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  • Trench Coat Mafia - 715 words
    "Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you A lot of people are trying to figure out why the two kids in Colorado went on a shooting spree. Many people are focusing on violence, guns, computer games, movies, television, and the free flow of information on the internet. These kids wouldn't have done what they did without a motivation. Their Here are my opinions on some of the things people are focusing on in the discussion this event has brought As Americans it is totally hypocritical for us to say that violence is bad. Every tax paying American supports violence and pays for it. In fact, we support an American foreign policy w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: coat, mafia, last time, jurassic park, park
  • Columbine Should They Restrict Cliques - 398 words
    Throughout the country, in each and every school there are cliques the development of cliques is inevitable. While some cliques deliberately exclude people, most cliques include a group of friends who are very close. As a result the people who are left out of a clique feel lonely and angry. Many outsiders are taunting them every day, which only makes them angrier. Eventually these people snap and take their anger out innocent people. The Columbine shooting proves that. To prevent this the high schools need to establish rules, though not to the extreme. The two killers of Columbine High School were excluding from almost all groups. Anger built up in them and they took action. As a result, alm ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cliques, columbine, columbine high, columbine high school, restrict
  • Hindenburg - 1,562 words
    Thesis: The Hindenburg has contributed to the history of aircraft as well as A. attention getter and relate it to Hindenburg A. Count von Zeppelins first rigid airships III. Paul von Hindenburg: The man that the famous airship was named after. A. Hindenburg, king of rigid airships and the last of them. B. aircraft has changed because of it C. investigations have changed because of it. the hindenburgs history and investigation A 747, O.J. Simpson, the Goodyear blimp and the shooting at Columbine High School all have one thing in common. The Hindenburg has contributed to these things in one way or another. The 747 is a modern aircraft that is very popular in commercial airlines. O.J. Simpson i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: microsoft encarta, home video, dining room, diesel, static
  • Gun Control - 1,526 words
    In addressing new laws of gun control, one has to look at both sides of the argument. How will new guns laws affect violence in schools and on the streets? How do loyal, law-abiding gun owners feel about these new laws. These news laws are set as all sales of firearms must be registered, all purchasers must be licensed, and no individual may purchase more than one gun per month. There will always be arguments on both sides on such controversial laws like these. Pros and Cons can be thrown about every which way from decreasing school violence, to breaking the law of the second amendment. It can be easy to take sides, but one must look to both sides' arguments before reasoning. The gun control ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: control laws, gun control, handgun control, human nature, black market
  • Against Gun Control Misc - 617 words
    Some people are for new gun control laws, but I am one of the many that are against them. Now, it is impossible to pick up a newspaper or watch the evening news without being bombarded with the details of another mass shooting, or another child that was killed while playing with a gun. Unfortunately, there are many people who take the easy way out when it comes to a solution to this problem, they choose gun control. There are many facts that support my position in which I will explain. First of all, numerous studies have proven that there are many protective uses of firearms, but most are masked by the few larger negative gun stories in the news. Mark Johnson, a journalist for Media General ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: control laws, gun control, misc, founding fathers, columbine high
  • Gun Controll Misc - 1,228 words
    With the growing number of reports, on television, about violent crimes at school, it is no wonder that President Clinton is pushing for more gun control. Although the number of violent crimes committed in schools is far less than the number committed at home, the president feels that stricter gun laws need to be in effect. In the light of the recent shootings at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado, there have been serious increases in the number of proposals to help regulate gun use. I do not think that it is the guns that we need to control, but the people. In the last several years there have been major legislative proposals to try and regulate the sale, purchase, transportation, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: misc, school children, spend time, president clinton, brady
  • Trends In Juvenile Delinquency - 1,774 words
    During my presentation last week, I focused on the violent crimes that juveniles commit and how the percentages of offenses have changed over the last fifteen to twenty years. Some of my focus for this presentation dealt with violence within schools- the alarming rates of student on student violence, as well as student on faculty/staff violence. I also provided many arrest statistics for juveniles who committed violent crimes. Statistics that compared juvenile trends to adult trends and statistics comparing black and white children were also an aspect of the presentation. The final part of the project looked at what some states have done to combat juvenile violence and also how they are trea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: delinquency, juvenile, juvenile crime, juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice, trends
  • School Violence - 1,718 words
    Moses Lake, Wash. 2 students and 1 teacher Bethel, Alaska Principal and 1 student killed, 2 killed, 1 other wounded when 14-year-old Barry others wounded by Evan Ramsey, 16, at his high Loukaitis opened fire on his algebra class. school. Pearl, Miss. 2 students killed and 7 wounded by West Paducah, Ky. 3 students killed, 5 wounded a 16-year-old who was also accused of killing his by a 14-year-old boy as they participated in a prayer mother. He and several friends thought to be in on circle at Heath High School. by the plot were said to be outcasts who worshipped at Heath High School. Stamps, Ark. 2 students wounded. Colt Todd, Jonesboro, Ark 4 students and 1 teacher killed, 14, was hiding in ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: columbine high school, elementary school, middle school, school children, school climate, school climate', school crime
  • The Right To Bear Arms - 1,072 words
    ... the right to bear arm, the NRA argues that the Fourteenth Amendment enforces the Second (3). The Fourteenth Amendment states: No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. (From Amendment XIV section 1.1868) In this argument the NRA stresses that no state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. They feel that this clearly makes it unlawful for the state to pose restr ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bear arms, civil right, right to bear arms, right to life, federal civil
  • Violence In Schools - 857 words
    Violence in schools is hardly new to the United States, but growing news coverage and public concerns about the problem has marked recent years. Shocking reports of violent crimes committed by juveniles seem to have become common. Is the media to blame, for the violence juveniles commit in schools? Exploring how juvenile offenders have taken the brunt of crimes policies reaction to the high level and recent increase in school violence in the United States, may answer that question. I believe that media is not to blame, and that each individual is responsible for their own thoughts and actions. In order to show important aspects of the problem, we must answer the following questions: How has ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: columbine high school, elementary school, middle school, school children, school crime, school violence, youth violence
  • Asian American Market - 1,386 words
    "Everything you know about the Littleton killings is wrong. But the truth may be scarier than the myths" (Cullen 1999, p. 1). This is the title of an article that claims that "what was reported last spring about the motives and methods of killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold was untrue" (Cullen 1999, p. 1). The question that arises from this claim, is how can that be so? How can the "most notorious events from the shooting spree - reported over and over in news reports, on TV chat shows and now in a bestselling book..." (Cullen 1999, p. 1) be false and in fact, to simply have never occurred? Using critical reasoning principles from English philosopher, Anthony Flew, one may begin to underst ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american market, asian, asian american, eric harris
  • At Close Range Survival Is Rare - 1,081 words
    ... uences that come with the use of guns is often forgotten or not shown. What many do not often realize is that gun manufacturers will pay movie production companies to use their brand of gun in a scene, so they may get a wider audience of gun users. According Mark DeAntionio, the director of Inpatient Adolescent Services, The biggest problem I see in America is to have adolescents who have access to firearms. Its a lethal mixture (DeAntonio n. pg.). It is very evident that teens and gun violence go hand in hand with the staggering numbers of teens killed every year. The FBI recently reports that, Youth violence comprises 13% of violent crime and 8% of murder, and that a child is accident ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rare, gun violence, united states, society today, stare
  • Violence In America - 892 words
    What do all of these scenes have in common: a small figure jumping on another figures head, a man stabbing a woman with a pencil in the hand, and a man punching another man in the face? Violence. What is the difference between these three scenes? One is a scene from a video game, another is from a new, popular movie, and one can be seen in real life. In a popular video game you have a little character named Mario who is supposed to rescue Princess Toadstool. In doing so he has to jump on certain characters heads in order to kill them. It is scenes like this that the government wants to outlaw. How can the government limit the amount of violence a kid sees in his or her childhood because the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, columbine high school, drinking age, video games, keyboard
  • School Violence - 613 words
    School Violence: The Columbine Tragedy Tuesday, April 20,1999, is one of the most significant dates to the tragedies of school violence. It all started 1 year and 6 months ago. It was a normal morning in Littleton,Colorado the students of Columbine High School had no idea of the tragedies that would go on durning the day. No one could know, as they went about their normal business, that beneath the calm, an anger had been raging in the hearts and minds of two students , Eric Harris 18 and Dylan Klebold 17, what they had in store as they walked into the buildng that fateful morning. At 11:35 a.m. on the 110th anniversary of Adolf Hitlers birth, the two teenagers, also members of the Trench Co ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: columbine high school, school violence, columbine high, dylan klebold, partly
  • Student Rights - 656 words
    School today has a tense atmosphere at this point in time due to students rights. I have read a lot on student rights; I feel that a lot of student are restricted on school policies. One of the big current issues is about searching personal items and searching school property. A search does not have to end because the school official found the item sought (Search for Weapons and Drugs). I agree that the school administrator should be able to continue the search if he or she feels the need. If a student has been found with illegal items it is a very high probability that they will more than likely have more items of the very nature on them. Everyone understands there are a lot of suspicion an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: constitutional rights, current issues, school district, supreme court, searching
  • Argument - 615 words
    Feeling alienated by fellow classmates, two students at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO who referred to themselves as the Trench Coat Mafia went on a rampant killing spree which took the lives of themselves, twelve other students and one teacher (Obmascik 1). This incident caused an immediate plea for more socially responsible communities, assuming that greater moral values would curb the likelihood of these argument-related homicides. This relies on the notion that greater social organization will lead to a decrease in the rate of crime. Dov Cohen, in her article "Culture, Social Organization, and Patterns of Violence" shows that in the West (which includes Colorado) and South, where ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: columbine high school, denver post, social psychology, westerners, regional
  • Television Violence - 1,961 words
    The other day while I was in a local McDonalds, I noticed a disturbing scene. A father and two young boys were waiting in line to get an early lunch. The younger of the two boys lay dozing off, while the other more energetic ran around, playing with things as most five years olds do. The young boy walking around saw a toy that was claimed to be included in the infamous Happy Meal. He pleaded quietly with his father, who told him that he would get whatever toy came with the meal. Unsatisfied, the little boy started to cry, and then proceeded to throw a fit. The father, seemingly at a loss for words told the boy to calm down. The little boy then threw himself on the floor and started to kick. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: popular television, television programming, television programs, television shows, television violence
  • Murder - 1,016 words
    In ETHICS THEORYS AND PRACTICE Murder is defined as the unlawful and immoral killing of one person by another person, especially with malice aforethought. Murder is classified into two main categories, Murder one, which is defined as premeditated or planned. Murder one carries the strongest sentence in our judicial system. Also, there is murder two, which is a killing or murdering in reaction of a circumstance or the murderer is not considered mentally capable of knowing at that moment in time, that killing is lawfully and morally wrong. As time has passed, murder has been a very sensitive subject. With murder occurring regularly in todays society it is difficult to say if there is a solutio ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: moral obligation, video games, columbine high school, classified, grieve
  • Religion - 1,740 words
    Everyone has felt somewhat out of place at one point or another in his or her life. How does one feel when he or she has no one to turn to? Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Rappaccini's Daughter" are both works that give the reader a chance to observe how individuals feel and act when they are placed in an isolated position. Mary Shelly's Frankenstein is a book about a creature that is alienated from society due to his repulsive outward appearance, and Hawthorne's story gives the account of a beautiful lady who cannot have social acquaintances because of her fatal physical qualities. Frankenstein's creature's isolation is turned into rage, while Beatrice, Rappaccini's d ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: current state, columbine high, social environment, comfort, saving
  • Media And Murder Whos Really To Blame - 820 words
    By allowing our opinion to be persuaded by the media in their depictions of the truth within particular news broadcasting stories, we are merely coinciding with the disillusions of the world in which we live. As a society, we would rather allow ourselves to be convinced by the media that sudden outbursts of violence can be directly linked to a logical explanation. The media therefore allows us to believe there is a reason for every violent act and we are not to blame. By placing the blame on different forms of questionable entertainment this allows us to sleep at night. An example of this would be a murder trial that took place in the northern region of the United States. A young male high s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mass media, whos, personal responsibility, talk shows, guns

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