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  • Women In Advertising - 1,221 words
    ... d stereotype in society around women that preys on the human fear of the unknown. This only hinders the female's struggle for equality. The final concept that I observed was that of tokenism. The working women of the 90's is becoming more and more accepted , but advertisements still cannot seem to divorce themselves from the concept that the work place is just another medium in which their consumers can display themselves. They feel obligated to include the token women in work place environments who seem to enjoy modeling the latest style of working clothes, like one ad I saw which was selling the great little office dress. Little being the operative word in that sentence. They promote t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, working women, marlboro cigarettes, health problems, conforming
  • Children And Television Advertising - 3,353 words
    The following research has sought to understand the influence of television on children over the past twenty years using a variety of social models, from public policy and industry self-regulation, to how children receive and process media messages and the parental responsibility in monitoring what is acceptable for children to view. As a baseline, our research used a model of children interacting with television. We expounded on this model in an effort to seek current data and information that affects children today. Our group divided this model into the following categories: After analyzing this model, we conducted our own research to study current trends and determine whether childrens be ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, advertising industry, american advertising, deceptive advertising, local television station, television advertising, television commercials
  • Children And Television Advertising - 3,654 words
    ... in childrens modes of thinking or problem solving at different stages. Second, stages of thought form an invariant sequence in individual development, so although environmental factors may alter the rate of growth, they do not change the sequence. Third, thinking typical of his stage in numerous situations that may differ widely. Fourth, cognitive stages are hierarchical and integrative: higher stages become increasingly differentiated and at the same time integrate lower stages at a new level of organization; in short, one stage melds into another. (Wackman, Daniel B.1977) The four stages Piaget came up with were the sensorimotor stage (0-2 years old) where the infants behavior is not a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, children play, television advertising, television commercials, television programming, television programs
  • Sweet Success Again The Volkswagen Beetle Advertising Campain - 1,012 words
    The Complete Advertising and Marketing Handbook says, The average individual in the United States is exposed to 1500 to 2500 selling messages everyday (Lewis 2). That number of advertisements adds up to more then $70 billion dollars earned for newspapers, magazines, television, and radio according to Jean Kilbourne (35), and Automotive marketers are whats behind $12.8 billion in media spending every year (qtd. in Kilbourne 96). One of the most successful ad campaigns of all times happened to be an automobile advertisement. The campaign was for the original Volkswagen Beetle. Everyone recognized the Volkswagen advertisements of the 1960s. Volkswagen ads have won a list of prizes longer than a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, beetle, sweet, volkswagen, first century
  • Deception In Advertising - 1,343 words
    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was founded in 1914 after the enactment of the Federal Trade Commission Act. The Commission is headed by five Commissioners, nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate, each serving a seven-year term. The President chooses one Commissioner to act as Chairman. No more than three Commissioners can be of the same political party. The Federal Trade Commission enforces a variety of federal antitrust and consumer protection laws. The Commission seeks to ensure that the nation's markets function competitively, and are vigorous, efficient, and free of undue restrictions. The Commission also works to enhance the smooth operation of the marketplace by eli ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, deception, executive branch, administrative law, chairman
  • Deception In Advertising - 1,346 words
    ... is case Screen Test USA claimed that after signing the contract individuals gave up their right to return or request refund on products and services received. This Notice of Cancellation must be included in any direct marketing or door to door business, with two copies given to the buyer. In this case not only were individuals not given this information when they contacted the organization they were denied the right to cancel. The Federal Trade Commission makes decisions on cases everyday. How this decision is reached requires not what the advertiser meant but instead what is implied. The FTC considers the person delivering the statement, a normal speaker of English, using the words in c ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, business advertising, deception, deceptive advertising, commercial speech
  • Advertising Manipulations - 1,127 words
    Advertising is defined in the Websters dictionary as, Announcing or praising in some public medium of communication in order to induce people to buy or use the product. In order for a company to succeed, it is almost necessary for them to advertise their product. Most advertisements are often criticized for encouraging materialistic values and promoting that what one posseses is more important than who one is (Tedlow 4). Advertisers want their ad to stand out so they attempt to do so by using techniques such as humor, ongoing story lines, unexpected dialogue, unusual techniques, attention getting spokespersons, or simply by repeating ads to the extent that it is inevitable for a consumer to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, pepsi cola, social problems, vice versa, advertisement
  • Advertising Manipulations - 1,166 words
    ... opportunity The problem that exist with testimonials is that there is no way to discover if the spokesperson is a credible authority; therefore, they are not trustworthy. When testimonials are used people are claiming personal success stories about a product. The problem that exists is that there is no way to know if the testifying party is credible. Especially considering that the people chosen are impossible to contact for verification. Many times testimonials are made from people such as Christy in Memphis or Bob from Las Vegas. Who is Christy in Memphis and why should she be believed or trusted? Also, claims are often made by large, vague groups like the small town used in a Quaker ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, real thing, las vegas, young people, sexually
  • Alcohol Advertising - 421 words
    The world of advertising is exciting and diverse. It has the ability to influence society to follow certain trends or ideas. Every where you look there is some form of advertising. From television to radio, magazines to billboards, product advertising is a large factor in what we do. Alcohol advertising is one of the largest branches of advertising. Millions of dollars each year is spent to advertise alcohol. The ads use tactics to incite people to use their product. Many times people are shown smiling and having a good time. Other ads have shown beautiful women talking to plain guys because the guy was drinking a certain type of beer. Focusing on one ad in particular is the Absolut Vodka ad ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, alcohol, alcohol advertising, drink alcohol, underage drinking
  • Advertising - 1,073 words
    My Advertising Campaign is on the new 2002 Chevy Avalanche. Although this vehicle will not be available to buy until the spring of 2001, I am positive that we have a good product. Some of the strengths of the avalanche are name recognition, technical specs and its versatility. With the name Chevy on any vehicle you are almost guaranteed that the product will be of very high quality, durability, and will last a long time. Some of the technical specs that are strengths are The Chevy Vortec 5300 V8 engine with a peak horsepower of 265 horses and 320 ft.-lbs. of torque, IFS front suspension, A five link rear suspension, autotrac automatic four wheel drive system, dent and rust proof tailgate, an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, advertising campaign, oral presentation, ford explorer, length
  • Perception In Advertising - 1,149 words
    After working in the sales market for three years you begin to recognize certain things about your customers. You realize that your mood can affect their buying habits and how the attitudes can affect how you approach a prospective sale. If a person comes in showing that they have no idea about your market, you have to take the time to basically introduce them to your product. You tell them the advantages and disadvantages that your product offers. If they come in having knowledge of your product, you ask them to tell you what they already know and then correct them if there is anything they have been misinformed about. You have to make sure that what you offer for information is something t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, blood pressure, cognitive processing, total number, pertinent
  • Perception In Advertising - 1,080 words
    ... ing factual things about the bicycle that could be detected by looking at it, or it was changed so that the bulleted information was more image oriented, stating things like what people would think about you when they saw you on it. Meyers-Levy + Peracchio (1995) felt that when someone pays close attention to the ad and its claims, ads in black and white or ads that are color highlighted with factual information would be favored, and in ads where looks was the major concern of a consumer that ads with full color or ads highlighted with image related information would be more favored. In those that preferred the color advertisements consumers perceived only surface cues how well did the p ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, bibliography references, mass communication, international review, correspondence
  • Is Advertising Ethical - 1,153 words
    Advertisers main purpose is to make consumers aware of new products and services and to persuade them to buy. Granted advertising does differ from the news and entertainment media, but that doesnt mean it should not have to follow similar ethical standards. Advertising, too, should be held to the truth, as many people take it at face value and gullibly believe all or most of what is said. Although it is true that we should learn how to interpret advertisings, it is not our responsibility to interpret an advertisements honesty and accuracy. The definition of truth in this case should be the leaving out of any false statements used in an effort to deceive, and all relevant information, the goo ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, cigarette advertising, ethical, ethical considerations, ethical standards
  • Aggressive Advertising - 1,066 words
    Advertisements are everywhere, traveling by all ways possible, infiltrating the privacy that every person holds important to themselves and their family. Ads may travel inconspicuously, while the final message they deliver through radio, TV, or billboards, is a harmful nuisance, and one that may root itself unscrupulously into the unconscious minds of honest people. Companies have taken on such aggressive promotional measures that advertising has become degrading, disruptive, and destructive. One of the most corrupt forms of advertising comes from cigarette companies. Cigarette advertisements are degrading not only because the products behind them are proven to be a health hazard, but becaus ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, aggressive, tobacco advertising, short term, attorney general
  • The Art Of Advertising: Newtype Usa - 680 words
    "If advertising is not an official or state art, it is nonetheless clearly art" (Schudson). This wonderful quote clearly describes the type of advertising found in Newtype USA. The three most used techniques by advertisers in this magazine is the use of minimalist art, color, and beautiful scenery. All of these techniques appeal to an artist, and most people who watch anime tend to draw in their spare time. This makes sense considering all of the products they have in Newtype are all Japanese animation (anime). While looking through this magazine I found that every single advertisement was beautiful. Anybody that draws can appreciate the beauty of animation and in the end the quality of the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good company, computer graphics, japanese animation, purchase, impressed
  • Reason Why Advertising Vs "image" Advertising - 1,849 words
    At the beginning of XXI century, companies take extreme care when formulating and executing sales promotions and advertising campaign. In some emerging markets, advertising efforts can raise eyebrows if companies appear to be exploiting regulatory loopholes and lack of consumer resistance to intrusion. Advertising is defined as any sponsored, paid message that is communicated in a nonpersonal way. Some advertising messages are designed to communicate with persons in a single country or market area. Some advertising campaigns are created for audiences across several country markets such as Europe or Latin America, and can be defined as messages whose art, copy, headlines, photographs, tag lin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, advertising campaign, advertising industry, north america, psychological value
  • Patterns In Medicinal Advertising - 1,170 words
    One of the most innovative trends in print advertising is medicine advertisement. The content of these particular advertisements (ads) are intriguing to me. I intend to analyze five medicinal ads to find the tools used by advertisers and to explore the positive and negative aspects of advertising medicine through print ads for the public. The people who develop ads to market prescription medicine products must have an inkling of what the reader wants to see. For instance, the ads in a parenting magazine most often target mothers. The ads in a sports magazine predominately target athletes. How do the advertisers know what the reader will respond to? Patterns are tools that help us to narrow o ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, medicinal, controversial issue, side effects, dosage
  • Subliminal Advertising - 634 words
    Throughout mass media there are illegal messages that still appear, such images are also known as Subliminal Advertising. Though illegal, such incidences can never be tried nor taken to a court of law. It is highly impossible and unlikely to notice these messages. However, they are triggered by the subconscience and send neural messages to your brain that you are unaware of, thus making it hard to notice when you are seeing these things. They are illegal because it was believed in earlier incidences that cigarette ads were sending similar messages telling the youths of America to smoke. I have witnessed similar messages called Threshold Messages, these are images that are digitally re-master ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, subliminal, mass media, michael jordan, appeal
  • Sprite's Use Of Advertising In Securing Consumers - 682 words
    Advertisements of today are frivolous at best, downright ridiculous at worst. Buy this cream and never age. Wear these jeans and attract beautiful men. Get perfect abs with no effort at all. Todays market-savvy consumer will not buy into the fraudulent television commercials of yesterday. Ads that center on a products powers to transform a person into someone more hip, sexy, and fashionable, have become easily recognizable as ludicrous and false, and have thus lost their effectiveness. In the last few years, however, a new breed of commercial advertising has sprung up: the anti-ad. The Sprite soft drink corporations Image is nothing ads are a good example of how these ads, though nothing mor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, consumers, securing, television commercials, folly
  • Use Of "suggestive" Words In Today's Advertising - 504 words
    Advertising agencies use suggestive words in advertising campaigns in order to make consumers remember the product. Yet, what do these ads tell consumers about American culture? To answer this question I will be analyzing one specific billboard ad. The ad contradicts social norms. I want to find out what this ad says about American values in order to identify if this tactic is why some ad campaigns are extremely successful while others are not. During my morning commutes on Interstate 25, I often turn to billboard ads to pass the time. I have been reading billboards since I was little and you may think that by now I would remember some really great ads, and to tell you the truth, I really do ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: advertising, today's, american culture, social norms, tactic

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