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  • Views On The British Empire - 500 words
    There are several attitudes towards the empire expressed in the music and visual material provided. The key attitude of the British toward the Empire is patriotism, which naturally is followed by pride, then in turn developed in self-righteousness and ego. The strong sense of patriotism grew when the British power provided peace and wealth. Days of plenty and years of peace; March of a strong lands swift increase; as Henry H. Bennett wrote in The Flag Goes By. Citizens were brought up in an environment that taught them to love Britain. The Empire-day Catechism of League of the Empire, informed the duties of a British citizen: To be the loyal friend of all fellow subjects of the King-EmperorK ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: british empire, king edward, the chosen, milton, grand
  • Ben Franklin Biographycritique - 1,621 words
    In his many careers as a printer, moralist, essayist, civic leader, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, and philosopher, for later generations of Americans he became both a spokesman and a model for the national character. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts on Jan. 17, 1706, into a religious Puritan household. His father, Josiah, was a candlemaker and a skillful mechanic. His mother, Abiah Bens parents raised thirteen children--the survivors of Josiahs seventeen children by two wives (#1). Franklin left school at ten years old when he was pressed into his father's trade. At twelve Ben was apprenticed to his half brother James, a printer of The New England Courant. He generally absorb ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: benjamin franklin, franklin, franklin stove, simple life, wild oats
  • Barbados - 398 words
    Barbados is an independent country, formerly a British colony, and the most easterly island of the West Indies. Its capital and only port of entry is Bridgetown. The island is underlain with folded sedimentary deposits, and a surface layer of coral attains 90 m (300 ft) in thickness. In the northeastern parts, erosion has exposed rugged ridges and ravines. The climate is warm and pleasant. The average annual temperature is about 27 C (80 F), and little daily or annual variation occurs. A dry season (from December to May) alternates with a wet season. The average annual rainfall is about 1,500 mm (60 in). Barbados is one of the world's most densely populated countries. Nearly 90% of the islan ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: barbados, political economy, british empire, west indies, sutton
  • Zimbabwe - 445 words
    Many years ago, groups of hunters organized together and lived in the area now known as Zimbabwe. Over time this group of hunters were slowly taken over by a more powerful group of people called the Shona who spoke on of the many Bantu languages. The Shona moved in to Zimbabwe around the time of Christ. They raised livestock and farmed on land that they used the slash and burn technique to clear. By 1500 A.D. Zimbabwe was ruled by the Shona by kings known as Munhumutapa's. These rulers ruled until about the 17th century when Changamire and Rozwi kingdomes threatened their power. The Rozwi kingdom conquiered the Shoni and ruled Zimbabwe for about 100 years. The kingdom lost all organization a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: zimbabwe, british empire, over time, british government, extend
  • The Campaign For North Africa The Battle Of El Alamein - 1,131 words
    The Campaign for North Africa: The Battle of El Alamein "Strategically and psychologically, El Alamein ranks as a decisive battle of World War II. It initiated the Axis decline. The victory saved the Suez Canal, was a curtain-raiser for the Anglo-American invasion of North Africa 4 days later, and was a prelude to the debacle of Stalingrad. Allied morale soared, particularly in the British Empire, proud to have at long last a victorious army and general; Axis morale correspondingly dipped. Hitlers order that Rommel should stand fast (rescinded 48 hours later, after the Desert Fox had already started to withdraw) contributed to the ruin of Rommels army." El Alamein appears to be nothing but a ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: africa, north africa, north african, middle east, british isles
  • Gandi - 558 words
    In the early 1600's, the British Empire took control of the Indian government and forced the Indians to conform to their new laws. Ancient rich traditions and religions were thrown out and made illegal by ruthless British generals eager to make India another England. Indians were no longer permitted to walk on the sidewalks and they were restricted to walk on the main roads. Also the Indians were forced to carry an identity card with them at all times. The native Indians were in great pain seeing their way of life trampled on by the British. Many moons passed and no one in India successfully fought back against the oppressive British. This all changed when a small man, born in the ancient ci ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: mohandas karamchand gandhi, british government, native indians, permitted, jail
  • Taxation - 2,200 words
    "How the British Empire tried to enforce obedience through Taxation" Any historical event with-world changing consequences will always have two sides to the story. What most Americans refer to today as the American Revolution is no different. As Americans, most of us view eighteenth-century England as a tyrannical power across the ocean, and see men like George Washington as heroes who fought against the oppressor. If history and wars were that simple, everyone would understand them, and the need for wars would be diminished. The truth is, England was not as tyrannical to the colonies as one would have thought. Actually, the rebels had no idea, nor any intention of establishing a new and sep ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: taxation, american revolution, townshend acts, british crown, minister
  • Taxation - 2,173 words
    ... amous Boston Tea Party expressed the dislike of British rule. All of the tea, which had been left on the merchant ships, was dumped into the Boston Harbor in response to the tax on tea. Of course, Parliament could not allow this type of rebellion; the destruction of property, to go unpunished, so a new set of laws was created. The news of the Boston Tea Party reached Parliament in early 1774. The members of Parliament, as well as King George III, were outraged. There was no way that this display of disobedience by the colonists was going to go unpunished. They had wasted more than 400 cases of tea, and someone was going to have to pay for that destruction of property. In response to the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: taxation, taxation without representation, british crown, boston harbor, minister
  • Declaration Of Independence - 672 words
    1. Give a brief description of following events that led to the ratification of the Declaration of Independence: The Stamp Act of 1765, the Townshend Acts of 1767, and the Boston Tea Party of 1773. The Stamp Act of 1765 was the first major controversy between Great Britain and its North American colonies began over the Stamp Act. The act placed tax on all paper products. Britain felt the act was justified, since it needed money to support military undertakings in North America. The colonist saw no justification at all. Protests soon followed, ranging from refusal to buy the stamps to full-out riots. The colonists objected to the tax because they were not represented in Parliament. In 1766 Pa ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: declaration, declaration of independence, new hampshire, townshend acts, ratification
  • George Orwell The Author And His Times - 1,356 words
    George Orwell: The author and his times George Orwell was a quiet, decent Englishman who passionately hated two things: inequality and political lying. Out of his hatred of inequality came a desire for a society in which class privileges would not exist. This to him was "democratic socialism." His hatred of political lying and his support for socialism led him to denounce the political lie that what was going on in the Soviet Union had anything to do with socialism. As long as people equated the Soviet Union with socialism, he felt, no one could appreciate what democratic socialism might be like. And so, he says, he "thought of exposing the Soviet myth in a story that could be easily underst ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: george orwell, orwell, spanish civil, british empire, tutor
  • Speech By Neville Chamberlain - 1,406 words
    British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave this speech to the House of Commons on September 1, 1939, just hours after Hitler's troops had invaded Poland. Chamberlain and others had spent years negotiating with Hitler in order to prevent another war in Europe, two decades after the Great War in which an entire generation of young men had been wiped out. Negotiations with Hitler had included surrendering the sovereign rights of Czechoslovakia and standing by as Hitler's troops took Austria. By 1939, Hitler desired war and any further attempts to negotiate peace were doomed to failure. The Nazis then staged a fake attack on a German radio outpost along the German-Polish border and used tha ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: chamberlain, neville, neville chamberlain, turning back, british empire
  • Immigration Into America - 1,143 words
    In the eyes of the early American colonists and the founders of the Constitution, the United States was to represent the ideals of acceptance and tolerance to those of all walks of life. When the immigration rush began in the mid-1800s, America proved to be everything but that. The millions of immigrants would soon realize the meaning of hardship and rejection as newcomers, as they attempted to assimilate into American culture. For countless immigrants, the struggle to arrive in America was rivaled only by the struggle to gain acceptance among the existing American population. It has been said that immigration is as old as America itself. Immigration traces back as far as the 1500s when the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, america today, chinese immigration, immigration, american culture
  • Ap Revolutionary Essay - 1,550 words
    There comes a time when a student outperforms his teacher, this is also the case in the colonization of the American Continent. It took a while for the inhabitants to realize that they were better off without the British monarchy, but the colonists did not realize this immediately; it took years of British oppression to cause the colonists to rebel. The primary reason that the colonists rebelled was that they were sick of heavy unfair taxes, and restrictions on trade. There were also several other contributing factors. The main factor that caused the colonists to rebel was the heavy taxation. The colonists were taxed heavily from the beginning, but the taxes that caused the most strife occur ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: revolutionary, american revolution, court system, boston massacre, currency
  • American Revolution - 1,155 words
    One of the central myths that many Americans entertain about the Revolutionary War is that victory over the British redcoats was quick and easy. A united, freedom-loving country rose up in righteous anger at the King's tyrannical actions, grabbed their trusty flintlocks, hid behind trees and walls, defeated the dull British soldiers who were sitting ducks in their scarlet uniforms, and established the United States of America. Throughout the story, there is a certain inevitability about American victory. This story raises many problems. If victory was so easy, why did it take eight and a half years for the Americans to win it? There is also the question of Valley Forge, which Americans have ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: american, american family, american military, american revolution, american revolutionary, american revolutionary war, french revolution
  • The Rise Of Superpowers - 1,944 words
    THE RISE OF THE SUPERPOWERS: HOW WWII BUILT THEM THE RISE OF THE SUPERPOWERS: HOW WWII BUILT THEM It is often wondered how the superpowers achieved their position of dominance. It seems that the maturing of the two superpowers, Russia and the United States, can be traced to World War II. To be a superpower, a nation needs to have a strong economy, an overpowering military, immense international political power and, related to this, a strong national ideology. It was this war, and its results that caused each of these superpowers to experience such a preponderance of power. Before the war, both nations were fit to be described as great powers, but it would be erroneous to say that they were s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: united states, free trade, great britain, pearl, dominate
  • Winston Churchill - 1,149 words
    Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill were contemporaries of Hitler, and each had his own opinion about appeasing him. They completely disagreed about what In Neville Chamberlains speech In Defense Of Appeasement he supports peace at all costs for Europe, regardless of any other factors. He believed that the Czech Government should agree to give Germany the territory that it wanted, and in time, the population concerned would be treated fairly under their rule. Chamberlain said that no matter how much Britain wanted to help Czechoslavakia in their time of need, they could not involve the entire British Empire in war because of one small nation. He was a man of peace(Perry 373) and did no ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: churchill, winston, winston churchill, house of commons, national defense
  • India - 1,088 words
    Indias long struggle for independence started in 1857 with East India Company. British originally came to do business in India but later on took over India. There was a great battle fought in India in 1857. The kingdoms fought east India Company troops with weapons and many lives were lost. However, shortly after that in 1858, British rule was introduced. A British Governor was sent to India and India was made part of British Empire. India felt they needed democracy. They wanted to stop exploitation of Indian people by Britain. This battle was fought to get self-rule and freedom from Britain. In 1869, a great person was born, who spent all his life fighting injustice. His name was Mohandas K ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: east india, india, india and pakistan, india company, new york
  • Apartheid - 1,325 words
    About 400,000 Americans die every year because of health problems due to smoking. 1.5 million people quit smoking a year, but 50 million keep on going. Those 50 million people are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine addiction is when a person psychologically, physically, and socially has a compulsive need for nicotine. There is a persistent craving for the nicotine product. Out of all the people who smoke, 80% started before the age of 21. This means that you are more likely to start smoking as a teenager than any other age. It would follow that teenagers are more susceptible to the addiction. How do we prevent teens from staring to smoke. I feel that prevention starts in the home. Teach your kid ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: apartheid, british colony, health problems, human rights, cigarette
  • Ghandi - 1,152 words
    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, known as the Mahatma, a Divine Soul, emerged as the leader of the Indian National Congress. He was like a powerful current of fresh air that made the Indian people stretch themselves and take deep breaths; like a beam of light that pierced the darkness and removed the scales from their eyes; like a whirlwind that upset many things, but most of all the working of people's minds. # Gandhi was born in 1869, and was assassinated in January 1948 while praying by the fanatic Hindu, Nathuram Godsey. Gandhi was as well and born into the second highest cast. Hindus hold the belief that people get born in a cast in which they stay their whole life. When their behavior accor ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ghandi, national congress, mohandas karamchand gandhi, great britain, gandhi
  • Ghandi - 1,102 words
    ... rica as well as in India. He used the time in jail to think and plan other actions. He also used the time to think about how he could help the Untouchables. He was a religious man and believed in casts but he did not think that God wanted Untouchables not to have rights. He went for long walks through India to collect money for the Untouchables and he fought for their rights his whole life. He also fought for the peaceful understanding of different religions. When fights broke out between Hindus and Moslems he tried to talk to them and when that did not help he started to fast which he did a lot of times in his life. Once he nearly fasted to death when Hindus and Moslems fought against e ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ghandi, desmond tutu, nuclear power, public opinion, waste

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