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  • Marge And Homer Dan And Roseanne Television
    694 words
    Sex and intimacy on television has long been a fought over topic in our society. For years, the FCC and the MPAA have censored any content they deem sexually or verbally explicit from our viewing, and as we know television is one of the largest influences on our culture ever artificially created. Still though, sex and intimacy seep through the cracks of the system and During the early days of television, sexual situations were rare and intimate moments were few and far between. On "I Love Lucy",...
    Free research essays on topics related to: homer, intimate, marge, married couple, intimacy
  • Baseball Bat 00 Pm
    1,071 words
    Sitting at Starbucks, drinking coffee. Last night I sat outside her house watching and waiting, Im convinced she new I was there. Still I sat outside watching waiting for my delivery to arrive. I was waiting for hours, waiting to catch a glimpse of my sweet, and her short hair black as ebony, her fair comp lection almost angelic, her soft voluptuous lips, her cute little nose and her devilishly sexy green eyes. I only wanted to see her one more time. However this is the same story I had been tel...
    Free research essays on topics related to: baseball bat, 00 pm, ben, 30 pm, waiting
  • Orson Welles Citizen Kane
    1,214 words
    The biggest mistake we have made is to consider that films are primarily a form of entertainment. The film is the greatest medium since the invention of movable type for exchanging ideas and information, and it is no more at its best in light entertainment than literature is at its best in the light novel. -Orson Welles Orson Welles was passionate about film. By the young age of 25, he had directed, produced, and starred in what is today considered by most to be the greatest movie ever made, Cit...
    Free research essays on topics related to: rko, citizen kane, orson welles, kane, welles
  • End Of The Movie Change The World
    1,106 words
    ... the reporter Trevor says, The world is not exactly shit. Things can be changed, but only if people are not afraid. The other persuasive goal was to get people to not be afraid to help others, and tell those people to help other like they were helped. This was shown with Trevor's first beneficiary of kindness. When he invites a strange young man whom his homeless back to his house to eat a normal meal and have a place to sleep. This build ethos; anyone who invites a homeless drug addict in th...
    Free research essays on topics related to: end of the movie, young black, homeless people, change the world, drug addicts
  • Beginning Of The Film Camera Angles
    569 words
    Symbolism in The Grifters The Novel and Film of The Grifters had many uses of symbolism, supporting the theme of sexual corruption, and the fall of the three main characters craft of the grift. In the novel, symbolism was tougher to pick out. However, the descriptions of the characters created symbolic visualizations of their personalities and human nature. The film had more obvious uses of symbolism through the choice of womens clothes, the characters actions, and their language. In the film, s...
    Free research essays on topics related to: human nature, beginning of the film, camera angles, symbolized, roy
  • Reservoir Dogs Mr Orange Movie
    668 words
    Reservoir Dogs is a gangster movie with a difference. Instead of the gangsters being portrayed as slick professionals who always stay calm and collected, they are portrayed realistically. Reservoir Dogs is about a group of 5 professional thieves who attempt to rob a jewellery store. However, one of the team, Mr Orange (played by Tim Roth) is an undercover police officer. After the group enter the jewellery store and employee turns on an alarm and one of the men, Mr Blonde starts shooting the sta...
    Free research essays on topics related to: reservoir, robbery, dogs, reservoir dogs, orange
  • Forced To Work Character Development
    936 words
    The most apparent difference between Dracula and Nosferatu is that one was made while film was still without sound-at least dialogue-and the other was not. This difference, though not a revelation in itself, leads to a great number of much more in-depth contrasts that deserve discussion. In making a silent film, a director must rely on sight-and a certain amount of text-to portray to the audience his intended emotional, and intellectual reaction. As a result of this, the director is not able to ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: forced to work, director, dracula, great number, character development
  • Supreme Courts Hard Core
    787 words
    From smutty words to filthy pictures, everyones got an opinion on porn. And deep down inside, everyone likes some form of it. You can disagree till your face turns blue, however the porn industry is a money making lucrative world, and we are the reason why. No matter what you look like, someone out there is turned onto your naked (or clothed) flesh, whether you like it or not. And thats the beauty of porn. It brings a little smile to a persons life. Women in the SOB industry, weather they are go...
    Free research essays on topics related to: female body, supreme courts, pornography, porn, hard core
  • Movie Theater Parking Lot
    845 words
    It was Friday night January 12 and Tanya, Heidi, and I were on our way to the movies. We drove in Heidi's brand new 2000 silver Mustang. We were in the car listening to music and happy to get to see the movie that we have been waiting to see. We were going to see Save the Last Dance at 7: 25 at Creve Coeur AMC Theater. Heidi took Lindbergh south to Old Olive until we reached the movie theater. The next exit was Old Olive and we got off at it. At that time it was about 7: 10. The movie was going ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: olive, parking lot, heidi, movie theater, theater
  • Word Of Mouth Word Of Mouth Tactic Marketing
    595 words
    Undercover Marketing is an unconventional strategy used to attract consumers. It is where the consumer doesn't realize they " re being marketed to. The goal of any undercover campaign is to generate a "buzz" about a new product. The largest appeal of undercover marketing is that it offers free "word of mouth" that can reach many consumers. There are a few ways to implement this kind of marketing. One way is to hire models or celebrities to be seen drinking a particular new beverage at a bar. Ano...
    Free research essays on topics related to: glove, undercover, word of mouth, fake, mouth
  • Citizen Kane Textual Analysis Of The Picnic Scene
    1,070 words
    ... g him appear older and obviously prostrate. Despite his casual dress, the top button of his shirt remains fast and his coat clasped between his hands. With his chin on his chest he appears fragile yet stubborn. His tone spells out his weariness and his boredom with Susan's continuing attack. His obvious attempt to avoid the discussion through remarks on Susan's volume and his wish for her to cease display his desire to avoid conflict and keep up appearances with the guests. Kane's character ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: citizen kane, g k hall, orson welles, york mcgraw hill, angle shot
  • Lee Harvey Oswald John F Kennedy
    880 words
    The cheers and cries of the crowd were roaring and still escalating as he approached. The 1961 Lincoln Continental peered over the corner. The flap of hands in the air blocked the lens momentarily. Two security motorcycles made the turn on Elm Street and I felt excitement circulate my entire body as I knew any second the 35 th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, would appear. My legs trembled as I felt the breeze of the motorcade approach me. I was perched on a stone on Elm Street g...
    Free research essays on topics related to: john f kennedy, elm street, lee harvey oswald, kennedy, oswald
  • Ray Bradbury Poor Family
    873 words
    In Ray Bradbury's, Fahrenheit 451, he predicts a dismal future full of technology, which has been over run with censorship and propaganda. When Bradbury presents his predictions for the future, he depicts many devices and ideas that are now a reality, even though the book was written over 40 years ago. In a discrete fashion, he proposes his thoughts on censorship and propaganda. Thereupon, Bradbury emphasizes the power of propaganda in peoples minds, changing their own opinions. Thus concluding,...
    Free research essays on topics related to: propaganda, bradbury, fahrenheit 451, poor family, ray bradbury
  • High Neck Home Video Rocco
    601 words
    Everyone lives in a different reality, that is why people enjoy watching movies. It gives insight into the world s of others. Film directors strive to portray their characters lives as believable as possible. Many help set up the authenticity with costumes and such. In The Governess Goldbacher sets the historical reality with subtle elegance. In the scene where Rosina enters the dining area to inform her employers of her departure, all are dressed in attire associated with the English Victorian ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: neck, home video, rocco, camera, dress
  • Queen Elizabeth King Edward
    1,696 words
    P. Wheeler October 02, 2000 Richard III Director: Richard Loncraine Screenplay: Richard Loncraine and Ian Mckellen Starring: Ian Mckellen as Richard Annette Bening as Queen Elizabeth Kristin Scott Thomas as Lady Anne Maggie Smith as Duchess of York Date: 1995 Time: 1 hour 44 minutes Civil war divides the nation, the first caption we see at the onset of this adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III sets the tone for scenes to come later in the movie. It starts by focusing on Shakespeare's underlyi...
    Free research essays on topics related to: lord stanley, queen elizabeth, king edward, original text, richard iii
  • Ghost Hunters Society International Ghost Hunters Society People
    980 words
    Scared Straight Have you ever heard strange creaks or groans that you cant seem to explain? Have lights flick on or off without anyone touching a switch? Maybe youve felt cold blasts of air even when all the windows were shut, or your dog suddenly starts barking for no apparent reason. If any of these things have happened then there could be reason to believe that ghosts are part of the situation. Billions of people report ghost visitations every year, and to not accept the fact that there might...
    Free research essays on topics related to: boards, ghosts, vapor, cloud, photograph
  • Hubble Space Telescope Space Shuttle
    585 words
    The Hubble Space Telescope The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the worlds most powerful earth-orbiting reflecting telescopes. With its capability of producing images from any wavelength, the HST is the eyes of the universe for scientists on earth. The HST has a capability of operating at any wavelength from a near infrared level to a visible range to an ultraviolet level. Because of this capability, scientists can view toward the outmost reach of the universe. The HST has a 2. 4 meter objective...
    Free research essays on topics related to: hubble space telescope, space shuttle, lens, mirror, telescope
  • Piece Of Tar Paper Piece Of Tar Floor
    1,254 words
    Dunlap, Lawrence HEW 101 January 11, 1997 Narrative Essay You Need New Shingles On The Roof If You Want New Kitchen Cabinets Bob Vila, the host of Home Again, always makes his projects look so easy. Most people fail to realize why good ole? Bob is able to make things appear so easy on television. You see, Bob has a fifty man crew made up of world class carpenters hidden out of site behind the camera. These carpenters are the best and are armed to the teeth with Sears? best craftsman power tools....
    Free research essays on topics related to: kitchen, floor, cast iron, cabinets, bob
  • Black And White Back And Forth
    873 words
    Surrealism, Naturalism, and Expressionism Three defining characteristics of the movies of the 60 s that we have observed are surrealism, naturalism, and expressionism. Surrealism is 20 th century literary and artistic movement that attempts to express the looking's of the sub conscience by fantastic imagery and incongruous juxtaposition of subject matter. Naturalism is the characters within inherited characteristics placed in an environment. History shapes the protagonists rather than being shap...
    Free research essays on topics related to: violent death, fantasy, black and white, back and forth, subject matter
  • Jane Eyre Mr Rochester
    354 words
    Jane Jane Eyre Jane Eyre Jane Eyre was originally a book, by Charlotte Bronte. It has now been made into a movie. There are two versions of the movie the BPC version, which is the British version and the American version. Both movies are very good and tell the story different. The British version is more like the book. It tells most scenes from the book. The American is shorter and doesn t tell the whole story of Jane Eyre s life. The American version has a bigger budget, you can tell by the set...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mr rochester, jane, eyre, version, jane eyre

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