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  • Grand Duke Imperial Family
    1,771 words
    ... firing ministers and ordering the Emperor and Empress to do his evil bidding. As the situation with the war worsened, and public dissatisfaction grew, the rumblings against Rasputin became louder; it was only a matter of time before those who believed Rasputin evil would try to seek their vengeance. (Baker 88). This is the letter Rasputin wrote before his horrible death he foresaw. He predicted that if he should happen to die because one of the Romanov or Romanov relatives killed him, the en...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grand duke, rasputin, romanov, par, imperial family
  • Death Of His Wife Code Of Law
    717 words
    Ivan was born on August 25, 1530 to Vasily III, who was the Grand Duke of Moscow, and Yelena Clinskaya, his wife. Vasily III died when Ivan was only three years old, and his mother, Yelena, died five years later. As a result of his fathers death, Ivan became the leader of Moscow at the age of three. Although he held a high position was ignored as a young boy. He was living in unsuitable conditions and as a consequence, suffered from malnutrition. It wasnt until 1547 that he finally got the recog...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grand duke, code of law, people of russia, death of his wife, ivan
  • Struggle For Power Ivan The Terrible
    1,404 words
    I'm doing my report on Ivan the Terrible. Ivan Vasiljevich the Terrible was born in 1530 and died in 1584. He was the son of the Grand Duke Vasili III. His mother Helena Glinsky was the daughter of a Lithuanian refugee who had found asylum in Russia. She was young, vivacious, intelligent, and beautiful. Vasili had married her after he tried to have an heir for 20 years with his first wife Salome. Vasili was in his 50 's, and Helena was 20 when Ivan was born. Ivan had another brother Yuri born 18...
    Free research essays on topics related to: struggle for power, grand duke, ivan iv, ivan the terrible, one day
  • Russian Orthodox Church Half An Hour
    1,512 words
    In the course of history there have been many people who made a difference, but were, and still are, known for being outrageous and sometimes even crazy, for example Emperor Gaius who made his horse consul, but Rasputin probably defeats them all. Rasputin was born a peasant and at a very early age became involved in religion. At age 18, he joined a monastery for three months were he became a member of the Khlysty religion. After leaving the monastery, Rasputin met Makari who influences Rasputin ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: body was found, negative influence, grand duke, half an hour, russian orthodox church
  • Grand Duke Pay Tribute
    1,412 words
    On February 14, 1009 name of Lithuania was first mentioned in writing. The oldest known historical source to have noted Lithuania is the Quendlinburg year-books. Therein, the tragic end of the mission of St. Bruno of Querfurt was documented: St. Bruno, an archbishop and monk, who was called Boniface, was struck in the head by Pagans during the 11 th year of his conversion at the Russian and Lithuanian border (in confined Russia et Little), and along with 18 of his followers, entered heaven on Ma...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lithuania, taking place, pay tribute, present day, grand duke
  • Galileo Galilei Scientific Discoveries
    2,202 words
    The Life and Achievements of Galileo Galilei The paper which I will be writing will discuss the life, discoveries, and the modern impact of the scientific accomplishments of Galileo Galilei. Born in Pisa, Italy in 1564, Galileo entered Pisa University as a medical student in 1581 and became a professor of mathematics at Padua. An astronomer and mathematician, Galileo was, unfortunately for himself, a man ahead of his time. Galileo discovered the law of uniformly accelerated motion towards the Ea...
    Free research essays on topics related to: copernican theory, scientific discoveries, galileo galilei, grand duke, scientific revolution
  • Fairy Godmother Grand Duke
    644 words
    Once upon Cinderella CINDERELLA Once upon a time there was a pretty young girl named Cinderella. Cinderella was loved by everyone because she was good and sweet and kind. But Cinderellas widowed father believed that she needed a mother. So he married again to a woman with two daughters of her own. Soon Cinderellas father died and she was left to live with her mean stepmother and two jealous stepsisters in the attic of house. Poor Cinderella had to do all the cooking and cleaning. She no longer h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: stepsisters, fairy godmother, cinderella, stepmother, grand duke
  • Professor Of Mathematics University Of Pisa
    1,945 words
    Galileo Galilei was an astronomer and mathematician, he was, a man ahead of his time. Galileodiscovered the law of uniformly accelerated motion towards the Earth, the parabolic path of projectiles, and the law that all bodies have weight. Among his other accomplishments was the improvement of the refracting telescope in 1610 and his advocacy of the Copernican theory which brought him into a conflict ideas and truths between himself and the Inquisition. He was condemned by the church whose theori...
    Free research essays on topics related to: university of chicago, professor of mathematics, scientific discoveries, galileo galilei, university of pisa
  • Ivan The Terrible Ivan Iv
    444 words
    Ivan IV, Tsar of Russia is better known as Ivan the terrible. In the following paragraphs I will depict major events in his life and the role he played in Russia. I will also exhibit the many positive things that he did. As well as the negative things that he did to Russian society during his reign of thirty-seven years. I will debate the fact that Ivan IV was nick named Ivan the terrible. Ivan IV was born on August 25, 1530, in Moscow. He was the son of Vasily III, the grand duke of Moscow, who...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ivan, ivan the terrible, positive attributes, ivan iv, grand duke
  • Iron Ore Grand Duke
    1,024 words
    Location Luxembourg is located Luxembourg Luxembourg Location Luxembourg is located in Europe and is bordered by Belgium, Germany and France. On a map, it is located at 50 N latitude and 6 E longitude. Luxembourg is very small. It is only 998 square miles, which is roughly the size of Orange County, California. All the country is inhabited, with most people living in the southern part. The Flag The flag of Luxembourg was adopted in 1845. The colors come from the Coat of Arms of Luxembourg and ar...
    Free research essays on topics related to: luxembourg, iron ore, grand duke, small country, world book
  • Grand Duke Blood Vessels
    963 words
    In his book, The Last Tsar, Edvard Radzinsky describes a very interesting viewpoint of the life and death of Nicholas Alexandrovich, the last Russian Tsar. Radzinsky's illustration of this ill-fated monarch follows the diaries of Nicholas from their beginning on March 1, 1881, to the final entry on July 16, 1918. 1 Radzinsky mainly goes over pre-marital relationship between Nicholas and Alexandra, the medical condition of Nicholas son, Alexei, and the imprisonment and execution of Nicholas and h...
    Free research essays on topics related to: imperial family, blood vessels, nicholas ii, july 16, grand duke
  • Thirty Two Feet Written In Florence Torricelli
    494 words
    I chose to do my report on Evangelista Torricelli. The reason I chose to do him is because he is both Italian and male. I am also both Italian and male which would be my connection to him. Evangelista Torricelli is an Italian mathematician and physicist. He was born in Faenza on October 15, 1608. And died in Florence on October 25, 1647. Torricelli was educated at the Jesuit College of Faenza, where he showed such great aptitude for the math and sciences. There he met Castelli, the favorite pupi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: grand duke, mercury, vacuum, galileo, florence

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