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  • Brave New World Vs Matrix - 1,199 words
    Since the begging of humanity, mankind tries to predict the soon to be future. Many scientific books and movies thrilled readers and viewers with visions of the future world. The book "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley and the movie "Matrix" directed by The Wachowski Brothers tried to put forth-such views. The strongest theme in both the book and the movie was the idea that as humanity progresses through the centuries, the advancement of science leads to perfecting the world that man lives in, which in turn conflicts with human individuality. Although, the concept is similar in both the book and the movie the portrayal of the conflict is different. Both, the movie and the book, show the futu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, matrix, old world, real world, world wide, world wide web
  • Commentary On Brave New World - 436 words
    In chapters four through six of brave new world Christianity is shown to be unnecessary."People," as Birnbaum states, "are never taught religion, and are conditioned so they'll never be alone and think about the possibility of God" (3). The creation of a religion is almost similar to an act of artistic expression; as it requires an enormous amount of emotion and individual belief. With an idea of a higher being and consequently an idea of a more important aspect of life than just remaining stable would be detrimental to the utopian world. Instead of pondering an afterlife, the citizens remain true to their society which is shown when a character states, "Fine to think we can go on being soci ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, commentary, human soul, john the savage
  • Post Industrial Society A Brave New World - 1,301 words
    Post Industrial Society: A Brave New World? Aldous Huxley was born on July 26, 1894 in Surrey, England. He was born to a very scholarly family, most notably his grandfather T.H. Huxley, a well-known biologist and foremost advocate for Darwins evolutionary theory. Aldous upbringing was shaped by many diverse influences, from his brother Julian, a notable biologist, to his mothers uncle Matthew Arnold, a well-known English poet and literary critic. This mix of disciplines led to Huxleys eclectic interests, which ranged from anthropology to zoology and from literature to mysticism. These interests eventually drove Huxley into a pursuit of a medical career as a student at Eton. Soon after he cho ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, contemporary world, industrial revolution, industrial society, world aldous huxley, world state
  • Post Industrial Society A Brave New World - 1,387 words
    ... character is constantly mumbling the phrases and propaganda forced on her during her conditioning as a child, reinforcing the ideas of the World State to herself at every turn. She views death as a function of society. She has no original thought and follows her conditioning without question. The only inconsistent element in her life is her tendency towards monogamy, which is odd in the World State as sex is not used for procreation but as an outlet for emotion, and thus promiscuity is encouraged and revered. We find later that this situation brings her guilt however, and she attempts to reengage in the normal procedure though she has a strange longing for intimacy or even love that doe ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, industrial revolution, industrial society, world controller, world state
  • Comparison Of 1984 And Brave New World - 850 words
    A Brave New World is a story about Bernard Marx, who rejects his society because he finds that he is not satisfied with living a controlled life. 1984 is a story about Winston who finds forbidden love within the restrictions of his society. These books are both in the same genre, so they can be easily compared and contrasted. The main similarities in the two pieces are the topics of the novels, the endings of the books, the nature of the characters, the way history is handled, and the role of science. There are many important differences between the two novels. They are the way the societies perceive sex, the way the books are written, the role of hypocrisy in the societies, the role of drug ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, brave, brave new world, big brother, bernard marx
  • Brave New World Notes - 1,579 words
    Some drugs dull, stupefy and sedate. Others sharpen, animate and intensify. After taking soma, one can apparently drift pleasantly off to sleep. Bernard Marx, for instance, takes four tablets of soma to pass away a long plane journey to the Reservation in New Mexico. When they arrive at the Reservation, Bernard's companion, Lenina, swallows half a gramme of soma when she begins to tire of the Warden's lecture, "with the result that she could now sit, serenely not listening, thinking of nothing at all". Such a response suggests the user's sensibilities are numbed rather than heightened. In BNW, people resort to soma when they feel depressed, angry or have intrusive negative thoughts. They tak ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, contemporary world, third world, social behaviour
  • Brave New World - 814 words
    In all civilizations there are elements which undergo changes over long periods of time as well as innovation. In Brave New World by Alduous Huxley, one sees a satirical view of the human race six hundred years A.F. (after Ford). Using three main characters, Lenina, Bernard, and John the author ridicules the modern day attitudes toward death, relationships between the sexes, and child rearing. Through this sci-fi satire one can see the true effects of a utopia and all the human race would have to give up in order to have no feelings and no problems. A utopia may appear to be an ideal place to live, however, the things one would have to give up to achieve utopia are far more valuable than the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, worth living, utopian society, individuality
  • Migration Towards The Brave New World - 1,546 words
    Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in England, human society has had to struggle to adapt to new technology. There is a shift from traditional society to a modern one. Within the last ten years we have seen tremendous advances in science and technology, and we are becoming more and more socially dependent on it. In the Brave New World, Huxley states that we are moving in the direction of Utopia much more rapidly than anyone had ever anticipated. Its goal is achieving happiness by giving up science, art, religion and other things we cherish in our world. It is an inhumane society controlled by technology where human beings are produced on assembly line. His prophetic elements of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, migration, world state, business ethics
  • Ethics In Frankenstein And Brave New World - 1,738 words
    Ethics in "Frankenstein" and "Brave New World" For most of human history, the ethical considerations of scientific inquiry would have been a moot point. Outside of the Bible and mythology, there was no thought of creating life from inert matter because scientists would not have felt it was possible to do so. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, however, in the wake of landmark discoveries in the fields of chemistry, biology, and genetics, the possibility of scientific tampering with the human body and mind broached the ethical question of whether or not humankind would actually benefit, in the long run, from such a move. This dilemma is explored in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Aldou ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, ethics, ethics and morality, frankenstein, frankenstein mary shelley, victor frankenstein
  • Brave New World - 672 words
    Aldous Huxley's Brave New World presents a portrait of a society which is apparently a perfect world. At first inspection, it seems perfect in many ways: it is care free, problem free and depression free. All aspects of the population are controlled: both as to number, social class, and mental ability. Even history is controlled and re-written to meet the needs of the party. Solidity must be maintained at all costs. In the new world which Huxley creates, if there were even a hint of anger, the wonder drug Soma is prescribed to remedy the problem. A colleague, noticing your depression, would chime in with the chant, "A gram is better then a damn." This slogan was taught to everyone, from the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, world society, social class, civil war
  • The Cost Of Stability In Brave New World Freedom - 1,951 words
    ... shows that a government-controlled society often places restraints upon its citizens, which results in a loss of social and mental freedom. These methods of limiting human behaviour are carried out by the conditioning of the citizens, the categorical division of society, and the censorship of art and religion. Conditioning the citizens to like what they have and reject what they do not have is an authoritative governments ideal way of maximizing efficiency. The citizens will consume what they are told to, there will be no brawls or disagreements and the state will retain high profits from the earnings. People can be conditioned chemically and physically prior to birth and psychologically ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, modern world, real world, stability, world controller, world state
  • 1984 Vs Brave New World - 1,297 words
    Undoubtedly, the thought of living in, or forming a utopian society has flashed through nearly every persons mind. A few people have even tried to make this ideal dream society a reality. Unfortunately, within the pursuit of these societies the leaders become corrupt and begin to become paranoid with the fear of rebellion. Hundreds of people were murdered during the reigns of Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin in what they considered measures to maintain peace and stability within their respective perfect society. One must also consider the hardships that the citizens were forced to endure while living under these oppressive governments. This dream of forming and maintaining a utopian society w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: 1984, brave, brave new world, world aldous huxley, future society
  • Brave New World By Alduos Huxley - 600 words
    Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a book full of meaning and purpose. Even though it was written in 1932 and wasnt completely accepted at the time, today people accept it as a work of written genius. The book starts off as telling of mans destiny in the future. It is so far into the future that it isnt even on the time scale of BC or AD, it is AF. There are no parents, no relatives, and no family history. Children are test tube babies in which they are grown and born in a building and live there and learn until they are old enough to leave and live their own lives. The babies are categorized as Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. Alphas and Betas are high class while Gammas Deltas ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: aldous huxley, brave, brave new world, huxley, the girl
  • Brave New World - 672 words
    Can a "perfect" drug achieve stability in a society? There is always soma, delicious soma, half a gramme for a half-holiday, a gramme for a week-end, two grammes for a trip to the gorgeous East, three for a dark eternity on the moon; returning whence they find themselves on the other side of the crevice, safe on the solid ground of daily labour and distraction, scampering from feely to feely, from girl to pneumatic girl, from Electromagnetic Golf course to " In a perfect society, humans do not need to resort to drugs to keep society in balance. In Aldous Huxleys Brave New World, society is based on keeping everyone happy- and if for some reason someone becomes unhappy then there is always so ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, world society, william james, assembly line
  • Brave New World: Hypnopaedic Slogans - 476 words
    Sleep teaching and mind control: hypnotism techniques used for manipulation and power over the individual. Hypnotism is not widely promoted in our society as formal education; yet, it lingers on the horizon. In Huxley's Brave New World, hypnopaedia is used to promote economic stability and control emotions of the inhabitants living in England. The economy-oriented society relies on hypnopaedia to keep consumers eager to spend by them with catchy, consume-driven phrases. For example, one slogan tells people that they "do love flying. [They] . . .do love flying" (33). A resident of London likes being high, using helicopters for all transportation, and the feeling of being safe in an indestruct ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, economic stability, more important, populace
  • Brave New World And The Giver: Similar Yet Different - 844 words
    When one examines the similarities between Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and The Giver by Lois Lowry, they may be baffled. They may think that Lowry just did a run off of Huxley's highly successful masterpiece. The similarities are extraordinary, but so are their differences. Many aspects of these novels are almost identical while others are completely foreign to each other. Both of these novels feature structure societies, but the societies are not the same. In Brave New World, there are no families or definite partners, but neither society believes in love or true family. The Giver has no specific caste system, but the members of their community do not have control of their own future; ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, modern society, volunteer work, mentally
  • Farenheit 451 And Brave New World - 1,515 words
    Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451 are two books, both of which are supposed to be set in the future, which have numerous theme similarities throughout them. Of all their common factors, the ones that stand out most would have to be first, the outlawed reading of books; second, the superficial preservation of beauty and happiness; and third, the theme of the protagonist as being a loner or an outcast from society because of his differences in beliefs as opposed to the norm. We'll look first at the concept of outlawed reading. To us this sounds very strange. In the societies of both of these books, however, it is a common and almost completely unquestioned law. In Brave New World reading is s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, farenheit 451, helmholtz watson, ballantine books
  • Brave New World Overview - 1,191 words
    Basic Plot: This novel takes place in the year 632 A.F. The government controls the population of Utopia, there are only test tube births and an artificial process for multiplying the embryos. Marriage is forbidden. There are ten World Controllers; these people control the government and all of their plans. In the very beginning there are students being given a guided party line tour through the London Hatcheries. Two employees that work there are Henry Foster and Lenina Crowne, they have been dating each other too much and are discouraged by the state. So Leninas best friend, Fanny, picks on her because of this. Lenina then meets Bernard Marx, and grows to like him so much that she agrees t ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, overview, science fiction, best friend
  • Brave New World: A Sterile Society - 536 words
    Cleanliness is next to Fordliness, was an attitude impressed upon the people of Aldous Huxleys, Brave New World. A society free of disease and suffering was achieved through a technique of conditioning called hynopaedia. Civilization is sterilization, was a hynopaedic slogan used to achieve the ideal society. This idea was manifested through the anesthetizing peoples emotions, the sterilization of humans and the cleanliness of society. The Brave New World sterilized people of emotions through the elimination of families and the promotion of soma. To eliminate close bonds between two people promiscuity was advocated. This was achieved through hynopaedia during childhood. Through this techniqu ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, ideal society, quality of life, paying attention
  • Brave New World - How Does Society Treat Death In Chapter 14? - 1,005 words
    The Brave New World treated death much as they did birth, this was in contradiction to the way the savage felt death should be Death in the Brave New World is not important, it is simply something that happens to your body when it has got worn out. In chapter 14 the nurse thought that the savage was Undoing all their wholesome death-conditioning with this disgusting outcry as though death were something terrible, as though anyone mattered as much as all that! Clearly she too had been death conditioned, to accept that death was certain, but she knew that she could be assured that her minerals would be recoverd after her death and used again. Societies views of death were extremely different, ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: brave, brave new world, modern society, real world, john the savage

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