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Free research essays on topics related to: youth crime

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  • Juvenile Psycopaths - 1,906 words
    ... tor" lacks the intelligence or the "maskingcapabilities" of the psychopath to achieve success outside of the criminal world. (9) The "super predator" is not psychotic. Psychotics are largely out of touch with reality. They suffer from delusions, hallucinations,or other disordered states. They are often found not guilty of crimes they commit by reason of insanity. (8) Today, especially in the inner cities, children, in the age ranges of 5 to 9 yrs of age, are all to often left to their own devices. They spend much of their time hanging out on the streets or soaking up violent TV shows and violent rap music, they have easyaccess to guns and drugs, and can be extremely dangerous. By the yea ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: juvenile, juvenile crime, juvenile justice, juvenile offenders, crime rate
  • Minorities - 1,234 words
    You can choose your friends, but you cant choose your relatives. Neither can you choose your parents or your place of birth. If you could any sensible foetus would choose at least twenty other countries to be born in rather then New Zealand. New Zealand's children's needs are being seriously neglected. This essay will challenge New Zealand's performance in child health and welfare. Looking at the widespread abuse of children, the growing rate of violent youth crime, and the effects of a damaged cultural environment. New Zealand children are born with grossly unequal opportunities for health. Professor Gluckman (Prof. Of paediatrics at the Auckland University School of Medicine) said, The sta ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: youth crime, care unit, sexually abused, dean, fountain
  • Youth Violence - 1,029 words
    Are we solving youth violence by sending minors to jail in adult prisons? In the article Tough Justice for Juveniles author Edward Humes discusses the underlining problems with the Juvenile Justice System. In this article Humes claims in paragraph 2 that: Our national fixation with meting out adult punishments to young criminals has blinded us to the underling crisisthe juvenile systems shocking inability to impose meaningful penalties, or even supervision, on offenders before they become the predators we so fear. Personally, I agree with the Humes, the Juvenile Justice System is so readily willing to punish young criminals to the furthest extent of the law. In most cases without even consid ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: youth crime, youth violence, juvenile justice, criminal behavior, shocking
  • Convergence Of Internet With Other Technologies - 1,175 words
    ... on the screen. Perhaps the biggest advantage for a bookseller to start an electronic storefront is that the WWW is also one of the least expensive ways to start a business. Merchants do not have to pay rent or spend money on fixing and painting a store in the real world. For example, currently records sales of $1.2 billion a year, which is equivalent to sales from 235 Barnes & Noble stores ( However, has invested only $56 million on fixed assets while Barnes & Noble has spent $472 million on its approximate 1000 outlets. The cost savings in terms of fixed capital shows why amazon.coms $21.2 billion market capitalization tramples Barnes & Nobl ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: convergence, important role, new jersey, government agencies, expand
  • Child Abuse - 1,095 words
    Americans Must Give Up TV Violence For the Kids, Or Else To the unsuspecting eye, this nations response and reaction to the rise in number of violent acts committed by teenagers could be described as appropriately overwhelming, but when examined more closely, does America really care? When examined in a general sense, violence has declined overall in the US but has risen among teens (Hunt 651). Who is to blame and how are we trying to prevent youth crime and teen promiscuity? A New York Times poll in 1995 reported only 21 percent of those who were surveyed actually put the blame on television (Hirschorn 643). Both those who cite TV and popular music as the source of teen aggression and those ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: child abuse, television programs, violence in the media, world research, cause/effect
  • Trying Juviniles As Adults - 1,221 words
    ... hold the same discipline as an adult prison, but keeping the services provided to a minimum. We are trying to teach these criminals a lesson. Neither juvenile nor adult prison should be a pleasant place to live. There have been many recent trends in Juvenile law enforcement from ranches, to boot camps even holding the parents responsible for the parents responsible for their childrens crime (Landau 97). It is stated that students should be taught at a young age in school that if you do the crime you serve the time it also states that a society wont rest until we are crime free (Garcetti 179). Additional problems with the system consist of the educating of society on youth offenders and i ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adult court, serious juvenile offenders, englewood cliffs, juvenile justice, abraham
  • Juveniles In The Adult System - 838 words
    If a twelve-year-old child murdered a person, what should be his/her punishment? If a thirty-year-old adult murdered a person, what should be his/her punishment? Should there be a difference in punishment? Should one be more strict then the other? Should one be more lenient then the other? These are all questions that most people have thought about. With all the youth crime talk in the media, these questions have been asked many times, and we always get the same outcome; DEBATE. One side of the story is that of the juvenile correction system. This system is about a hundred years old and has been revised before. This system has a positive outlook on what youths in trouble can become. They bel ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: adult court, court system, juvenile system, young adult, youth crime
  • The Young Offenders Act Debate - 725 words
    Under fire from the date of its creation, the debate over the validity of the Young Offenders Act continues. Should the YOA remain in its current form as a part of the Canadian legal system? An examination of the reasons it is seen as being ineffective, the need for change, and the suggested amendments and substitutes will provide an accurate picture of the situation from which a conclusion can be drawn. The young offenders act in its current form is nearly optimal. However, there enough reasons for its alteration that a serious consideration of amendments should be considered. There are a number of reasons why the YOA has been seen as ineffective. There is, in the public, a widespread perce ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: young people, safe schools, youth violence, adult court, productive
  • Diversity In The Post-war United Kingdom - 1,884 words
    H2>'What have been the main forms of diversity to emerge in the post-war United Kingdom, and to what extent have they been sources of uncertainty? There have been many forms of diversity to emerge in the UK in the post war period. It is subjective which of these can be considered the main forms. Personal circumstances may colour somebodys view of which forms of diversity are the most noticeable, have had the most profound effect or caused the most uncertainty. For example a person living in a community with a higher than average Asian population may cite Britains more multicultural society as being the biggest change in post-war Britain compared to somebody from the South West for example wh ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: cultural diversity, diversity, ethnic diversity, kingdom, united kingdom
  • Juvenile Delinquency - 1,022 words
    ... ells and Rankin, 1988). Social workers and other professionals might need to help families establish guidelines for appropriate conduct for misbehavior. In addition to the previously discussed contributing factors, there are several theories that attempt to explain why juveniles engage in criminal behavior. Current research suggests that delinquent behavior is learned behavior and not genetically encoded. Two of the most prominent theories are Differential Association theory and Social Control theory. Shoemakers (1994) Differential Association theory relies on three fundamental assumptions. First, this theory assumes that all behavior that is not genetically derived is learned behavior. ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: delinquency, juvenile, juvenile crime, juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice, juvenile offenders, serious juvenile offenders
  • Better Understanding Youth And Crime - 1,601 words
    Merely being youths have never been so exasperating until now, at the close of the twentieth century almost reaching an impasse when it comes to separating them and the crime predicament. The latter situation however, is mostly socially or culturally produced, gradually turning into a massive obsession of society at large. Brown attempts to draw attention to other feasible methods of seeing the youth crime problem in this book, amidst the fixation with the youthful wrongdoer and his punishment. She does this by addressing different spheres of influence, starting with the concept of age, or rather the expectations attached to it being largely social, culturally produced elements. Brown also ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: crime problem, youth crime, social workers, twentieth century, thesis
  • Growing Problem Of Street Gangs In Canada - 1,162 words
    ... o Star interview, in order to prevent gang entrance by borderline youths, the most preyed upon by gangs, schools need to be teaching the anti-gang message as early as grade three. Furthermore there need to be more youth centers in Canadian cities where students can spend time after school. Lastly he states that children, especially those in the inner city and poorer areas, must be aware that they have choices, and that their lives have not already been prescribed for them. Although Toronto, and Canada in general, has been prescribed as a ripe market for gangs , statistics show that crime among youths has gradually dropped over the past few years (See FigureA). These statistics show an ex ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: canada, gang violence, street gang, sri lanka, television shows
  • Boot Camp Debate - 1,123 words
    The Boot Camp Debate In any of today's society no matter where you look there will be some evidence of crime present. This statement derives from a sociologist theory that says no society can exists without crime. The government is constantly looking for new ways to deal with these reoccurring problems. The focus has been placed upon the government to look into young offenders and the style used to punish them. Weapons possession is quite common among the youth, at least in urban Canada, between one-third and one quarter of students surveyed indicated that they had carried some form of weapon at school over the previous year. Data drawn from Statistics Canada has revealed that the number of ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: boot, boot camps, camp, british columbia, youth crime

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