their supervisors when it resulted in tangible harm to the emp ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: article review, legal definition, equal employment, zero tolerance, preventing
  • Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned - 620 words
    Running Head: ILLUSTRATION OF A PENNY SAVED This paper is an illustration of the phrase A Penny Saved is A Penny Earned. The paper has been critiqued by several of my peers in order to present a finished copy to the instructor. Penny pinchers have been around since the first time money was used. This was a frequent saying in the household where I grew up. Ever since I can remember, my grandmother used this phrase whenever she gave me any money. The idea behind it was that I would save the money and someday be able to use it for something I really needed as opposed to buying the candy and toys I was going to spend it on. The thought of me spending the money foolishly instead of saving it, she ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: penny, credit card, running head, walk away, item
  • Genetic Engineering - 1,921 words
    Science is a creature that continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate. The transformation from tree shrew, to ape, to human far exceeds the time for the transformation time from an analytical machine, to a calculator, to a computer. However, science, in the past, has always remained distant. Science has allowed advances in production, transportation, and even entertainment; but never in history will science have an affect on our lives, as genetic engineering will undoubtedly do. For the last decade, science has made vast improvements in genetics, monitored by the Human Genome Project. The goal of this organization is to identify and understand the entire genetic constitution. "They have ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: engineering, genetic, genetic engineering, genetic information, genetic testing
  • Rental Car Complaints - 1,339 words
    Fresh off flight number six-two-one from New York City, twenty-four-year-old Marketing Representative Jim Smith needs to rent a car to get to a business convention in hectic downtown Los Angeles. He tries several car-rental companies near the airport with no luck. Finally, Ryder graciously rents him a huge moving truck. Nearly relieved, Smith hauls down to his meeting, where he bumps into parking problems. He begins worrying about his professional image when he takes half an hour shifting back and forth to park the yellow monster-mover nine blocks away from the office, which causes him to arrive twenty minutes tardy. Other than his apparent anxiousness to appear at the meeting, he wishes to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rental, companies make, york city, law school, shifting
  • Mp3s - 1,059 words
    In the music industry various artists work hard in order to make music that many people enjoy listening to. They then sell their music to record companies such as Arista, RCA, Warner Brothers, and Jive, just to name a few. These record companies make multi million-dollar deals with these artists with the intentions that once they distribute the artists music to the record stores they will be selling a favorable amount of albums. In todays ever advancing technology, music is basically being stolen off of the internet through mp3 databases such as Napster and Imesh. People are able to sign onto the internet, and are able to type in the name of the song, and then are able to download that parti ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: intellectual property, companies make, main point, distributing, transaction
  • Affirmative Action - 3,850 words
    ... th the integration of each individual culture that exists in various groups. Three methods can facilitate this. The assimilation process is the act of adopting a set of values that is most prominent in the organization. In this process, one takes on the values and norms of another culture, and leaves their own behind. The pluralism process consists of adopting values and norms from each other. The third process, cultural separatism, exists with very little adaptation by either side (Cox, Jr. 353-366).  Structural Integration: When an organization takes a look into the cultural mix, levels, and various workgroups, and tries to create an environment where all can co-exist. This wou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: affirmative, affirmative action, business school, rights amendment, lewin
  • Avce Business Studies Description Of Product - 286 words
    The Electronic Scarecrow is designed to rid gardens of pesky animals, which damage flowers or crops. It can deter animals from mice and cats to deer and other large animals. I have chosen to do this for my study because I have read many articles in The Mirror that say that people are fed up with animals eating their flowers and crops. So I decided to develop a scarecrow type device that will deter any intruding animal whilst also being aesthetically pleasing to the public. I have decided that my company will develop custom scarecrows because not everybody would like a traditional scarecrow anyway so I decided it would be fun to produce a custom made scarecrow. The consumers can have it model ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: business studies, companies make, customer, cats
  • Health Insurance In The U.s. - 1,265 words
    ... 002, 11.7 percent of all children in the United States were uninsured (Bergman). These children, who are notoriously rambunctious and susceptible to injuries and germs, are among the large group of uninsured Americans. What is perhaps most upsetting about this statistic is that they are children, and they have no control over their lack of insurance. It could be said that these are some of the citizens who need coverage the most. However, if their parents cannot afford it for themselves, how will they get this safety for their children? There are some states that offer coverage programs to children of uninsured parents. Studies have shown, however, that states that expanded Medicaid to c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: canadian health, health care, health care industry, health insurance, insurance, u.s. government, universal health
  • Lust It Or Loathe It: The Pornographic Controversy - 779 words
    From smutty words to filthy pictures, everyones got an opinion on porn. And deep down inside, everyone likes some form of it. You can disagree till your face turns blue, however the porn industry is a money making lucrative world, and we are the reason why. No matter what you look like, someone out there is turned onto your naked (or clothed) flesh, whether you like it or not. And thats the beauty of porn. It brings a little smile to a persons life. Women in the SOB industry, weather they are good at it or not, get paid . In Houston, a strip dancer can make an average way above of $700.00 a week working only 35 hours . If a woman decides to take it a step further and models nude, she can mak ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: controversy, lust, pornographic, credit card, supreme court
  • Animal Testing In The Cosmetic Industry - 1,044 words
    Dr. Frank Meehan picked up Charlie, the frail brown monkey and placed him into what would soon be his coffin. Charlie was screaming hysterically almost knowing that his time had come in the small research laboratory for a common cleaner product. Charlie had seen many of the other animals die the same agonizing death that he envisioned himself to be receiving soon. What would it be this time? Pumping the cleaner into his stomach or pouring it directly on his skin to study the burning of tissue? Perhaps it will be dripped into his eyes to test the blinding effects. All Charlie knew was that he was going to be dying a slow and painful death just like all the other animals in the lab. This is ju ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: animal cruelty, animal research, animal testing, cosmetic, testing
  • Media And Advertising For Clothing Companies - 1,160 words
    ... nk and left it at that. It did not dawn on me until I found a website with pictures of myself and other Roxy girls showing the clothes that we were wearing and where the consumer could go buy them. I had no idea were I was when these pictures were being all I know is that Quiksilver knew what they were doing and had accomplished it through me. From the strategic placement of phone booth ads all along the Beach Cities, to buses totally painted from bottom to top with Roxy pictures the advertising market know where Roxy sells best and they are there on top of it. We have focus groups about once every 3 months with the advertising agents trying to pry as much info as they can out of us to p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, companies make, specific people, michael jordan, mold
  • Hispanic Marketing - 1,060 words
    ... Hispanics and Asians, the American Marketing Association suggested that generic marketing alone does not work. Mainstream advertising does not impact a specific target market but rather generalizes every subgroup to encompass the entire market. Secondly, proper understanding, use and translation of material into Spanish is critically important. Finally, understanding that the Hispanic community, while part of mainstream society, isn't necessarily best reached through mainstream messages. (1987) At its current pace, the Hispanic community will become the dominant minority in the United States within fifteen years and generational segmentation will continue to grow in the coming decades. T ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american marketing, hispanic, hispanic community, hispanic culture, hispanic population, marketing, marketing association

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