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  • Allah Of The Qur'an To Yahweh Of The Torah - 1,309 words
    Allah of the Koran and Yahweh (Jehovah) of the Torah are the main deities of the two worlds popular religions Islam and Judaism. The fact that the two religions were created in close geographic proximity led to the unification of certain traditions and principles as well as enmity of the two religions and deities. Some scholars claim that Allah and Jehovah are the same while others state that they are completely different. In the following essay I am going to speak about the similarities as well as differences between Allah and Jehovah, present various findings on the given matter and express my personal comments on the two supreme gods. Allah-Yahweh similarities. First of all Judaism, and I ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: allah, torah, yahweh, holy book, yom kippur
  • Homer Comparison And Contrast Of The Gods In Homers Epics With The God Of The Hebrews - 1,505 words
    Tucker 1 Comparison and Contrast of the gods in Homers epics with the God of the Hebrews There are many similarities and differences between the Greek gods and the Hebrew God. These similarities and differences are revealed in the character and functionality of the gods. The revelation of similarities and differences can also be seen in mans relationship to his god or gods. Homer was instrumental in documenting the oral traditions of the Greek gods in his poetry. Moses, the Hebrew leader, is attributed with documenting what he witnessed from God in the Torah. The Greek and Hebrew belief systems were established for the purposes of explaining the world we live in, the phenomenon in nature, an ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: greek gods, hebrews, homer, over time, the iliad
  • Hosea The Prophet - 1,387 words
    During Hoseas time, there was political, economical, social and religious strife in the country of Israel. Hosea lived in the tragic final days of the northern kingdom of Israel. During this time there were six kings within twenty-five years; four were murdered, one was captured in battle and only one was succeeded on the throne by his son. The nation was rife with economic abuses that separated the rich and the poor. Israel was so impressed with material advances that it failed to take account the eternal verities of the Covenant upon which Israels existence was predicated. Judgment, righteousness, brotherhood, and even God were forgotten in the light of diplomatic expediencies (Laymans 8-9 ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: prophet, the bible, viking press, knox press, peasants
  • Rise Of Monarchy In Early Isrealite Times - 976 words
    The rise of the monarchy in Israel was a period of confusion and turmoil, but the readings of 1 Samuel gives some insight for the reasons of the establishment of the monarchy. The Israelites were in a time of political upheaval, corrupt judges, and relentless disbelief. The political and social status greatly affected Israel's decision to appoint a king. Because of their need for protection from outsiders and honest officials, the elders chose to organize a monarchy in hopes that Israel would reunite and survive the disorder. The elders of Israel chose Samuel to delegate a sovereign to govern over the people of Israel in anticipation that the new king would ease the political and social tens ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: monarchy, good idea, social status, king solomon, ruler
  • Reconciling Religions - 976 words
    The main difference between the three great world religions of today, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is the way each religion views the man known as Jesus of Nazareth. For many Jews, Jesus is a scholar, or perhaps a rabbi in the Jewish community, who overstepped his boundaries into self-proclaimed divinity; to some Jews, Jesus Christ did not exist at all. To Christians, he is the son of an all-loving and all-powerful god. Finally, for the people of the Islamic faith, Jesus is another prophet in the long line of prophets in the Jewish tradition. Despite this major difference, however, these three religions are very compatible, holding many of the same values and principles. It is these pri ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: world religions, jewish tradition, university press, testament jesus, genesis
  • Fuure - 5,127 words
    ... planet, and the universe. Each religion can celebrate those who provide service to future generations through their contributions to the continuing improvement of human culture, knowledge, altruism, and environment. Each religion can inspire and support people in their efforts to build a positive long-term future for humanity. Attention to the voices and needs of future generations, along with support for each person who wants to work on their behalf, could become a significant part of all religions. Religious services could incorporate music, poetry, readings, sermons, art, worship, and prayer that focus on the ongoing stream of humanity's accomplishments. These accomplishments include ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: simple life, milky way galaxy, self image, core, summary
  • Epic Of Gilgamesh - 997 words
    The Epic of Gilgamesh compares to the Bible in many different ways. The epic has a different perspective than the Bible does. This paper is a contrast and comparison between the two books. The three main points of this paper will be the Creation, Flood and the Hero. The way these two books start out is creation. This is the first similarity that we can state. God created man out of the earth, In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth. In the epic, Auru, the goddess of creation created a man called Enkidu, she molded him out of clay. He was the keeper of the forest and brother to Gilgamesh. Another similarity is the fall of man and the search for everlasting life. The snake is rep ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: epic, epic of gilgamesh, gilgamesh, different ways, different perspective
  • Compare Contrast Religion - 1,610 words
    ************************************************** ************************ ************************************************** ************************ Compare and Contrast essay: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism Christianity most widely distributed of the world religions, having substantial in all the populated continents of the globe. Its total membership may exceed 1.7 billion Islam, a major world religion, founded in Arabia and based on the teachings of called the Prophet. One who practices Islam is a Muslim. Muslims follow the Koran, the revelation brought by Muhammad. The Muslim world population is estimated at more billion. Islam is the quickest growing religion. Judaism is one of the w ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: compare & contrast, compare and contrast, major religions, political power, messianic
  • A Test Of Time - 2,005 words
    ... marna Letters, which dates from the late reign of Amenhotep III into that of Tutankhamen. Scholars have long pondered an identification for the troublesome Habiru of the Letters, though have concluded these nomad-raiders must have been a separate (if possibly related) group from the Hebrews (Ibrim), who still would have resided in Egypt at the time of the royal correspondence in question (according to the traditional dating which places their Exodus some 140 years later). With his New Chronology making late-Eighteenth Dynasty Egypt contemporary with the rise of the United Monarchy in Israel, Rohl finds a Habiru/ Hebrew synchronism not only possible but certain. Looking at the detailed bi ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: good faith, second half, solar eclipse, twelfth, amenhotep
  • Jesus Life - 1,870 words
    Both historians and people connected to the subject by religious beliefs have been trying for ages to find out more about the life of Jesus. Did he really exist? Is it true what has been written in the Bible? Was he really able to cure people just by a simple touch? Was he the true Son of God? All those questions would remain open without a confirmed and certain answer. If he was a real person that lived and walked on the very same earth we do it is amazing how influential could a single persons life be. The only information we can find about him is stored in the Bible. There are no other sufficient sources that the human kind can use. His life is described in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, L ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: after jesus, jesus, jesus came, matthew mark, the bible
  • Not Who Wrote It But What Gets Acrross - 705 words
    In order to understand how the Pentateuch came to be we must take in account the culture of the author, or perhaps more appropriately, the authors. In the ancient times, writers were characterized by the nonentity of their writings. Instead of concerning themselves with minute details, they focused on the moral implications of the events involved. The same can be said about the foundation of the Catholicism, which is the connection of Scripture and Tradition in order to understand the true implications of the Word of God. Applying this theory to the reading and composition of the Pentateuch is crucial understanding its authorship. Modern writers are more concerned with factual accuracy of th ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: books of the bible, moral implications, ancient times, appropriately, fourteen
  • The Prophet Amos - 1,637 words
    Amos is recognized as the first of the Israelite prophets whose words were recorded on a scroll. He was not a prophet all his life and never prophesied professionally. Amos earned his living as a "herdsman and dresser of sycamore figs." (Amos 7:14) Since he already had an occupation he did not have to prophesy for money. He prophesied because God had called him to do so. Amos was not a poor sheep herdsman. The word herdsman, used to describe his occupation, was not the common Hebrew word used to refer to shepherds. The Hebrew word used described the vocation of a Moabite king, King Mesha. The Hebrew word means sheep-master, and refers to the owners of a special breed of sheep, famous for the ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: amos, prophet, private property, religious festivals, professionally
  • Genesis Notes - 1,701 words
    Genesis 1-11 Cosmological Stories Etiology- deep human question that a story answers Genesis 1: How many days did it take for God to make the earth? Seven 1. Light a. Night b. Day 2. Sky 3. Dry land Let water divide Vegetation 4. Stars Genesis 2: How were man/woman created? Man from dust, Woman from rib Why do people want to marry? They are to leave their parents to go with their spouse What is our purpose? To watch over the Garden and the world Adam- from Adamah- thing from dirt Ruach- Gods breath, wind, spirit- makes Adam a living being Eve- mother of all living things; 1st woman Eden- delight, place for Adam and Eve Anthropomorphic- having human-like qualities Immanent- God very present T ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: genesis, adam and eve, in exile, personal name, covenant
  • Racism In America - 1,191 words
    There is surely no nation in the world that holds "racism" in greater horror than does the United States. Compared to other kinds of offenses, it is thought to be somehow more reprehensible. The press and public have become so used to tales of murder, rape, robbery, and arson, that any but the most spectacular crimes are shrugged off as part of the inevitable texture of American life. "Racism" is never shrugged off. For example, when a White Georgetown Law School student reported earlier this year that black students are not as qualified as White students, it set off a booming, national controversy about "racism." If the student had merely murdered someone he would have attracted far less at ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: america, america today, racism, white racism, college campuses
  • Asherah: The Goddess Of Israel - 3,149 words
    Asherah was a West Semitic goddess first attested to in the cuneiform Ebla texts uncovered in northern Syria (modern day Tell Mardikh) dated to around 2350 BCE, where she appears as only a minor goddess in the pantheon (Smith 385). Her status was much higher in later times however, for she was a goddess well-known at Ugarit, the ancient Canaanite city-state now modern Ras Shamra in Syria, in the 14th century BCE, The Asherah that appears in the material unearthed there is the main consort of the chief god El, divine wet nurse, the progenitress of the gods, and mother of 70 children (Patai 37). Several recently discovered material remains in Palestine combined with new biblical scholarship te ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient israel, goddess, israel, adam and eve, oral tradition
  • Asherah: The Goddess Of Israel - 3,110 words
    ... t: For (the goddess) Asherat (Hadley 179). More items for cultic use were discovered at the sites of Lachish and Taanach. At Lachish the remains of a temple dating to the Late Bronze age were uncovered, and among the finds there were a gold plaque used as part of the temple equipment which pictures a naked goddess standing on a trotting horse, holding two lotus blossoms. The figure wears a feathered headdress and her eyes, pubic region and the eye of the horse are all pierced, as if they once held inlays. The goddess has not positively been identified; she may be Astarte, who was associated with horses, though is always depicted as riding, not standing on them, or she may be Asherah, who ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: ancient israel, goddess, israel, mount sinai, national identity
  • Paradoxes, Mythology, And Emotion In Western Religion - 1,224 words
    Jung embarks upon a psychological discussion of religion through means of analysis, comparisons, and critiques of Western and Eastern tradition in hopes of finding a medium ground between the two cultures and a more stable, more fulfilled and healthy, spiritual self. As we shall discover, Jung, a Western Christian, places a great emphasis of enlightenment on the religions of the East while pointing out the inherent problems of Western discourse. The disjuncture between Jungs biography and status as a 20th century European and his apparent praise of the Eastern self point to an inherent problem in the reliability of Western ideas for this particular Westerner. While we will take the time toda ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: eastern religion, emotion, psychological analysis, book of job, mythological
  • Christ In The Old Testament - 1,994 words
    Erroneous beliefs and preconceived ideas are a lock on the door of the human mind; they have proven to be very effective in keeping the truth at bay. In the past, the belief systems of most people were acquired directly from their parents as they grew up. Countless generations clung to their inherited beliefs with great tenacity, vigorously promoting them as bequeathed truth. Yet in the vast majority of cases, the origin of these beliefs was not based on fact, but rather on supposition or hearsay. Unfortunately, this has been doubly true in the case of religious convictions. Most who have professed to be Christians have not studied God's Word to prove or disprove their beliefs, as God comman ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: christ, jesus christ, lord jesus christ, testament, first century
  • Post-modern Analysis Of Hr Gigers "the Birth Machine" - 1,640 words
    H.R. Giger's: 'The Birth Machine' Contents 1. Introduction to Essay: Premodern, Modern and Post Modern Art 2. The Artist, Hans Rudi Giger and 'The Birth Machine' 3. 'The Birth Machine' 4. Picture: 'The Birth Machine' 5. The Philosophical Narrative a. My chosen philosophical narrative (Postmodernism) b. Analysis of the piece through postmodernism 6. The Poem: 'Der Atom Kinder' 7. Critical Evaluation 8. Conclusion 9. Picture: 'Bullet Baby' and 'Iron Cast Copy' 10. Bibliography Introduction: Premodern, Modern and Postmodern art forms Various styles of art change and mould to fit the times, as do their artists. It then follows that a number of eras are identifiable in history with the previous s ...
    Free research essays on topics related to: york city, critical evaluation, new york, stuck, seemingly

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