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  • Cherokee - 1,501 words
    The Removal of the Cherokee from their land in the 1830's remains a national disgrace today. How could our great conscientious country have done such a thing? The Cherokee were brutally moved west with disregard for the laws that existed. It showed that the United States government felt it had the power to do as it wished (Wright 280). The fate of the Cherokee was to befall most of the other Indian nations The U.S. encountered (Hudson 460). It is however, unfortunate that the Cherokee were herded together like animals because they had adopted many European ways (Wright 280). This did not satisfy the settlers' hunger for land. The growing of cotton rapidly depleted the soil, so much land was ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cherokee, cherokee nation, human life, indian territory, countryside
  • Trail Of Tears And Cherokee Women - 1,220 words
    More than 150 years ago, in 1839, the United States forced the Cherokee Nation West of the Mississippi River into what later would become the state of Oklahoma. The weather was unusually harsh that winter and the cold, the disease and the hunger cost the Cherokee Nation the lives of at least four thousand of the fifteen thousand people who traveled the thousand miles West (Perdue 93). Not only was the journey a very cruel and dangerous one for the Native Americans, but it also upset their tribal lives, particularly the tribal lives of the Cherokee women. This essay will focus on the position of the Cherokee woman in her tribe before and during the relocation West. Native American women, part ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american women, cherokee, cherokee indian, cherokee nation, indian women, tears, trail
  • The American Indian Genocide - 1,415 words
    Textbooks and movies are still hiding the genocide of Native American Indian cultures, which began five centuries ago. There were many friendly and close relationships between early immigrant settlers and native peoples, but these were not the main current in their relations. U.S. history is destroyed by acts of genocide against native people, made worse by the deadly impact of new diseases spread by contact between new settlers and native Americans. Many aggressive attempts were made to reform the Indian peoples according to European cultural models, whether under threat of death or, later, through separation to government boarding schools. Government policies guided the destruction and con ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american cultures, american expansion, american history, american indians, american life, genocide
  • Jimi Hendrix - 1,690 words
    On November 27, 1942, Jimi Hendrix was born as John Allen Hendrix in Washington at Seattle General Hospital. His childhood was not a privileged one, however, he did indulge himself in one particular way: Jimi loved to play the guitar. At first he played an old acoustic, and later a cheap Silvertone electric, which were both strung for a lefty on a right-handed guitar, one of the defining Hendrix traits (Murray 34- 5) . As a teenager, young Jimi listened to the music which affected his music so greatly later: everyone from Buddy Holly to Muddy Waters and through Chuck Berry way back to Eddie Cochrane (Wilmer 38). He played in a few bands in high school, but then dropped out before his senior ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hendrix, jimi, jimi hendrix, buddy holly, musical form
  • Were The Red Fern Grows - 1,892 words
    "I was walking along whistling when I heard the dogfight", Billy starts the story. He rescued an redbone hound dog and took it home. This brought memories back to his mind. It all happened This is a story about friendship between two coon hounds and a boy named Billy Colman. Billy is ten years old and lives in the Ozark Mountains. He had long straw-colored hair that was He wore patched and faded coveralls. Billy did not wear shoes during the summer. He was a boy and worked hard to help his mother and father. His family lived in a farm on a Cherokee land because his mother was part Cherokee Indian. Billy's mother taught Billy reading, writing and arithmetics. They lived in a log house near th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: fern, real thing, last time, cherokee indian, lying
  • Jackson - 1,340 words
    ... rs of the House, Senate and Supreme Court. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ JACKSON COMES TO POWER: THE ELECTION OF 1828 The election of 1828 was more of a "revolution" than that of 1800. Andrew Jackson won by 647,000 votes to 507,000, 178-83 in electoral college. Far more people voted for president than in 1824, as the states were beginning to let the people select presidential electors. A new two-party system emerged from the election of 1828. From then on, parties ran their candidates for President and Vice-president together as a ticket. John C. Calhoun was the last man to run for Vice President independently. (He was elected twice, und ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrew jackson, jackson, mississippi river, american history, storm
  • Trail Of Tears And The Five Civilized Tribes - 997 words
    Trial of Tears and the Five Civilized Tribes During the early years of 1800s, valuable gold deposits were discovered in tribal lands, which by previous cessions had been reduced to about seven million acres in northwest Georgia, eastern Tennessee, and southwest North Carolina. In 1819 Georgia appealed to the U.S. government to remove the Cherokee from Georgia lands. When the appeal failed, attempts were made to purchase the territory. Meanwhile, in 1820 the Cherokee established a governmental system modeled on that of the United States, with an elected principal chief, a senate, and a house of representatives. Because of this system, the Cherokee were included as one of the so-called Five Ci ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american tribe, civilized, tears, trail, trail of tears
  • The Creek - 628 words
    The name "Creek" came from the shortening of Ocheese Creek Indians a name given by the English to the native people living along the Ocheese Creek. In time, the name was given to all groups of the Native American Confederacy. All tribes living in Georgia were known to be good hunters and farmers so food was usually not a problem within the tribes. Foods ranging from coastal varieties to fruits and berries. Farmers were noted to be very good at their job. Corn, rice, and potatoes were few of the favorites, because they had large fields in their villages. Before the middle of the 16th century the Creek's controlled almost all of Georgia. At that time the Cherokee began to pressure them to move ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: creek, creek indians, new york, war of 1812, settlers
  • African American Slavery - 1,471 words
    America is a racial country, which consists of many different nation people. In the period of 17th and 18th century, Africans were the main colonials in American. By the American Revolution, 20 percent of the overall population in the thirteen colonies was of African descent. The legalized practice of enslaving blacks occurred in every colony. ' American's Journey Through Slavery, the first comprehensive television history of the international events leading to the growth of racial slavery in the United States. Expected to draw more than 20 million viewers nationwide,' (African In American) The economic realities of the southern colonies, however, perpetuated the institution, which was first ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: african, african american, african slave, african slave trade, african slavery, american, american colonies
  • Constitutional Law - 3,852 words
    Two foundations of our government, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. -Individual rights from God, give up some liberty to the state. -States do not give up their own sovereignty. -absolute power corrupts. fed. v. state Central govt of seperated powers, the three branches of limited and separate power. 1st Attempt, the Articles of Confederation. The constitution protects individuals from the government, places restrictions on the govt. I Discussion of the Supreme Court and other federal courts. II Governmental bodies created by the constitution A. Struggle between Federal v. Federal B. Struggle between Federal v. State III Struggles between the Govt (state and/or federal) ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: constitutional, constitutional law, constitutional rights, political process, due process
  • Jackson - 1,808 words
    A national hero out of the West, a natural leader, and a nationalistic symbol, Andrew Jackson had most certainly proved himself to be the first peoples president. Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States, and was the first to gain office by a direct appeal to the mass of voters. Focusing on both the highs and the lows of his two terms in office, from 1829-1837, the issues that are of main concern are states' rights, nullification, the tariff, and Indian removal and banking policies; these all are controversies that brought forth strong rivalry over his years of presidency. He was known for his iron will and fiery personality, and his strong use of the powers of his offic ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrew jackson, jackson, president andrew jackson, president jackson, supreme court
  • Violence And Gaming - 1,106 words
    The current use of gaming as an alternative form of making money on reservations may have negative effects on tribal communities. For instance, many who oppose gaming say that casinos are also a factor with crime. In addition, the issue of gaming itself is an occasional source of conflict among tribe members, conflict that in the past has erupted into violence between other people. This conflict involves concern over the impact gaming might have upon Indians. Some people are worried that the Indians money is not being handled very well. Things that have taken place in the Elem Indian Colony in Lake County, California increase the possibility of violence on reservations that have casinos. For ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: domestic violence, family violence, gaming, house judiciary committee, north carolina
  • Pigs In Heaven - 417 words
    As a sequel to The Bean Trees Barbara Kingsolvers Pigs in Heaven continues the story of Taylor and Turtle. The main events of the story start at the Hoover Dam where an illegally adopted six-year-old Cherokee kid, Turtle, saved the life of a man who fell off from the dam. This incident brings Turtle and her mother Taylor not only great recognition, but also to the attention of Annawake Fourkiller, a young Cherokee lawyer in Heaven, Oklahoma. Fourkiller finds out that the adoption of Turtle was illegal. Annawake decides to bring to Taylors attention the question of Turtle being much happier with her native tribe than with the mother. Taylor becomes afraid of losing Turtle and leaves to Seattl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: pigs, hoover dam, true love, bean trees, optimism
  • Muddbogging - 649 words
    I have a pretty healthy selection of screws, bolts, nuts, washers and miscellaneous hardware. One container handles the small sheet-metal and machine screws and nuts. Another groups the - and 5/16-inch sizes, while the big container amasses more than large nuts and bolts. Mixed in with the large assortment are emergency battery post clamps (side and top post types), bumper bolts, specialized shock bolts, large washers, drumbrake adjuster and U-joint snap rings. Actually, the small screw container is -filled with set screws, unique clips, pins and miscellaneous items too. Although the assortment is reasonably extensive, I have come up short. The objective is to attach, reattach or hold togeth ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: plastic bags, good luck, pump, luck
  • Andrew Jackson - 693 words
    Andrew Jackson: Indian Fighter Andrew Jackson is a man who was destined to be one of the most influential and dominating personas in United States history. What he is noted for is his tough attitude in any situation. This is especially true in his many battles against Indians, who he thought were savage, uncivilized people. He believed that the English were using the Indians to try and cause havoc in the states by selling guns to the Indians. The Indians would then attack settlers in the western front of the United States. In the early part of the war Jackson's feats in crushing the Creek people won him national acclaim. The Creeks were British allies, who had threatened United States southw ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: andrew, andrew jackson, jackson, president andrew jackson, states history
  • The Day I Became Mortal - 1,887 words
    By Ray Kellam Sept.20, 1998 I was truly beginning to enjoy the wonderful fruits of life. Sports were at a peak in my life. I loved my baseball and ice hockey. School was winding down to the point where everyone knows that junior year grades are the most important out of all of your four years, and I had to finish strong. Yet there was something about the changing of the seasons, perhaps the increasingly diminishing supply of threads that the girls were covering their bodies with was a tell tale sign that the green light was on. There was definitely something in the air that all high school students felt in the closing months of each year. More so was true for us immortals. You know, the guys ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mortal, on the road, lower class, law enforcement, inexperienced
  • Lacrosse - 1,162 words
    Lacrosse was one of many varieties of indigenous stickball games being played by American Indians at the time of European contact. Almost exclusively a male team sport, it is distinguished from the others, such as field hockey or shinny, by the use of a netted racquet with which to pick the ball off the ground, throw, catch and convey it into or past a goal to score a point. The cardinal rule in all varieties of lacrosse was that the ball, with few exceptions, must not be touched with the hands. Early data on lacrosse, from missionaries such as French Jesuits in Huron country in the 1630s and English explorers, such as Jonathan Carver in the mid-eighteenth century Great Lakes area, are scant ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lacrosse, annual report, women today, american indians, worldwide
  • Will Rogers - 474 words
    Will Rogers is one of Americas great folk heroes. He was born on November 4, 1879, in Oologah, Indian Territory (now Claremore Oklahoma). His full name is William Penn Adair Rogers. He was # 2340 on the official Cherokee roll. He was named for one of the most revered Cherokees Col. William Penn Adair(hence his name). Will often joked, My parents didnt come over on the Mayflower, but they met the boat. He married Miss Betty Blake in 1908, and they had four children. He grew up on a ranch and began his career as an entertainer in rodeos and Wild West shows. He made his vaudeville debut with a rope throwing act in New York City, New York, in 1905. He traveled to South Africa, Australia, and New ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: bronze statue, henry ford, south africa, bears, ford
  • The Mountians - 343 words
    I would love to live in the Mountains, because of the feeling of seclusion, the wilderness, and the natural beauty. When I am in the mountains I get the feeling of being with nature. In the mountains it is easy to get a perspective of what the Indians lost during the first Gold Rush. The mountains have a history lessen within them. When in the mountain it is very easy to get the feeling that youre the only one around for miles and miles. Most people have homes that they might feel secure in, therefore giving a sense of privacy, but when in the mountains you get a different kind of feeling. Its like being the only person around, its just a feeling like no other. The wild animals are another f ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: appalachian mountains, gold rush, natural environment, rolling, lessen
  • Irland - 852 words
    Like most Americans, my family is made up of many different ethnic groups. My mom's side is Irish Protestant descent. My dad's side is mostly English descent and a little of Native American descent from his mother. There is some in which I do not know because my dad does not know who his dad is. He was adopted by a man named David Mitchell, this is where my last name comes from. My grandmother died and never told my dad who his dad was. My dad could find out from his birth certificate, which is sealed in Albany, who his dad is. He has no Over the summer, I tried to find out about my family's ancestry. I only searched on my mom's side since it is easier. This is for two reasons, first my mom' ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: university press, bibliography references, northern ireland, boulder, discrimination

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