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  • How A Country Was Britain By 1914
    907 words
    How democratic a country was Britain in 1914? During the late 19 th and early 20 th Century, several acts were passed by Parliament in an effort to make Britain more democratic. However, whether Britain was completely democratic by 1914 is an issue for debate. In order to decide how democratic Britain was we must first establish what a democracy is. The nine major factors which make a system democratic involve providing a secret ballot to ensure privacy, holding regular elections to make sure it...
    Free research essays on topics related to: freedom of speech, secret ballot, house of lords, universal suffrage, eligible to vote
  • 17 Th Century House Of Commons
    1,981 words
    Was ancient Athens truly democratic? Do you agree with Rousseau's criticism of representative democracy: (The people) is only free when is elects its members of parliament; as soon as (the representatives) are elected, the people is enslaved? Overall, which type of democracy is best? The origins of democracy and its attempts to involve citizens in the process and decision making of government originated in Athens in 508 bc by Cleistenes of Athens. It is important to remark that throughout histor...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 17 th century, house of commons, representative democracy, ancient athens, house of lords
  • House Of Lords Reform Bill
    1,732 words
    In 1850, Britain was an undemocratic country. At this time the electoral system divided Boroughs and Counties. Voting qualifications were different in boroughs and constituencies. The vote was only given to men over the age of 21 providing their property was valued at 10 or more, or land was more than 2 per year in rent. Seats were distributed unequally and traditional ruling families usually formed the Cabinet. Furthermore, bribery and corruption were widespread and only the minority of the pop...
    Free research essays on topics related to: house of lords, paying job, basic education, political system, reform bill
  • House Of Lords Plays An Important
    1,386 words
    Clearly, in such a populated country such as Great Britain, a Second Chamber of Parliament also known as the House of Lords is necessary. Although the House of Lords cannot execute much power, compared to the House of Commons, it is a vital part of British Government. The House of Lords plays an important part in revising, potentially delaying legislation and as well as keeping a check on Government by scrutinizing its activities. It complements the work of the Commons, whose members are elected...
    Free research essays on topics related to: house of commons, labour government, labour party, plays an important, house of lords
  • Early Nineteenth Century Eligible To Vote
    1,471 words
    Britain aimed to become a democratic country throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. By 1928, a democracy was very close to being achieved. For a democracy in Britain, there had to be universal suffrage, where every man and women have the right to vote regardless of class. Also a secret ballot must be in place to prevent corruption. Equal sizes of constitutions need to be enforced, with regular elections and elected members of government. In a democracy, the voters must have civil rig...
    Free research essays on topics related to: universal suffrage, secret ballot, house of lords, early nineteenth century, eligible to vote
  • Court Of Appeal House Of Lords
    1,105 words
    Civil courts in England and Wales Most cases dealing with claims for less than about 25000 start in the local County Court of which there are 250. Cases are heard by a legally qualified judge. An appeal can be taken from the District Judge to the Circuit Judge. County Court decisions are not binding in other County Court cases but are generally followed unless there is good reason not to. Cases involving larger sums of money or more important legal points are raised in the High Court. The High C...
    Free research essays on topics related to: england and wales, court of appeal, chief justice, high court, house of lords
  • House Of Lords Voluntary Euthanasia
    981 words
    ... rly arbitrary. Advocates of the legalization of euthanasia, such as the philosophers Peter Singer and Helga Kuhse, who embrace such arbitrariness, do so without any evident concern for the subversion of the foundations of justice which the arbitrariness entails. 4. Legalization of voluntary euthanasia would also encourage the practice of non-voluntary euthanasia without benefit of legalization This would happen in two ways: firstly, it has proved to be the case that those who begin by saying...
    Free research essays on topics related to: legalization, voluntary, voluntary euthanasia, euthanasia, house of lords
  • How Democratic Was Britain By 1914
    973 words
    In a democracy, there should be a vote for all adults and voters should be able to cast their votes without fear. The country should be divided into equal constituencies and anyone should be able to stand as an M. P. The government should be by the elected representatives of the people elections should be held regularly. In order to ascertain whether Britain was democratic by 1914 it is necessary to examine whether these features were in place at that date. One of the most important features of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: working class, m p, house of lords, franchise, skilled workers
  • 19 Th Century 18 Th Century
    1,926 words
    The earliest and most persistent movement for social reform concerned child labor. Children formed an important component of the industrial labor force because employers could pay them lower wages. From a very young age they worked the same hours as their parents in the same difficult conditions. Parliament first limited the hours children could work in textile factories in 1833, following a public outcry over a parliamentary inquiry into working conditions for children. The law prevented childr...
    Free research essays on topics related to: house of lords, 18 th century, house of commons, 20 th century, 19 th century
  • Acts Of Violence House Of Lords
    1,137 words
    Many defenses exist which provide either that the accused in question is not guilty of the offence charged, or that the accused is guilty of a lesser offence. As everyone knows the best defense to have on your side is a good alibi: proof that the accused could not have possibly committed the offence in question. This essay will discuss the defense of insanity and if it is a valid and logical defense to use in a courtroom. The defense of insanity has caused much discussion among judges and lawyer...
    Free research essays on topics related to: house of lords, acts of violence, insanity, mental disorder, external factors
  • House Of Lords Bill Of Rights
    506 words
    1. Define Democratic Government. Suggest three Democratic inadequacies in Britain today. Democratic government is a political system based on the principles of freedom and equality. Democratic government mental systems embrace multi-party Parliament. They advocate free and fair elections, where every voter has a one vote, and no vote counts more than another. Democratic governments advocate basic Civil liberties such as Free Speech, Freedom to Worship, and the Freedom to move. In a liberal democ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: written constitution, bill of rights, representative democracy, direct democracy, house of lords
  • Universal Male Suffrage House Of Commons
    2,081 words
    Introduction: The process of industrialization in England and on the Continent created an enlargement of the middle classes, e. g. the merchants, bankers, etc. Therefore, it became increasingly difficult for the conservative landowning aristocrats and monarchs to retain their power over society. The term liberalism was first used in England in around 1819. Liberal ideas of freedom of trade, freedom of speech etc. were largely shaped by the French Revolution, as were most other political doctrine...
    Free research essays on topics related to: house of lords, universal male suffrage, eligible to vote, house of commons, political and economical
  • House Of Lords Guy Fawkes
    1,034 words
    Fawkes Guy, was one of the greatest conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot. Fawkes, pronounced fawkes Guy, English conspirator, born in York. A protestant by birth, he became a Roman Catholic after the marriage of his widowed mother to a man of Catholic background and sympathies (Miller 578). In 1593 he enlisted in the Spanish Army in Flanders and in 1596 participated in the capture of the city of Calais by the Spanish in their war with Henry IV of France. He became implicated with Thomas Winter and ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: spanish army, brother, roman catholic, house of lords, guy fawkes
  • House Of Lords Lower Courts
    497 words
    Judicial Precedent Essay plan Intro Say what precedent is: ? Stare deceit et non quiet more? = Stand by what has been decided and do not unsettle the established. Which means a decision made in one case is binding on all following cases of similar fact in lower courts. Then say: there are 3 main principles involved. (1) Ratio Decided = the reasoning behind the judges decision. This is the binding element of a judgement / case (2) Reliable system of law reporting: there are thousands of cases eac...
    Free research essays on topics related to: judges, house of lords, r v, decisions made, lower courts
  • House Of Lords Court Of Appeal
    1,082 words
    ESSAY: a) Explain and illustrate the operation of the doctrine of judicial precedent. b) How far is it true to say judges are bound by decisions in earlier cases? A) Judicial precedent is where the past decisions of the judges create law for future judges to follow. English precedent is based on the Latin, stare decision, meaning stand by what has been said in the past. This allows the rules system to be consistent: like cases treated alike, and it is just, as people can decide on a course of co...
    Free research essays on topics related to: court of appeal, lower courts, house of lords, decisions made, r v
  • World War Ii House Of Lords
    914 words
    The 1890 s was in time for transformation for the English society. After Queen Victoria died the heart of the Victorian culture seemed to fade. England was beginning to experience economic competition from other states and a gradual decline from its former pinnacle of power. Politically, the Parliament experienced some fundamental power shifts after the turn of the century. This essay will address the climate of change in the English culture and its expressions. The changes occurred in two separ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: house of commons, prime minister, house of lords, world war ii, turn of the century

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