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  • Sunday Night Dinner Felt Like I Was Eating Blind
    922 words
    Before I planned to blindfold myself and go through the weekly family Sunday night dinner, I knew one thing. That thing was: in this experiment I want to come a step closer, to see which is better; being blind or deaf. Hence, on this adventure I want to learn the pros over being deaf than blind and maybe the cons another time when I make myself deaf. Of course, I also want to discover the daily sensations a blind person goes through, as well as their daily difficulties, like running into walls f...
    Free research essays on topics related to: blind, blind people, deaf, kitchen, dinner
  • Tha Block Is Hot
    1,257 words
    holly grove 17 tha hood where i was raised in dey be bustin heads hoe runnin dublin feds hoe rocks under they tongues hoe ki's under dey beds hoe good for tha real soldiers 24 - 7 hustlers (ehh) untill we shove a barrel down yo pipe sucker ain't no love for no buster no fear for no coward no respect for no slut aint no money without power we deep and make it hotter (blue) dats sick and sour pile up in the eddie bauer and (pouch) every hour some of em like that powder pile it up on trains? , dey ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: block, dem, dey, tha, hot
  • Pulled My Arm Close Pulled My Arm Doug
    836 words
    The Day in the Life of A Drug Addict I awoke to the smell of an old house, the lights were off and the house was cold and damp. Doug was nudging me saying "Wake-up! I got us a wake-up... get out of bed!" He was wide awake and holding a sixteenth of cocaine in his hand. My stomach started churring as I got up and ran to the restroom. He had woken me up many days like this but today Doug really had the dope. He enjoyed waking me up and making me think he had some After I threw up, I washed my face...
    Free research essays on topics related to: enjoyed, cocaine, arm, shaking, doug
  • Coal And Coke Diamond And Graphite Carbon
    448 words
    CARBON AND HOW IT EFFECT OUR LIVES Although widely distributed in nature, carbon is not particularly plentiful (it makes up only about 0. 025 percent of the Earth's crust). Yet it forms more compounds than all the other elements combined. In 1961 the isotope carbon- 12 was selected to replace oxygen as the standard relative to which the atomic weights of all the other elements are measured; carbon- 14, which is radioactive, is the isotope used in radiocarbon dating and radio labeling. Elemental ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: diamond, charcoal, graphite, electricity, carbon
  • Reached Lambda Max Solution Reached Lambda Max Concentration
    424 words
    Our Laboratory project was conducted in order to determine the phosphate concentration present in three brands of colas in the form of phosphoric acid. The concentration of phosphate in colas is important due to its ability to sooth an upset stomach, but also block absorption of calcium and lead to Osteoporosis. In the first phase of our investigation, we analyzed a series of colored solutions using a Spectronic 20. The second phase of our experimentation lead us to the investigation and analysi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lambda, concentration, phosphate, first phase, max
  • Felt Like I Was High Country Buffet Dance
    892 words
    It's Saturday night and I'm in my snug but not skin tight blue spaghetti strap floor length dark royal blue dress, all ready to go out to a very fancy restuarant. Old Country Buffet. As my friend and I climb out of my car in a classy like fashion, we realize that the line to Old COuntry Buffet is at least 50 meters long. "Oh My God. " I say as my lipstick chalked lips fall to the floor. Glancing over at a fast-food pizza restaurant, my friend and I look at each other. "Uh huh. " We both say. Piz...
    Free research essays on topics related to: dancing, pizza, dance, caffeine, cafeteria
  • Andy Warhol Pop Art
    1,159 words
    When considering the life and works of Andy Warhol, one thing is agreed upon: for good or bad, he changed the visual construction of the world we live in. By the time of his death in 1987 he was ranked on the same level with Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock as one of the three most important artists of this century. He was a working man, a social climber, a person who liked to build things, an acquirer of goods, and a known homosexual. These attributes all contributed to the interesting and com...
    Free research essays on topics related to: h 2, pop art, warhol, andy, andy warhol
  • Representations Of The Black Male In Film
    1,230 words
    ... s carrying on a tradition that is passed from father to son- -a father who runs from his responsibilities and blames all but himself -- and that this pattern repeats itself from generation to generation. So Duff changes -- he accepts the responsibility of being a father and husband and learns what it is to be a man. His decision to return to Josie with his son offers some hope to his situation. Symbolically, Duff's decision conveys the importance of being there for his family -- being a man....
    Free research essays on topics related to: positive role, black audiences, drug dealing, white woman, drug dealers
  • Informational Report On Coca Cola
    455 words
    The Coca-Cola Company is one of the reigning soft drink manufacturers in the world. Some analysts contend that Coca-Cola is the most widely used and well-known brand name product in the world. The purpose of this report is to provide Coca-Cola stockholders with an understanding of the product development in the company. Since Coca-Cola began its operations in 1902, it has introduced several distinct products and marketing campaigns that have led to its financial stability and market standing. So...
    Free research essays on topics related to: soft drink, coca cola company, diet coke, drink market, financial stability
  • Wide Area Network Quality Of Life
    1,341 words
    ... er, and create new opportunities for every PepsiCo division. The combined enterprise will rank among the world's five largest consumer product companies. PepsiCo bought $ 383 million worth of goods and services from minority-owned and women-owned suppliers in the year of 2000. The Women's Business Enterprise National Council named the company among America's Top Corporations for Women's Business Enterprise. PepsiCo minority and women business development programs were rated among the top- 10...
    Free research essays on topics related to: strategic factors, soft drink, quality of life, wide area network, coca cola
  • Pepsi Cola Frito Lay
    1,393 words
    ... al growth rate (CAGR) of 5. 0 % between 1993 and 1998. But for the five-year period from 1998 - 2003, the CAGR is estimated to drop to about 4 %. Although colas are the most important soda flavor on the market, the strongest growth in the industry is in the non-cola segment. IV. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT A. Corporate Structure PepsiCo owns its corporate headquarters buildings in Purchase, New York. The company is engaged in the snack food, soft drink and juice businesses. Each product category is...
    Free research essays on topics related to: coca cola, potato chips, frito lay, pepsi cola, snack foods
  • Television And Radio Visual Perception
    1,417 words
    When we think about subliminal perception we usually think of a big publicity stunt for a company. What many people don't know is that subliminal perception can really be effective. Any person might say, "Naw, I can't fall for that I'm not stupid enough to fall into their trap. " For most other cases subliminal perception will attack a person in their sub-conscious state of mind. In one form or anther, subliminal perception takes many forms. It could be presented in an audio, visual, and in the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: subliminal messages, visual perception, television and radio, conscious mind, subliminal advertising
  • Dasani In The United States
    1,686 words
    Dasani In the United States Coca-Cola sells more than twenty brands of bottled waters in 100 countries. The company announced the debut of new bottled water Dasani on Feb. 19, 1999 in the United States. Independent data for full-year 1998 showed Pepsi's Aquafina as the number one water in C-stores, Evian was in number two spot. In supermarkets, Dannon leaded. Dannon is Evian's stable-mate; both owned by French-based Groupe Danone. Dasani has been a successful brand in the US. Soon after the laun...
    Free research essays on topics related to: coca cola company, bottled, bottled water, tap water, united kingdom
  • Freeze Thaw Cycle City Will Fill Holes
    588 words
    Have you ever been driving down the streets of Lead, SD? Let? s say that you are driving down the road on your way to your way to a friend? s house. You stop to pick up a coke at the gas station. You are cruising on the road to his house and all of the sudden your cars slams down hard and you lose your coke all over your pants and shirt. You are now mad at the world and start cursing at everything that moves. You might think the reason is that your front tire fell off but actually you hit a poth...
    Free research essays on topics related to: concrete, streets, ice, holes, asphalt
  • Higher Self Esteem Lot Of People
    1,247 words
    In the mind of someone who does drugs there is always a reason to take that hit of acid, that pill of ecstasy, that line of coke or that bump of crystal. Justification is a powerful tool of persuasion, it? s a manipulation tool that others can use on you but more commonly you use on yourself. You don? t have to go to work for ten hours and the acid trip will only last about seven hours so as long as you don? t go to sleep you? ll be fine. You? ll not sleep for twenty-four hours and you? ll be cr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lot of people, movie star, won t, higher self esteem, t care
  • Hustlers Ehh Untill Dey Jaws Umm Uhhh Tha
    1,385 words
    Straight off tha block hoe Vest in my hand trusting no man Got my glock cocked Running in sand you understand It be steaming blazing i swear boy its crazy holly grove 17 tha hood where i was raised in dey be bustin heads hoe runnin dublin feds hoe rocks under they tongues hoe kis under dey beds hoe good for tha real soldiers 24 - 7 hustlers (ehh) untill we shove a barrel down yo pipe sucker aint no love for no buster no fear for no coward no respect for no slut aint no money without power we dee...
    Free research essays on topics related to: tha, hot, aint, lil, block
  • San Francisco Drug Users
    452 words
    Go ask AlicAlice, the writer of the diary. Shes 15 years old when the story begins. Her real name is not known. Mom, her mother, and Dad, her father, a university professor. Alex (andrew), her sister. Tim, her brother. Gran, her grandmother, and Gramps, her grandfather. Roger, a schoolmate with who she is in love for some time. Jill Peters, a schoolmate at her first school. Gerta, Beth, Fawn, friends she meet at her new school. Jan, Marcie, drug-users at her new school. Richie, Ted, pushers. Bil...
    Free research essays on topics related to: first time, san francisco, san, drug users, alice
  • Five Years First Time
    697 words
    Since coming to school, I have met people from every part of the nation. East and West Coast, and all the way to Alaska and Hawaii. I have also met people that were born in other countries and lived in the US all their life, and people who have recently immigrated. I have noticed that different regions of the United States have varying dialects, and use different words. It is even so localized that I can tell a person from Chicago from a person that lives in Indianapolis only a 200 -mile differe...
    Free research essays on topics related to: indianapolis, first time, chicago, sack, five years
  • Andy Warhol Pop Art
    904 words
    The notorious Campbells soup can painting- Was Andy Warhol a great artist fighting materialism or was it trite radical realism unworthy of artistic critical review? This style of art, known as Pop Art, was coined by the English critic Lawrence Alloway in 1958 (Web museum, 1). The pictorial themes of Pop Art are motivated by every day life (Pop Art, 1). Some of the most common icons include: ice-cream, seven-up, Pepsi-cola, tooth paste, canned soup, cigarettes, and match boxes. With such trivial ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pop, subject matter, andy warhol, everyday life, pop art
  • Buy The Product Jerry Seinfeld
    1,860 words
    1. ) On television, a common technique to influence a viewer is to flash messages or images for so little time, that it almost seems like a flicker that really never happened. Ways that this has been used is by flashing images that are pleasing to the eye, like a flashy color, or maybe even a picture with sexual innuendo. The cheapest technique, usually used by people, like car salesmen, is to ask the viewer a string of questions, which we all know will have the answer yes. By doing this, the co...
    Free research essays on topics related to: jerry seinfeld, buy the product, target audience, joe camel, subliminal advertising

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